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  • Posted on 25 April, 2017
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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today, as you can see, I got a shower cap on my egg, so of course it is a hair video. I know y'all like these videos, even though I talk about so many other things on my channel. You guys know about my new journey being plant-based and all that, of course, it always comes back to the hair which I have no problem with, but today we are going to need. Actually this is going to be another moulding video, my molding videos are pretty popular. So, thank you guys so much for that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My first ever molding video has a whole bunch of you. That'S what started my career on YouTube career on YouTube and then I did an updated one and then I did one with the waves and all of that. But this one is another molding video, but I'm actually going to be using another product. So that's why I felt like it was important to demo this product. As you guys know, I usually use the new Tris hair phone. I love new truths. It'S my staple hair foam that I tell everybody about. I, when I first started doing these type of videos and on YouTube by using Nairobi, but, as you guys know, if you didn't know now, you do I like Nairobi, but you have to dilute it with water. So when I found out about new tricks, it's a little bit lighter and I don't feel like I have to dilute it. So that's why I started using new traverses Nairobi so for those people who prefer not to dilute and go through all of that and feel like Nairobi is too heavy nutritive another option. But today I also have another option for you guys, and this is the product that I've been using for a minute now on certain clients that can't really handle Neutrik either like I have some kind that their scalp is very sensitive, so anything with too much alcohol Or too much whatever in it, it might cause their hair to flake so um. Unfortunately, nutrious does do that. To some people, which you know every every product is not perfect for every person. I have no problems with new tricks and a lot of people don't have. I know or who have you know, talked to through YouTube and all that they don't have problems with nature's either. But this is for people who, let's say: maybe you can't find interests in your area or maybe you do have a problem with new trips and Nairobi or you just want to try a different type of phone, so I'm going to get right to it. I also use Jane Carter, as you guys know, I love the Jane Carter nourish and shine so um. I I want to I want to say it was a few years ago when I was working with another girl in the salon. When we first found out about Jane Carter, it was a rep who used to come to our salon, and she told us, of course, about nourish and shine, which was amazing, and then she also told us about the Jane Carter of rock-and-roll. So we would use it on some of our natural clients when we would Roller set their hair, and I think I eventually because it's like, let me see how this works. I would use it on relaxed clients as well, and then I started using it on my relaxed short hair clients like those people who I found like oh their hips cop, is a little more sensitive. Oh, let me try a Jane Carter, because I trust Jane Carter and in off it works really good. So let me try it some older hair as well. So I've been using this product, maybe for a few years now, but as I never thought about telling you guys that you can use this to mold your hair. To I know, sometimes people kind of go away from the Jane Carter is mainly a natural hair care product like that's with what they promote on their social media on their website, its curls, and all of that, so you wouldn't typically think that you can use it On relaxed hair, but you can so and then honestly one thing I do like about Jenna Carter. A lot of this stuff is plant based, it's environmentally friendly and it's not tested on animals. So if you're, like you, know saying if you prefer to deal with more natural products, this might be an option for you if you're relaxed or natural or whatever, so we're going to get right into it. I'Ve been talking explaining all of it, I'm going to show you guys how this product works on my hair and how you can get a really smooth great mold, with the Jane Carter, wrap and roll all right. So my hair is freshly shampooed. Yes, I'm still rocking this super short pixie. I do still have the blue as well so freshly shampooed, so just like how any other molding video, of course, you put the product in spreads, really good, and I love the smell of this place. There nourish and shines. No good the rapid rolls Mel's good as well. So you know, as you guys know, my tips for all molds is get it in the roots, get it in the roots and get it smooth. I know that one of the biggest complaints that people have is that it doesn't come out because you got to make sure and get that product in your roots. So once you get it in your roots, you're going to start combing homie all through smooth it out. If you um, not, if you want, you have to sweep it out, smooth it out pretty smooth my hair kind of has a natural wave to it, but I did a partial, but I think you got like super straight, so doesn't matter I'm this smooths, I'm good! Alright, so back the mole down, I'm going to use my racket Junior strips because of you guys. I actually went back to try the black strips again. Everybody