*Detailed* Frontal Re-Install + Easy Bouncy Wand Curls Ft Vshow Hair

  • Posted on 10 November, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Oh, my God, that's my baby, camera hello, beautiful people of the world welcome or welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm giving a tutorial on how to reinstall your wig or just how to install your wig after the lace has been cut, as well as Giving a tutorial on how I got this lovely luscious Style with that said, let's get into today's video hi all right today, we're going to reinstall away I've been getting some questions on how to reinstall wigs, which is funny, because I do have a few videos on How to reinstall it, but that's cool I'll, just show you all again, because I'm a little keyboarding at ideas. You have more ideas, comment down below and not about my skincare y'all, I'm saving that until I have 50, 50k, 50k and I'll share my skincare routine, even though I promise you I'll explain nothing special, but okay, okay, so we're going to be reinstalling. Is this water wave? No, my bad is this: I'm going to be reinstalling this loose wave wig. I did pluck it in Bleach knots myself, so does that come pre-pleased or pre-plug if you're wondering about purchasing this exact unit, but the thing I've done so far is I went ahead and used my Foundation, my Foundation color, this Maybelline Fit Me and I buffed that Under my lace, that's just to help sure you know make sure it's like my exact skin tone, all that good stuff, and I have my wig cap on but pushed back, and I really just wear my wig caps just to protect my braids. I don't do like all the cap methods, but I feel like for the glueless installs I like to do you don't need to do a bold cap if y'all hear sounds in the background. That'S the rain. It'S raining. I hope it's not too loud, but maybe it'll be like relaxing. You know it's relaxing to me and also I'm watching the office. That'S why I have my earpods on so just the last spot is all over. For me over here got my wig clipped on make sure you clip your little elastic band in the back. It helps the wig fit like a lot better. All right, if y'all hear sounds in the background. That'S the rain. It'S raining. I hope it's not too loud, but maybe it'll be like relaxing. You know it's relaxing to me and also I'm watching the office. That'S why I have my earpods on so just the last spot is all over. For me over here got my wig clipped on make sure you clip your little elastic band in the back. It helps the wig fit like a lot better. All right thing is brand new painted I'm just gon na cut off some of this like excess lace, because I didn't cut it evenly. So I don't want I'm just going to cut this lace, so it can be like even over now or two or later on. My list, you already know - and if you don't know it's going to be my ebb and wonder: lace, favorite glueless - and this is on glueless spray. So just in case you're wondering no. You cannot wear this on vacation. You wear to sit on vacation. Good Luck, Charlie girl for reinstalling, our girl, saying it's really not anything different. I do I like to still spray under and - and I do spray into my hair if I spray under for the sides, because obviously you know not obviously, but it's really kind of hard to lift the lace under and for the sides for frontals make sure you're Spraying like for me, you have to like make sure I spray a little bit behind my ears because, like there's lace, that goes also behind your ears and once you got it nice and flat, the way it's supposed to be - and I just you know with my Blow dryer in a cool setting same thing, I just push down the lace, but basically focusing mainly on the edge of the frontal. I really try my best to spray it as close, so that the edge of the frontals like more lace, spray and less spraying into your hairline, like you got to try to get as precise as you can use my fingers to tap tap it all out. And it's also like sometimes make sure the lace is flame flat because the Lacy curl enough, I don't even know same thing, blow dryer and push okay, if you feel like, maybe you missed a spot? What I do is I'll, like spray, the edge of my um little rat tail comb here, just to make sure it's really precise and I'll just tap it onto the edges just to make sure like you know, I got everything now before I even start to doing Magic with the baby hairs, I need to put my elastic band on because this lace - it's not feeling that secure. So it definitely is the elastic band. Sorry, I'm also recording a tick tock. While I'm doing this, but yeah follow me on tick. Tock a ring time to chew the baby hair honestly, not gon na. Let it go baby hairs. Give me straws, like I love how they look but doing them and getting them. The way I want them to look is a stressful process. Like trust me, I'll be y'all stressed about him, I'm stressed about them too. Right now, I'm trying to do is just like gently brush out the hairline, because you know that God, not the god to be that Evan spray can leave a little crunchy. So just gently brush it out and if it has like too much buildup and you can't brush it out, stop relax, get some water and just like rub it on there to Sauce it up, but be mindful, though, because the water will make the like kind of. Does also will make the lift the lace lift. Oh see. This is what oh Caroline, oh my God. I just plucked another hole. Oh my goodness, I won't let this wig rest. I need to stop being so reckless. I'M not gon na spray it in between just to help keep that hair down and plus, because for sure the lace lifted a little bit, because you know all that plucking understand same things right in between the lanes just to really help keep everything down. I'M using a razor again cut them to you. I feel like the best hair tool honestly to me is a razor, but they really do the best job for like cutting your legs. Cutting your baby hairs, the tighter the curl, the better and more effective swooping like using this is because it's gon na make it tight. There'S really no point I like using those for my baby hairs. My only thing is sometimes it's just a hard it's hard to get a good control of the mousse foreign foreign baby hairs. I kind of want to talk about it. It was a bit rough okay, so if y'all don't see a clip of it just know, I was struggling all right, yeah anyways, so I'm just getting the hair a little bit down so that way, the products that I want to blow to dry the products through That way, the products can absorb because most of these products you're supposed to add in your hair when it's like down. I also add a little bit of this Garnier Fructis in there, okay. So what I want to do, I want to turn this one. This um curling iron thing to a wand, because I need a wand in this shape, because the other one I have is really big, and I want a one inch. So first I'm gon na pull this apart off right here, like it just pulls pulled off, and now I want to get a screwdriver and take out these screws all right. Let me check out the other one store for literally a dollar. I didn't even know. Oh be careful for that. I didn't even make it get curling irons at the thrift store. Don'T worry, I already sanitized it and all of that before using it and ta-da. Just like that, I have a curling wand bam because curly ones are so much easier. Like I'm still trying to figure out curling tongs the wands they they do what they have to do. Okay, now we must cuddle the hill. I want more like of a Twist there's a certain curl. I want that's the kind that I want to go for working sections, try our best to work in small sections, but I'm so impatient when it comes to curling hair. That'S how I be testing my hair is hot. It'S like I bring it. That'S my lips but close, and I can feel the heat I've burned my hair doing this before but yeah. So I want it to be like more of a twist and less of a curl, so I'm gon na be twisting the hair, oh as I'm wrapping it around. I forgot I have gloves. Let me go put those on after this one hold it for a little bit and I'm doing it all the way to the back, hold it and then drop it in my hand. Let it cool for a little bit like give her a moment and then what I do is you drop it and pull it like pulling it gives it this, like? Oh, that's, cute, yeah, that's what I want. I believe something with you never give us fingers in there foreign foreign keep a shape. Thank you. Okay. Now I'm gon na use, oh see. I got ta, stop doing that. I'M gon na use the hot comb to just clean up the roots and just to smooth over some parts. Um, I'm gon na take off my elastic band to even see what we're looking like properly because it's been laying for a minute. Oh now we got ta. This is so cute y'all, but now we got ta like clean everything up to make it look more. You know professional so going with wax on the flyaways right and right here is when the rain started to shout over me and y'all could really not hear anything. I was saying in these clips so voice over Caroline. It is, but I was basically done with the rest of the look here. I'M just y'all know yeah, I'm still perfectionist, I'm just teasing the hair to give it a certain shape. I'M using this hard bristle brush to smooth everything, because it was a little bit frizzy on the top, so combination of that wax thick hot comb and this thick bristle brush really helps smooth it out, but yeah that's a fun look. I was not expecting this to be. The final look like I always never do, but I'm here for it. It was definitely giving like if you have some loose deep wave hair, go ahead and give it a good curl. These curls lasted like a couple of days because I feel like the loose deep wave holds better curl and I went ahead and just used some hairspray to set the final look, but that's all I have for you guys here are some clips of the hair, and It'S full length that I use my phone. I hope you guys enjoy this video. I definitely enjoyed making this look and I'll see you on another. One make sure you like come the end of school ride and peace out Girl Scouts, goodbye,

