How To Wrap Short Hair | Wrapping My New Bob | Nicole Ivory

  • Posted on 21 August, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hi friends, todays video is a short and I am showing you how I wrap my short new Bob. Leave your thought below on how you feel about this voice over and I’ll catch y’all next week baby!

Also, here’s the video of me getting my hair cut if you missed it

FINALLY A Video About Hair.. Come With Me To Get A Silk Press and A Cut | Nicole Ivory

Okay, what's good y'all so today, i'm about to show you guys how i wrap my hair. Now that i cut it and if you missed that video go back and watch it. Okay, so right here you see me wrapping my hair using this little brush, whatever i'm, not sure what type of brush it is. I just picked it up um, and so once i get it around there, you know how it always just falls down yeah boom. So i use this little net thing and that keeps my head together so that i could wrap it up with my little fake lv. You know scarf and whatever don't judge me and that's about it. So i'm glad that y'all watch this and thank you. Bye!

Lena Melanista: That net is genius! Wish I would have thought of that when I used to straighten my hair.

Vibing With Kia TV: Oh you know who I’m sending this too ✨ love this bob era

Lena Melanista: Yaaaasssss bobiana!!!

Strawberry BubbleGum Strawberry: Do You Sweat In Your Sleep

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