Short Hair Tutorial: How To Wrap Short Hair

  • Posted on 19 November, 2013
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

****** The audio to speech delay issues and I'm not sure why it does that. Something to work on. I hope you can still appreciate the video.

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Hi Beauties...

It was shampoo day for me, so I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how I wrap my hair. Keep in mind that this how I wrap my hair. There is no right or wrong on how you do it as long as the hair is smooth.

I want to apologize in advance for the audio to speech delays. I'm still trying to figure out why it continues to do that. Soooo irritating... Enjoy!!!

Products Used:

Spectrum Organic 100% Coconut Oil (Unrefined) - Specialty Health Food Store

Cantu Oil Sheen Conditioning Spray - Local Beauty Supply/Kmart

Proclaim Wrapping Foam - Sally's

Wrap Strips (Black or White) - Sally's or Local Beauty Supply

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Oh till he came in your Oh touch, my romantic tone tell me: can you not hard my heart beat in measure? I think in the way yeah you

bmoski1: Great video. You make it look so simple. I am considering cutting my hair & I have been using youtube to research before I actually get it cut. Your channel is very informative. I also love your nails!

lei jen: Loved this. How you showed sectioning it and putting foam right on hair. Also spraying sheen while wet.

golden touch: thanks Sis , I cut my locks right before New Years and this was great , am going to get oil sheen and lotion now !

Neny1913: Thank you for this. I think the trick to ironing your hair is that you use small pieces - I think I use too much hair and it never comes out but I am going to keep trying!!! I think I got the wrap

Stacey Wallace: Hey Pecan Tanned Beauty, I just bought and used the coconut oil and its "the gospel truth" lol. My hair would be so dry and I used he coconut oil on Sunday and my hair is still looking and feeling moist and shiny! Just had to share that, enjoy your holiday!

Marline Stalworth: I really enjoyed your video I have fine hair and I do not use a curling iron.  Thanks to your video I know how to wrap my hair and then style it.  I also like the fact that I can watch it over and over again to make sure I get it right.  I also did not use a comb to wrap it so when tired it what a difference it made the next day thanks again.

Sarah Leas: Thank you for the video! My hair is just coming back after chemo and it's very curly in the back and wavy on the top and I have been putting product on it and then slammin the wig cap that I didn't use when I had no hair. lol  I'm going to try the foam and wrap now and thinking about a relaxer but I bleach mine too so I don't want to over do it.  You're hair looks great and thank you!

Ms. Michelle!: Love your channel. It's helped so much, I've succcessfully cut my hair thanks to you! You are wonderful. My question is; my hooded dryer broke, but can I use my hand held dryer? I mean as long as I do the work by evenly distributing the hot air for an even dry? Since that is one of the advantages of having a hooded dryer. Also, the coconut oil you used, is that a moisturizer? If so, would any moisturizer do? Thanks, be blessed!!

Josie Thompson: Thanks for the video, because its hard finding someone to do my hair, it's real thin,and it showed me a way without hot combs

C C: Can you do it without wrapping foam or is there a substitute?

kelli sparkle: When I'm done drying my hair it feels hard ..should I get a different brand wrap lotion ? Or sit under the dryer longer ?

Pamela Smith: Hey! I love your hair. It is gorgeous. My hair is short as well and im loving it. I am in the process of purchasing some of the products that you are using. I wish you were in RAEFORD NC; you would definitely be my beautician. Keep up the good work, we love yoyr videos. PAMELA RAEFORD, NC

Cirnia: I'm sorry for this stupid question but does your hair need to be relaxed for wrapping foam?

Melissa James: Thanks for sharing! I think I'm gonna try the proclaim wrap lotion is it expensive?

YOU ARE MARIA: How long do you stay under the dryer?

Judy Morales: where do you get the clear product and the coconut oil from ?

TiQuanna Creek: is it ok to use any type of wrapping lotion

Chanda Brown: Will this work on my short natural hair ?

lajoy1989: Hi, Quick question I recently cut my hair short but need to wash it and mold it. I don't have a hooded hair drier, is there another way of drying my hair?

CLEZAMS: I am sooooo glad i found your channel...subbed!

Tigist Seleshi: very nice thank you so much

Aniece B: Hi im new to the short hairstyles and was wondering is it better to wrap it wet or does it matter?

Mone M.: Loveddddd the tutorial.

kelli sparkle: How often do you relax your hair ?

Joanne Biggers: Do you wet your hair first before you put the mouse on

MiTonya Ferguson-Mitchell: What Did you use To Get You're Hair So straight?


Joanne Biggers: What is the name of the form in the clear bottle

Dr. G.S.: Hola..what else i can use to mold.....and wrap.thanks

Jaden Douglas: when i do this does my hair need to be relaxed?

Renee Price: Love her hair

Brenda Satterfield: Hi I love your  videos and your hair information. I have problem dry hair that' breaking and coming out. Can you recommend a good conditioner?

Melissa James: Btw I use Nairobi love it just a bit on the expensive side.

Shay Davy: What if i dont have any strips, any substitutions?

Thea Joseph: thanks for sharing!

Yulva: what was the name of the thing you used to wrap your hair

Mahisha Rowell: Does your hair have to be relaxed to use the foam because I've tried it and did not like the results at all. Plz get back to me with some answers

Lady Gemini: Is your hair relaxed?

glory: LOVE THE SONG!!!!

Willa Dunn: OK Thank You

lynette3232 longmire: Very nice review!!!xoxolynette3232

Melissa James: @pecanbeauty thanks.

Migdalia Castro: There was no sound.

Lisa Cunningham: What was the name of the mouse i missed it

Ms Lola B: Who's the music by?

Willa Dunn: At the end,where u r talking ca't here what u r saying that's all

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