talked about how they like the black strips better. I told you guys that I never liked the black strips except I felt like it may be stretched properly, but I don't know if either my head got smaller. Oh, they put a little more stretch into it, but now it works and I like it. So, thank you guys, for you know, hit me up in the comments asking why use black versus white, and I mean why you white versus black and yes, so now I use the black strips and I like them. So thank you alright, so I am all molded. I got my strips and I am about to go under the dryer. I have a soft um. I have a soft bonnet dryer and another hard bonnet dryer, I'm going to add one more strip, because I am due for relaxer soon and I feel like it's a little little wave upstairs. So I make sure it's super smooth, okay, so I use the saw. I have a soft bonnet dryer hard bonnet dryer people often ask - and I've mentioned in other videos, but I thought I'd mention it again. Yes, I recommend going under the dryer. I do not recommend letting it air dry. It doesn't come out as smooth when you air dry it or even like some people, go to sleep with their mold. That doesn't work. For me, my hair will be all over the place, so I do go under the dryer. You can find a hard bonnet, dryer or as low as 40 50 dollars. It'S a beauty supply store, so I'm going to go onto the dryer for about 30 to 45 minutes. I take my strips off at be 15 to 20 minute mark and just let it dry a little bit more. My hair dries pretty quick because it's so short so I'll be back alright guys, so I am back just got from under the dryer. I did not do anything to my hair because I wanted you guys to see how smooth video, how smooth videos now see that copy that school is okay, yes, okay! So this is the thing about Jane Carter on the Rat Patrol. You can definitely mold your hair. If you're looking for another alternative - and you don't want to use the you know certain product, so you can't find it. You can use Jane Carter, but the thing is: it is a very soft molding spray, a molding foam or whatever. So when you're done, my hair feels really really soft, which I actually don't have a problem with. There are some people that have a problem with a problem, but they just prefer their moles to be hard. So if I you know because some people leave it in the mold transform, but I don't, as you can see, I'm combing it out and we'll put some product on it and keep it moving um. But yes, some people like to keep it in the mold shape and like to have it. I guess you know hard so like they may not like the Jane Carter, or I even heard some people not like new tricks, we're gon na put, of course, my Jane Carter nourish and shine on my hair to shine it up a bit um so yeah. So, that's why some people don't like me sure, sorted and that's why they like Nairobi instead, because just like, Oh world, you know it's kind of using a hard mold, but I prefer a soft mould. I prefer to you know, run my fingers in my hair and get it all nice, and you know I don't know I'd like it, so um yeah, I really like Jane Carter. It'S a you know. If you want to try it you can. I got it from Sally's, Jane Carter, soda Sally's, I've seen it at Target my mother's beeswax, that's what I mean. I'Ve seen it at Target Sally's Whole Foods I ever wanted. You could just be in Whole Foods and I would just be too narrow of them. Um, hello, it's a lot of places now, like that's one brand, I'm like yes, I kind of you know saw them from the beginning when the distributors were just like that, one distributor would come to our shop um. Well, not the beginning, but you know, but yeah. So yeah open check us out a brain part, but those are the different places where you can get it from if you're not sure they shrunk on their website. Google, Google is your best friends cuz. I got a lot of questions just being honest of where people can find certain things and I'm like I got ta be honest. A job um Google looks like Google will help you out. So you know if you can't find something or you know if I said it and it wasn't where it was or whatever just google it and you should be able to find it, but Jane Carter is in a lot of beauty supply stores. It'S in a lot of, like I said, Target and all of that, so you should be able to find it if you can't find the rack and roll ordered online, that's another great option as well, so yeah but um. I really like it. I just wanted to come with another I felt like because I didn't talk about it and I was like hold up. This is a great product that I'm not even sharing with people. I wanted to come and really peanut of course share it with you guys and give you guys another option. So I hope you like this. I hope that you like this video and just let me know if you ever try Jane Carter's rap the girls. I know I got a lot of people on that nourish and shine. Oh Jane hit me up girl. Let'S talk but um. I hope you guys enjoyed this video last demo tutorial review. All of that make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe yeah. I love you guys. Thank you so much for all your support all the time. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Even when you guys see me not like doing a lot of videos as much and I probably got busy or just caught up in life because like where you at relax, take it along, we love you a lot and just that. Encouragement really helps me out. Your emails helped me and encouraged me as well. So thank you so much. I love y'all and I will see you soon in my next video

