Hiding The Knots On Individual Crochet Faux Locs (Wrap N Loc - Hipsta Locs)

  • Posted on 14 August, 2020
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hey loves! Today I’ll be showing you how I do individual crochet faux locs and use Freetress Hipsta Locs to hide the knots!

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Hey guys is Chennai welcome back to my channel or welcome if you're new, so today, I'm gon na be showing you guys how I did these individual crochet faux locs using these free tres tips, the laps I'm gon na should be showing you what is so special About these Lots in particular, and how I use them to hide the knots. So if you guys are interested just stay tuned and if you're not already subscribed to my channel, be sure to do that right now, so I started with blow-dried hair and these are the hips Deluxe and you see that they're kind of wavy and then they have Curly ends they're 18 inches long, and the point of these Lots is to hide the knots at the roots because they have this loose piece of kinky hair at the top, so that, after you crochet it on. You use that piece of hair to wrap around your hair and the lock the way you would if you were doing the wrap method of locks. So I started by using a little bit of this eco gel and I put my hair into little rubber bands and then I crocheted the lock like normal. If you guys don't know like the rubberband, crochet, lock, method, just watch and then I take that loose piece of hair and wrap it around which hides my real hair and it should hide the rubber band. If you do it right, you so I'll just show you guys this process a few more times so that you can get the idea of it, but I really think that this whole having this loose piece of hair at the top is a great idea one. For me, because if you do the rubberband method, like with Platts the way that you have to like, pull the Platt through the lock, if you know what I'm talking about, they know. But I can't do that right now, because my hair isn't long enough for me to put into Platts and do it like that. So the last time I did crochet locks, which I'll have a video on that included, so that you guys can see the difference. There was really no way for me to hide my little pony tails, because I really couldn't tuck them into the lock. So the fact that I can just wrap my hair in with like using this piece of hair. I think that that's a great idea - and I also think it's a great idea because when I would do well sometimes like if you do the the method I was talking about, where you pull the Platt through the lock. Sometimes you can still see the root of the braid at the base of the lock. If you know, hopefully you guys know what I'm talking about, but sometimes you can still see that little piece of braid at the root of your hair, and this is perfect for that as well, because it'll hide that so overall, I think that this is a great Idea this is really game-changing. This literally is really changing the game, because the reason that I ended up having to do the wrap method when I did my locks - was for this reason, but now that I can do individual crochet method, but still you know have that same wrapping at the top. This just saves so much time and it's. This is just a great idea you. So this is how they look when they're done. They'Re super lightweight and you don't need to dip them, but you can. If you want to straighten out the curly ends, I'll have the information on these locks in the description box and if you guys have any questions, just comment below be sure to subscribe to my channel and follow me on instagram at Jenna, Kirsten and I'll see you Guys on my next video bye,

Krystle Gourjuss: This seems like a easier way to do this. I’m definitely going to try this. Thanks

Monica Gallon: Absolutely thank you for this video. I'll be doing this style very soon it came out so pretty

fayth35: Wonderful, I can now do my own crochet locs. I'm waiting patiently for the release

AJJA: Super cute!! I want to try so bad!! Can you tell us later how well they hold up? Omg I can’t get over how cute your styles always are XD

Kayanna Holmes: Great video exactly what I was looking for mine is about this short!

AmiAsmr: Always killing every hair look Was it difficult to remove them? I'm Nervous about tangling or the removal process being difficult

Miss Bodi Factori 2006 Charole'vista: Thank You I am so glad you show us how you did it, and the name of the hair..Thank You ♥️ be blessed and safe Charole'vista ❤️

Candiblue: I absolutely love your hair!!

Mrs. Onyango: Yes it’s great.. I really need to find this hair!

Shamikka Whitted: Oh yeah I like this because I use to buy Marley hair to wrap around the top. Looks good. Thx for the video

2 Women & a Thought: How many packs did you use?

Margolita P'nina: great i have a short twa with white platinum tips and this would be great to conceal the white without mess ( i dont like adding extra hair and bla bla

Aprillove Aprillove: Ima go get them cz my hair the same length as yours love it

Cheronda Haney: I found the hair in my city! Cant wait to do this style.

Cookie Lyon: Super cute!!!

Mima Tshiamumayi: Thank you for giving me the hope ❤️

Overcomer86: This may be easy for me too because since I had an car accident holding my hands behind my own head twisting n all that .. whew Chile I may can feel better a bout more self care by doing this myself

Dalila Kujifi: So bomb! How many packs did u use & how long did it take you??

Melanie: This is great. Will your hair start to lock into the crochet locs with this method?

Esther Ndoleriire: wow so beautiful

Vee Strength: How do you take these down? That information would be helpful. If you don't have a braid to pull and you wrapped hair that looks like yours over the loc, how would you know where to start?

Sumana T. K. Cyrah: I really like this way better. So nice. Wish you were here in Phoenix to do mine.

Annette: Heeey. Do you remember how many packs you used ma'am? Thanks so much!


Otto Sean Christopher Mastuh OSCG 8845 Grimsley: You look great, Miss Janai.

Cici Lawson: Where can we get these locs?

Tammy Obianime: How did you take it out without cutting your hair ?

Tina Mckoy: yessss your hair has grew so fast.

Overcomer86: My daughter want the singles n I want her to have some for a “hair growth protection style”. I’m talking about I was about to go pay for her to get it for 250 n she is 12 but u k w what I’m gone try this first and if she can take care it the lord willing one day she may can get the singles ( hopefully by then I lean to do it shoot)money tight n honey my lil girl .. chilllllle honestly she dnt take care her hair styles . Thank u for this . Because at 12 I still need her understanding $250 hair dos are earned unlesss it is a dieeer situation Thank u thank u Thank uuuu

Monika Bennett: Ur hair grows super quick wow!

Janai: Link to the hair: https://bit.ly/3iJynsb

Tellie B.: Brownmillll ❤️❤️❤️ put on for Piscataway, NJ ❤️

Annette: Is the hair available yet? Shake n Go said they'd be sharing the link (for Hipsta Locs) with all people who did demo installations on YouTube.

Alcohol Alchemy: How many packs of hair did you use ??

Pamela Taylor: I have the same hair as you!

Kim Tillis: Where can I get the hair

Lovely Key: Where u get the hair❤️

Andrew Clervil: Were did you buy this looks?

Bridget Gooden: Where can I purchase the hair

Lashawnta Yates: Where can I purchase this hairrrrrr

Adrienne: Where is this hair?

Lovely Key: Did anyone find the hair

Knox Harrington: You remind me of deja Harris

brandonterrelle: 1122

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