Head Wrap Tutorial With Short Hair: 4 Quick And Easy Styles G'

  • Posted on 14 January, 2019
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Turban : http://www.shopfe-line.com/

I probably say the name completely wrong ‍♀️ but this is where I got my turban from! It's super affordable and the styles are so CUTEEEEE!!

And you guys I know the quality of the video SUCKS!!! But until I get a camera I have to record off of my iPhone! My camera is coming real soon tho so just bare with me until then lol






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Hey y'all welcome back to my channel, i'm slim de la creme, and today's video is all about turbans. I'M going to be showing you guys how i style my turbans, i'm going to be showing you four different styles that you can do or if you're, on the go in a hurry or just having a bad hair day, um the scarf that i am using today Or turban, i would say, is um from shop fellain and i will go ahead and link her store down below in the description box. So make sure you guys check the description box out also, i am going to be kind of looking off to the side because i'm going to be looking in the mirror to make sure that i'm tying it correctly and i'm going to try to make it as Clear as possible, so that you guys can also see exactly what i'm doing so that when you're trying to style your own turbans and you're representing this video, you can see exactly what you're doing all right. So, let's get into foreign my so! Oh you

Christina Denae: Finally a great tutorial!! I have short hair and this has helped me tremendously!! Beautiful ❤️

Faith Girl: What a genius idea to add the stuffing in the back to give that full thick lift! I was trying to figure out how will I be able to achieve those looks if my hair is short. Thank you!!!

Alex Paige: My hair isnt short but it is really thin and I have always struggled with hair scarves. I’ve been legit using T-shirts for years, because I always struggled. This tutorial was so helpful and I finally feel comfortable wearing a scarf out in public instead of my old ratty T-shirts ☺️

MzToyaB6: So cute and a bad hair day saver!

Bathsheba, A righteous daughter of Sara: Very pretty!!i love these styles . Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for sharing

Mabatho Ella Motsile: I love your white top

Soulgarden Studios™️: How do you keep it from sliding down

Chahinez Chabi: Thank u give me an idea am hidjabist with pixie .. Am was confused how to do it

Ronni j: Where did you get your white top?....love all headwrap styles so cute

Flora Rose: Wow

elishia kershom: Hope it doesn't fall off

msmb2002: How many yards?

Sasha G: Girl you are cute as hell bald

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