Silk Press & Blow Out W/The Real Bagging Method! Scalp Repair Update. Natural/Curly Hair! Cyn Doll

  • Posted on 14 November, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

In this video i will do a Silk Press & Blow out with the REAL BAGGING METHOD we use in the salon IF we use it! This is my Scalp repair update from my last out break. Natural/Curly hair! The flat iron was on 400, i have high porosity hair.

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In this video we will talk about my Scalp treatment w/ Olaplex 4C during my last out break last month. These video are behind but stay caught up by watching all the playlist below!

this is not a hair silk press but a Soft Silk Press & Trim, i just needed a trim yall.

How to use Olaplex 0,3,4C,8,9 & 7! Cyn Doll

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Part 1


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6 Reasons I wont do hair again. Why you don't see silk press videos! Cyn Doll

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I receive a small commission when you purchase from links in my description box. Thank you in advance for your support.

Tonight that taboo to straighten your hair - and it's really not that complicated in this video, I'm gon na break it down and I'll even explain why, as soon as you wash your hair, like the second, you do it, the curls, don't pop back that! Second, just give it a little time I mean like a few minutes: let it let it flow in this video, I'm gon na break it down step by step, because remember I shaved my hair off too and I'm growing it back with you. So, let's talk so before I wanted to get my hair pretty straight to see the curl pattern, so I use one pump per section, but this time I'm not gon na do that. This time, I'm gon na take two pumps of the other Plex nine right. Just two pumps for my entire head: trust that exactly where you are is where you're meant to be so, keep your chin up. So your ground doesn't fall. Remember your royalty! Now, before we get started, make sure you go ahead and subscribe here to my channel and then click on that Bell notification. So you're notified every time I post another video and if you give this video a thumbs up, it'll, let the YouTube algorithm, know that you like me and that you want to be notified whenever I post a video okay. So if you haven't seen part one where I took my braids down with zero products, well, Zero Water. All right, then make sure you go ahead and check that video out, but I want to show you the original bagging Method, All Right Now. The bagging method is a little trick that most hairstylists use in a salon for their clients that have a really really thick hair, and this is a way to make sure that the hydrogen bond stays broken. So you're not going back and adding more product and wasting product because in reality for a professional cosmetologist, the last thing you want to do is waste product because it costs money right on all of your clients. You need the same products for all all of your clients, so we would do this a bagging method, that's not what we called it, but it's just something. We would do to make sure that our client's hair doesn't dry out and we don't have to rush through the blow drying process which, in return minimizes the amount of mechanical damage from you know a lot to like nothing. So if that makes sense, make sure you go ahead and give this video a thumbs up and try it out. If you want to see the full hour long version of this video, then you'll have to check the link in the description box below to join Guru. Vip to get the long over hour long, video of me doing this from beginning to end shampoo and all of that included. So now at this point, I'm simply going through with that to make sure that my roots are dry. I only use a powder brush in this video to show you guys that it can be done, but a round brush is my preferred version, so I went through just to get it a little straight greater than normal with the blowout. So here this is my secret weapon. For the last six or seven months, I've been using nothing but Health priority on my skin, except for one other brand. When I do my makeup, but that'll be coming in the video coming soon right, but I am so in love with all of their products, make sure you check the link in the description box below to see these products, and also so you can join me and Follow me or subscribe, follow or subscribe to me over on Amazon and when you follow me over, there you'll be notified whenever I have live broadcast and in my live broadcast on Amazon. I give you guys crazy discounts all right for all of my favorite products, and this is a fave again. There is a full Vlog coming on this product. I was gon na say a hair product, but this is like seven in my hair and then um yeah put a little bit of uncooked seven in my hair, because I'm probably not finishing my hair to tomorrow. But this is the process just know. As I straighten my hair, you guys, I am spraying cameras leave-in Heat Protector on every single piece, but you won't see me spray it on every single piece all right, but know that that is what is happening again for the unedited version. Make sure you sign up and become a guru, VIP member and until next time? Let'S talk, let's finish up this conversation in the comments, so right now actual questions. I'M gon na answer. You right back. I'Ma hit you right back girl, imma text, you right back for anybody, who's nervous like oh, my God. She used it more than one time a flat iron is a tool and when using the flat iron as a tool, there are different pressure points that you use so as a professional cosmetologist. If you use a flat iron, the way that I do you know that sometimes, depending on the pressure that you put on the plates, sometimes actually me going over my hair with the flat iron one of those passes, I'm barely closing the flat iron all right. It'S mainly just to give it a little bit of vapor okay, so let's just get that together all right, we're not necessarily Vapor, but just like a little bit of heat, A Little Less Direct. So there are different pressure points on each plate for each pass that I am taking with the flat iron probably doesn't make sense. You know just explain real quick like that, but just know that I know what I'm doing, because I've been using this tool for 17 years, all right, okay, mm-hmm last night, last night, last night, foreign foreign foreign takes me tremble with it I Wan na, Be With You Always cause. That is what my heart says. You are my world in every place. Without your love, I am out of place without you always cause. That is what my heart says. You are my world in every place. Are you the same? I say I'm an old school man. I Only Wan na Fall in Love once with an old school girls when I know I'll know, and it had like left right, left right, Bonnie and Clyde. You can have whatever you like. When it's you, when I die say say, can we get comfortable? I don't really like going out. It makes me uncomfortable feeling on the sofa cooking in the kitchen like left right, left right, foreign. I need it. Are you the same say. Are you the same time? Are you foreign? Thank you. Thank you, trust that exactly where you are is where you're meant to be so. Keep your chin up. Remember your royalty royalty

Cyn Doll: Watch part 1

CJSpeaks: Cyn your hair has grown back so beautifully. I appreciate you for being transparent and showing us your struggles and your journey through it. I don’t have HS but I enjoy watching your kick its ass! Keep it up girl!

