Auburn Body Wave Wig Install | Ft. Tuneful Hair

  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hair information:24 inches 5x5 Lace Auburn Colored Body Wave

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Be myself hello, you guys and welcome back to my channel as y'all can see by the title we're doing another wigging stall. What'S new um today we are sponsored by two full hair, so they sent me this beautiful red, wig um. I'M gon na read the exact details, so this is what it looks like on their website. Yeah yeah, all right! So it's this tuneful 5x5 closure wig! This is a closure, not a frontal. The color is Auburn um, it's a body wave wig and it was 24 inches. I believe when they sent it to me, but as y'all can see, I did cut it because y'all um this is a beautiful wig. It looks really good um, but y'all are gon na see during this video. When I was styling it, I tried to do flat iron curls, but that didn't really work out. I'M more of a long curl girl, so the front on curls did not come out. How I wanted them to so The Styling you're going to see me do in this. Video is completely different from this um. I recently just did this. I decided to cut it in one curl it because I felt like that is what looks best with this wig on me and yeah. I was right so um. I just wanted to put that little disclaimer out there, which y'all are gon na, see me doing. The video is not um. What this is. This is one curled in the video I did flat iron curls, I'm still going to show y'all me styling it or whatever, but this is what we came up with um and this is how I'm going to keep it or straight you know, whichever but yeah. I really love this wig. It looks really good, I feel, like you, can't tell it's really a closure to life, lift it up, but yes, um. Thank you to info for sponsoring this video and for sending me this wig. It looks really good. I do recommend it and y'all it's that season. You know it's holiday season, get you a burgundy, get your short break to Auburn wig, but yeah um. If y'all want to see now how I got this look, but if y'all want to see me style, this wig um just continue watching the video and I'll see y'all in the next one bye. I can't believe, I believe, be myself. Be myself myself, stop calling me myself:

san ric: It’s so beautiful I just subscribe to your channel

san ric: Where do u get the both iron comb please?

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