Chanel Johnson: I've been using wrap and roll for over 18 years when it was first introduced. been using it ever since. the owners of the company brought it to my salon. very consistent product. shampoos and cremes are good too.

ms beeluv73: So glad you introduced this product because the last wrap product I used changed dramatically it's so runny and oily now. Wrap and roll will be my new best friend. You've inspired me to go shorter with my hair. You rock as always. Now do a video on your makeup.

Jill Smith: Thank you so much Ayana , for teaching and showing us all who's watching your Tortutial Videos , your definitely gifted and talented and beautiful woman bless inside and outside . I too love short hair cuts , there easy to manage alot cooler in the summer and they just look sexy , clean , you see more of your face and features , don't get me wrong I love the long hair but for me , I'm not talking against anybody else , it makes me look older and being on the thick side size 12 / 14 it's not working for me . Yet when I'm rocking my short cut no matter what I'm wearing weather I'm dressed regular or Elegant I'm winning . thanks for showing me the ropes when I'm not schedule for hair appointment I still gotta maintain my own Doo so thank you for helping me taking the time outta your busy schedule to TEACH US ALL , You Definitely don't have too but you do .... I Love you my Sis & I TRULY APPRECIATE YOU

Deanne Tigner: You are one of my favorites! I use the nourish & shine because of you. I will be trying this out as well. Thanks for your lovely videos!!!

Lisette Lindo: I used Jane Carter food 5 years, had to switch up to Nairobi which I love more. it really holds and molds the hair especially around relaxer touch up time. I would use Jane with a fresh relaxer and Nairobi around six weeks into my relaxer as the hair is a bit coarse

Becky Becks: Girl, you are the Queen of short hair!

Teresa Clyburn: I love how your hair lay and shine. I too like a soft mold. Your videos are so helpful. Thanks!

EMG64: So happy you made this video, I have wanted to try a new foam because the Nairobi is breaking my hair. Awesome!!!!

Tameka Hardy: Thanks for sharing.... you sold me on this product especially the part about the mold not drying hard.

T Trask: How often should a relaxer be applied to short pixie cut styles? Thanks! BTW, really nice mold!

Lynda Coffie: thank you for sharing!! You are so talented and positive

M Brown: You make it look,so easy

linzmel1: This is what my hairdresser uses and i will never use anything else the softest, shiniest molds ever!!!! I always get compliments!!!!

786valerie: When you said "Get the product in the roots", I had an Aha moment. That's what I've been doing wrong...thanks for the tip!

Tisha Johnson: can you do a bedtime routine for your short hair

Pauline Mcclatchey: Thank you I tried the Jane carter product . Thank you fabulous mold I had C.

SimplyLiving_ byRenee: Flawless Girl!!! Thanks for Sharing ur feedback!

jacquelyn Sanchez: I just cut my hair you would be proud....I cant wait to see this video. Thanks in advance

Marissa Marcell: you inspire me i love your videos!

jacquelyn Sanchez: It looks awesome

Diamond Sparkle: Thank you. I gotta try this one. I just cant seem to get one that I m satisfied with especially when I m on need of a relaxer. Plus I have a sensitive scalp.

Really Cool Introvert: How do you handle working out and: 1) getting your hair back to normal/presentable for the day and 2) relaxing your hair if you work out on the same day or the day before? (I have heard that it may burn if you the hair is relaxed on the same day as a workout).

Tamikka Dexter: Very informative, thx

MilanxLynn: I'm 14 and i LOVE your videos

Felicia Freeman: Love the video!!!!!

barbara chester: Hello love your hair

Donneisha Brooks: love your work

Kayla Pratt: The perfect mold..

shelia drake-williams: Thanks for sharing.

Nia Simmonds: Can you make a video for all if the women who want the length of hair that you have but want tk keep it natural without a relaxer? How can we get the same sleek results?

Debbian Domingo: How often do u relax your hair?

Boogie To The Night: How would you compare the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine to the Chi shine product?

M Brown: What kind of perm, you use

Elisha Ramey: if I don't have no hair dryer willI a blow dryer WORK?

𝓞𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸 𝓒𝓻𝓾𝔃: Rite Aid has it

Tenae Bailey: what about the Botanicals foam

Jamafrican Empress: Hi, I recently went from natural to short and relaxed. I can't seem to find the right hair products. I know I shouldn't put a lot of stuff in my hair, but when I don't. my hair is dry by the middle of the week. I am scared to use organic coconut oil, for I used it when I was natural and it made my hair brittle. at the moment I am just using argon oil, and my relaxed 4c hair just sucks it up in hrs and looks dry again

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