Shayla Felice: Thank you so much for all of your information Cyn! I’ve been following your tips and have a routine now. Wash weekly, leave in and blow dry. My hair is so soft and my curls are better than ever!

jlovesj333: I want to silk press my hair weekly. I asked my stylist and she said it's okay as long as it is on fresh clean hair. I just wanted to check in with you lol.

Sandra E: Hair looking mighty good girl!! I just love it

Jessica Lineberry: Thank you again for being generous to give us free information! Question: can weekly blow outs with a paddle brush hinder length retention? For example increase breakage? This might depend on the hair and it's density as well as how well the hair taken care with the right products. I usually use a comb attachment.

nattash28: Your hair is looking good. My hair reverts pretty quickly after flat ironing. Do you have tips to prevent this?

Reservechic: Totally addicted to your videos, Cyn! Definitely keep them coming 4 sure ❤

Paula Cunningham: I cut my hair off in September because when I first went natural I followed people and yes my hair grow but something just wasn’t right , so listening to you eating with words you spoke renewing my mind I’m taking what you are giving us along with studying for myself and I know you speak the truth .. you are truly sent from GOD to help his people and yes not all will follow but for the ones who will ….. they will receive a glorious crown on their heads.❤❤❤❤❤❤

Valencia Ing.: Hey Cyn you did a beautiful job and your hair is growing so nice. Since my hair has gotten longer I notice my ends aren’t as thick as my roots, like they naturally get thinner despite me doing a big chop last year. I noticed yours looked a little similar. That’s okay? No need for another chop? Also been following your advice and I’m past my waist, thx ❤

Uju Banton: Hi Cyn! I noticed that after I started straightening my hair for 3 months that I’ve been seeing the ends of my hair begin to split (I only flat iron once a month and did a hard protein the last time I flat ironed) any ideas why this might be? Also I’ve seen a couple of shed hair with mid shaft splits - not many but what could this also be the result of? Thanks

sheilaw1983: Love it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Ash Young: We started our journey the same time yay our hair growing I gotta stop flattening my hair but I don’t feel like doing it any other way lol but I will be braiding it for thanksgiving so it can breathe

Angela Lee: Hey Cyn. Just need a clarification. Shampoo, conditioner, Leave-in. Blow dry. Serum then an additional heat protector before flat ironing.

Sian Moore: Hey cyn! what can I do... one side of my hair is always longer than the other. How should I cut it to avoid constantly having to cut it blunt and hinder the growth I'm getting. I noticed your have is in a "V" shape is their an particular reason?. I'm just sick an tired of cutting it and grows back the same way

Sheryl: Has your curl pattern loosened from straightening often?

Afro Human: My hair always comes out frizzy when I flat iron no matter what I do lol

Mony E: your hair is looking so nice and healthy

Lori Larose: Your hair about to be way down your back before ya know it Cyn Doll love the thickness and volume of your hair!

Grace Lake: Hey Cyn how often can we do this ?

c ha: You mentioned in about video that silk press is not for everyone such as if one sweats in the head a lot. So should a person with tight curls and coarse hair still do a silk press before getting a trim?? Or can the trim be done after a blow dry only?

Paula Cunningham: That’s right sis show her off!!!!!!!! Your hair grew fast

Gill Perry: ‍♀️Beautiful Cyn ‍ Hugs for Flash ❤️

Claaron Batiste: Are there any benefit of hot oil treatment to hair prior to washing??

christine richardson: Hi Cyn what do u have ur flat iron set to temperature wise also it came out pretty

lynej2011: Do you have any videos for women with Graves disease? I cannot blow dry my hair because it gets brittle af. I have to air dry, then use the flat iron. I now have hot flashes due to Graves. Any tips for sleeping on silk press? Thanks in advance.

Tea Spells: Your hair is reaallyyyy nice I love the bangs

Paula Cunningham: I’m off track with your schedule for lives what days and times please and thank you, life has me busy like you and I just want to be here to show my support the best way I can in these harsh economical times. Love u sis

Kookiemya: A hair stylist told me to much use of olaplex can dry out the hair because it’s a bind builder…I thought to myself huuuuuh???

roxanne harrow: Looks thick shiny and healthy.

Paula Cunningham: Hey sis … I have a question Never mind you just answered it lol it was about the brush

amoryll36: Hey Cyn, hey girl Say hi to mama ❤️❤️

Paula Cunningham: Omg look at all that hair!!!!!!

StefanoTheGr8: This is random, but y’all remember back in the day were black mamas would say “let me just bump the ends” And the finished style was perfect!!

Paula Cunningham: Mr Smith is loving your hair I just know it

Paula Cunningham: Sorry for blowing up your page but I just have to say something

Paula Cunningham: This video is a save for sure

Paula Cunningham: What do them haters have to say now ….. who’s bald headed hello where y’all at

AJ: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Paula Cunningham: Yessss educate sis

Jozann Simmons: Watching from the Caribbean Trinidad

Paula Cunningham: Teach sis

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