The Imperfect Way I Wrap My Short Hair| No Dents/Creases And No Bobbi Pins!

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Hi Guys! I am here to share the very imperfect way that I wrap my hair, it’s what has worked for me for years and I never get an awkward dents or creases in my hair! I hope you enjoy and please don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe!

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Hey guys so i'm here to share a hair wrapping video with you guys, and i specifically wanted to shoot this video, because now, as you guys can see, my hair is short. So i wanted to film a hair wrapping video for shorter hair. I don't use bobby pins and i thought it would be interesting to show you guys how i wrap my hair when it's short, it's almost the same way that my last video that i uploaded is but that's years old. So i'm going to go ahead and refilm. This video, for you guys, show you exactly how i wrap my hair for short hair right guys. You already know the drill before we even get started. Give me a like comment down below and subscribe to my channel hit that notification bell. So you know when i upload new videos and if you are a return to subscriber, i just want to say how much i greatly appreciate you, you guys are awesome. So let's go ahead and get into the video all right guys. I already have like all my haircare stuff packed in the ziploc bag, because i just got back from a trip so um what you'll need or what i use is a paddle brush, and this one is from kimball beauty. I got this years ago in a pure package and i love this brush. It'S just a uh nice large paddle brush with the plastic bristles. I like this because my hair doesn't get caught in it. I also use a rat tail comb, but only for the um rat tail or the parting. You know the end of the comb here. Um your hair tie, whatever you use your hair scarf, whatever you want to call it. I have my trusty silk scarf that i have had for. I want to say almost 20 years now uh, you need a sort of a boar bristle brush um, because this is what you use to smooth your hair. This one is just from the beauty supply, so probably a dollar um, and then you will also need your duck bill clips. So these little duckbill alligator clips whatever you want to call them technically. I think they are called duckdull clips and i use four of them when i'm wrapping my hair, when i was when i used to wrap my hair when it was really long. I only used three, but i use four for a specific reason now that i will share with you, but yeah we're gon na go ahead and get into wrapping this hair. What you're gon na do first is very, very gently kind of comb through and you can use a wide tooth comb. I'M just going to use my paddle brush, because my hair is not very tangled and now that it's shorter, it doesn't get very tangled easily. I'M just going to go through and make sure my hair is smooth with my powder brush. Now i'm going to go ahead and take my comb, i'm just going to take the end of the comb i like to create a little bit of a part or part. My hair, towards the top of my ear, i wrap my hair going to the right. Everybody is sort of different and i've always wrapped my hair, going to the right. I can't do it to the left side and people say you should definitely switch how you wrap your hair, it's better for your hair for breakage and things like that, but i just have a habit of doing it to the right or going um. If you like. I go um clockwise, not counterclockwise, so my hair is kind of over to the side. I'M gon na go ahead and take my boar brush and start to smooth it, and i'm probably gon na need this mirror here. So i'm just gon na smooth my hair over almost like a comb over and i'm gon na go ahead and place. My first duckbill clip right on like at the top of the ear and then i'm going to go ahead and use my brush and start to smooth my hair okay. So i changed the camera a bit. So hopefully you can see better. So i'm going to go ahead and start to smooth my hair with my brush. You also when you're wrapping your hair. This way, you're going to use your hands a lot to sort of secure your hair. I'M going to put that duckbill clip right here where the air is now, i'm going to go ahead and start to smooth my hair all around now, because my hair is short. I'M going to get a lot of pieces that fall down. Let me see if i can turn it, i'm getting a lot of pieces that come down, but what i'm doing is kind of brushing them up and over, and this is where i'm going to put a duckbill clip, which i don't normally do, because my hair is Short now i put a duckbill clip and i secure my hair from the top that way, then i'm going to go ahead and smooth my hair, i'm going to remove very gently that first clip. Remember i'm using my hands a lot here. I'M going to place my hand and hold my hair in place, and this is what's kind of keeping my hair wrap up, i'm using my hand to hold it in place and i'm going to go ahead and re-secure with the duckbill clip i'm going to take. My fourth clip and use that in the middle here on the ends - okay, again, i'm using my hand to kind of try to keep it all in place, smoothing it removing this one. You are going to get your hair kind of keep it's going when you have short hair. You are going to get your hair like falling. It'S okay, you're, just gon na kind of keep smoothing it back in place. So again, i'm gon na smooth that back put that clip back there now there's a piece of my hair that keeps falling, so i'm just going to kind of try to get that secured again. You see how i kind of keep securing