Kelandria Ratsela: I have no idea if "hair therapy" is a thing but I genuinely enjoy watching you do hairI don't even be having wigs to install

Tiahanna Lawrence: I appreciate you Caroline. I was wondering how to install a wig for the first time and I was watching your videos and finally gotten the hang of it. Thank you Caroline ❤

Imany Marie: I was thinking about doing wand curls on my next install and this was a sign! Curls are bomb

Brisha Robertson: Hair Caroline love the videos. I actually watched another video to help me do my own install and it came out pretty good for my first time and I’m ready to continue on getting better like you girl lol. What I wanted to know was do you install all your wigs glueless even the wigs that aren’t glueless? I have a bob but not glueless but wanted to know if I can install it like a glueless?

Lynette’s World: I swear you’re the best! My installs are so much better from watching you!!!

Fatu Soare: You are so good at your craft girl, could watch you for hours

Luxolo Majiza: Like usual, I absolutely loved this. May you please do a 7x7 wig install

Kshalonte: New subscribers ‼️‼️you are gorgeous sis and I love how detailed you are ❤

Juliaan Miss: this texture is so nice! you are so queen

James: Such greatness (being a guy, idk what to say, but I love your vids+wigs!!)❤

Nina Negedu: The volume on this unit is unreal

•Normal People•: Hey I was wondering if u could do a sleep routine w a wig that would be so helpful. Thank youu

Tashanda Myers: Once again sh did that

Kayla: Beautiful smile

Kelandria Ratsela: "real one" puurr!

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