Hair Care : How To Wrap Hair In A Towel

  • Posted on 18 February, 2009
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Wrapping hair in a towel can be easy with turbines or a hair shammy. Be gentle when wrapping hair in a towel with help from a hair stylist in this free video on hair care and grooming.

Hi, I'm Amelia and I'm here to talk to you and show you how to wrap your hair in a towel. Now, some of the great things that are out there are those turbans, they're, excellent, there's, also a hair chamois, and what that's gon na do is that's gon na remove a lot of moisture out of the hair. So when you get out of the shower and put those things on, you can put your makeup on get things done around the house and then, when you take your hair out of it, it's a lot drier and ready to style. If you don't have one of those and aren't going to get one, just using a regular towel will be fine, so you want to unfold the towel. Basically flip your head over or as you come out of the shower you're gon na hold your head upside down. Wrap the towel around the back of your head, like that, come around twist wrap it around twist and then flip it back. If you want to get fancy, you can tuck this under and that'll hold it a little bit better. Just make sure that you're really careful with this hair along your hairline, because this hair here is very gentle or very you need to be gentle on it rather and when you have all this weight that will pull that hair and a lot of times you can Get a lot of breakage along here so just make sure that you have this kind of nice and balanced on your head and that's how you wrap your hair in a towel.

Novur: As a guy with waist length hair who just put up with damp hair until it dried, this is useful. Thanks!

Daylen: It's like only guys watch this as girls are taught by their mothers while the guys were looked at weirdly for having long hair. Yup my sis learned this while i was chased with a shaver. Fun times

kermit1986: Hehe, as a guy with shoulder length hair (who's hair dryer recently broke). This video has come in handy :)

Frot _: For those with curly hair: use a microfiber towel or wrap an old cotton shirt around your hair.

Natalie Z: It only took me 5 years of my towel falling out into things for me to finally seek this holly grail of knowledge. Thank you.

Devin: thanks, this helped!

Keith: I always find it kinda funny because as guys, we might feel embarrassed looking up simple things like this, but the reality is that the majority of people watching this are men with long hair. I normally just let my hair dry on its own since I take evening showers, but I finally started a skincare routine after my shower. The hair getting in the way was just a nightmare, so here I am. Thanks, this helped a lot!

Cody Putnam: Helped a lot thanks

Tony Li: Thank you for your video, I had to look this up.

Diana Lutfi: thanks.... now I know and can do it.. :)

Wilfred Padilla: Thanks. I am having issues with my long hair after bath.

Muhammad Magbago: really needed this thanks alot

insinaty: @clarebear3332 try to kinda fold ur hair in half, works perfectly for me who has hair down to waist

Kodamas Dad: Took a few tries but I am now a certified mom

kelseeboyslikegirls: if you have dry or damaged hair is putting your hair up in a towel a bad thing?

Heamish Heller: as i guy this made it so much easier and i prevented embarrassing quastions

orozumba: :0 amazing

A5056: aww thx!!! i finally dnt nd my mum 2 tie it up 4 me..wen i come out the bath nd i wore my hair is still i couldnt do i had 2 go 4 my mum's help..and im 12 yrs old!!!!!....

nope nope: Ha, ha thank you. XD

8nanagirl8: I can't do this.(((

Aanjelo Salgado: Looks like 90% of the viewers are guys with long hair. Another here

Jimmy Dation: This is just wonderful. I'm planing a trip to Iran in the next few months and was the trying to find a way to start World War 3!!!!! Thanks a million.

john puttick: Tank you come again

Crystagirl99: @TheVikaDoll me 2 LOL

Aloha Ferret: Is this method compatible with other hairstyles or just the Karen one?

insinaty: I have done this since childhood, why is it a tutorial on it? Thought everyone knew how to do it...

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