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  • Posted on 16 January, 2020
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hey Guys, In this video I am sharing with you an easy way to glamify your short hair. To be honest I wish added waves to the back so I plan to remake this video.

Anyhow, I hope you can take something from this video.


Lottabody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse with Coconut & Shea Oil 7 fl. oz.

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Okay, I'm so so in this video, I'm going to show you guys how I do like a soft wave right. So it's more like a mould triangle: I'm not going to be starting with any flat iron and something I'm doing different today is I'm using a different move. I typically use Nairobi or creme of nature, but today I'm going to try lots of buddy okay. So this is the lotsa body wrap me foaming mousse, and I tried this. I use this at the hair salon that I went to the last. She used this on me and I cut smell. They wrap my hair pretty well, so I was just like why don't I just buy it and try it and use it at home? So that's what I'm doing today. So I might just came out the shower and washed my hair. I conditioned it and we're gon na jump right into this, so I have a part here. I parted it as straight as I possibly could right. I did it a little bit higher than I normally card it, so I usually put it down here and so put a little bit higher up here. So that's the first thing: I'm not using any leaving conditioner any oils or anything before I wrap it. Okay, so I'm just using straight mousse, alright, so we're gon na start by pumping those in and oh this smells ol friggin good. I knew this is what really attracted me to it when I was when she was using it in my hair at the salon. It smells really good and I think wrong with that. I, like the consistency of it as well. It has a nice slip to it. So you can tell the does have oils in it for real, so it says with coconut and she awesome Shea oil, so it has coconut oil in it. Apparently yeah it does have. Coconut oil has shade oil and a whole bunch of other oils that are in the ingredients, and you can feel the effects of that when you're putting it throughout your hair. So that is good, so I'm just rubbing it just distributing it. Through my hair, we got ta get inside here, more okay, I'm liking this. This is different. Has a nice slip? I love the slip okay, so I have you know an ox through my hair, and I have my part here, which is like my should, like my foundation or my direct my shape my position of my style that make sense so I'm just gon na take my Coal and trust me guys, the Moose makes a big difference with how easy it is to you know, get your swoops in for your waves. So I'm just gon na bring some waves forward like this and make a sea motion and I'm using my finger to smooth it. So I am just making sea motions around the front, so this soft wave look is I'm not gon na be doing it throughout my entire head, I'm carrying it more toward to the front and I'm not gon na. Do it as small I'm gon na do a little bit bigger so bigger waves, okay! So so far I have this going, but I feel like I just I need to correct it more. So I'm just gon na go back in okay and then for the rest. You'Re, just gon na carry it down for the back, so you're really focusing on the front, so I'm gon na go to the other side. Now I do the same thing, so I'm just gon na do like a C motion and the thing with this. You can just always go back to do more details, so it might take a few more tries and for me it's never really one shot. I always have to go back and fix it, but until I get my desired look we're until I'm satisfied with the waves, I don't stop trying. Basically, and then you just take the back down: okay, okay, real nice. So this is it okay, and this took less than I want to say less than five minutes, maybe like two to three minutes and once you've mastered it. It'Ll take less time. Oh and I must say, whoa. Okay, this moose is pretty pretty good in terms of like the slip it doesn't dry out too quickly. It smells amazing, so that always helps the next thing I want to do is take my rap strips and the rock strips that I'm going to use are my wrap. It junior strips and I'm going to use these ones because they're more narrow, they're not as wide as the mega wrap strips. So I'm just gon na take it and just give it a tie right here and I don't want to mess up the lanes at the side or flatten it out too much. So I'm just gon na make sure that it stays more on the side of the back okay. So the next thing I need to do is go under the dryer, so I'm gon na come back with my hair and dried and I'll show you guys. You know how everything stays intact and the overall look: okay, okay, so my hair is completely dry. I'M about to put on my makeup, but usually I come. I come back on with my face fully done, but it's a little bit drastic, so I just wanted to show you guys the foundation that I actually used because, obviously, as you guys can see, I have like hyperpigmentation and dark spots. So the foundation that I use is super stay from Maybelline. It'S a drugstore makeup. Okay and the color is 360 mocha, and that's just in case you guys are wondering, because I do get a lot of comments about my makeup and asking what foundation I use. I just want to show you guys the like the coverage that it has. So I just put a little bit here on my hand and just wan na show you guys so this is. The coverage has a really good coverage and I don't need a lot really. It does stretch out I'll, probably add like one more pump and that'll do my entire face. I just want to show you guys the foundation that I use and how well it works okay, so I'm just gon na spread it out and then I'll just take a sponge, yeah I'll, take a little blender and then I'll just blend it throughout okay. So I want to show you guys that, like the difference and the coverage and I'm gon na come back with my face fully done and I'll show you guys a finished look. This is everything done makeup done and the overall look - and I just want to mention that I didn't add any Sheen yet to my mold and look - how much Sheen it's giving off. So this is something that I've never really seen before with the mousse, and I absolutely love love love that so that's like that's a plus, that's a plus, but still to finish it off. I'M going to use like a laminate spray like a Sheen's freeze right. I guess I'm just being extra, but you know if you want that like glam, look soft like glam. Look, you know you got ta, add some machine, you don't want. You have to be looking dry. I don't want to go my space, so this is pretty much it. It'S really firm to be honest with you, it's firm, but it still has a sheen, so I would give this mousse. I don't know it did its job today, probably give it like a good 10 out of 10. I almost like it more than I wrote me the thing that has better than I Ruby is descent and descent and the sheen of end. I can't believe I'm actually saying this and I love the slips that it gives. I really like this mousse, alright, so yeah. This is the overall finish. Look. The only thing I need to add to this are some accessories. You know some nice bling glam earrings. So I did mold the back straight down. I didn't do anything anyways right there. The reason I did it like that is because most of us are not able to you know mold their entire head. So this is like, like a full finger, wave, a full sock away book because you're not doing the entire head. But if you guys on the video, when I do my entire head, let me know I can do that for you guys and show you how I do it. Oh yeah, I forgot. I actually have a finger wave video where I spin around my whole entire head. I did about a year ago a little bit over a year ago when I was pregnant. So you can watch that video. If you want, it took less than five minutes to mold, took me about 25 minutes to completely dry and then put on some makeup and then voila like how cute is that? Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you guys want to see more videos like this, don't forget to subscribe to my channel turn on your notification. Spell all that jazz. If you guys have any video ideas, leave them in the comment section below and I'll. Try my best to fulfill that for you guys but anyways. That is all for this video enough. Talking I'll see you guys in my next one bye,

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