everything. Now it's not going to be perfect right, but it's going to be in the basic kind of like form of the wrap, and i'm doing it this way, because i don't want to use bobby pins because i don't want dents in my hair when you use bobby Pins a lot of time, you'll have all these creases and dents in your hair when you take it down in the morning, so i'm going to go ahead and remove my hand rub my hair, very gently and i'm going to hold my head down to kind of Keep this all in place. If i put my head up, it's going to fall, this is very delicate situation. I'M going to go ahead and take my scarf it's folded in a triangle. I'M going to go ahead and lay it on my hair across the sections and tighten it now hold it down with my chin. I'M not tying it right now, because i'm going to remove the three duckbill clips in the front, so i'm going to go under and gently pull the clip out one. This is why you don't tie it yet because you want to have it held in place, but you want to have to remove these because again what it's not going to be comfortable to sleep with, and you don't want creases. So i'm smoothing it over now notice that i kept the duckbill clip in the back. It'S still in there, it's not going to create any creases on my hair. It'S just holding sort of that wrap in place. If i wanted to, i can try to get it out, it's not worth it. I take it down in the morning. I take the duckbill clip out, so i'm going to go ahead and tie my scarf tie the two pieces. I just do a little knot in the front, then you're left with obviously the tail here. I pull it tight and i twist it and i secure it into my wrap. I just go under where these are tied and i pull it through a couple of times and it is wrapped and what i like to do when oops. Let me just make sure all my hair is in okay, so what i like to do is um. I can then like when i wash my face and thing i'll, take the like push. This bow back a little bit and i can move this part up and then all of my face is, you know, ready to be washed and then, when i go to sleep, i can pull this little. You know extra fabric down, so it feels more secure. You know, however, you want, but yeah it is nice to carry tight. When i sleep, it's not going to come off. I love this uh silk scarf. It keeps my hair, nice and shiny and healthy, and i don't go to sleep without the silk scarf on anyway. So that's yeah, that's how i wrap my short hair. If you guys have any questions, please let me know the main thing are these duckbills clips? They are amazing. You want to get the ones that have a slight curve to them. These are the best because they're gon na help, when you know you're doing your wrap the curve really really helps. There are ones that are sort of straight and they're ones that have a nice curve to them. You want the one with the curve you want. The one that doesn't have any teeth on it or anything, just smooth um, because you don't want you, don't want it to pull your hair or get caught in your hair. You can find a pack of them like 20 of them or more at the beauty. Supply store for very, very cheap. I really really love these clips. I use them. You know to hold my hair when i'm curling my hair, to section off my hair, i use it to wrap my hair. These just come really in handy you'll. Need your powder brush. That'S going to comb through your hair you're going to need your bore brush to smooth, and you know something that you can part your hair with how you need to yeah. It was super easy. If my hair was very dry, i would put a little bit of a serum in the ends of my hair before i wrapped it or if you like, to moisturize your hair before you wrap your hair, you could do that before you begin, but um. I don't need to put any products in my hair because i have products in my hair and i don't want to weigh down my hair right now, especially with it being short um. I didn't want to put any oils or anything like that in the morning when i comb down my hair, i might put a little bit of edge control at my edges. That'S it okay! This is what i do and that's how i wrap my short hair. I hope it helps. You know it's not the most scientific perfect way, but it's what works for me and um. If you're wondering when i sleep, this does not bother me at all. It doesn't poke. My hair doesn't pull my hair or anything like that. I don't even feel it um if you're wondering so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed and don't forget to give me a like comment down below and subscribe for more videos and i'll see you in the next one bye, guys

juju zeeD: Thanks for sharing the process to wrap your hair, Your hair is beautiful.

surgedeb: Your hair looks shiny and healthy

thagirlb: Your haircut looks fantastic

SADITTY B: Patience is what it takes to style like this. I wear a bonnet and my hubby prefers I don’t wear any covering in my hair. I wear it anyway. Will you ever do a wash and go look for summer? I think that wound be cute .

Pam Renee': You are so Beautiful! You look amazing with short & long hair!

ms.chelle: Yes it’s a balance act to keep hair from falling to apply scarf

Jai Fleming: cute your hair looks good short or long; thanks for sharing. Also is your tee from H&M too cute

AlexisOn TheBeat: I recently cut my hair an having a hard time wrapping it lol.

Danyelle Jones: Love the cut.

awwyeahme2: I like it but didn’t you cut it this length a few yrs back? I thought hubby liked it like long? Did u film your cut?

Numerologica tarot: Hey, did you ever work at Macy’s on 34th St Herald Sq?

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