Easy Donut Bun Pontail Braid Wig / Using Brazilian Wool Crochet Braid

  • Posted on 16 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

EASY DONUT BUN PONTAIL BRAID WIG / USING BRAZILIAN WOOL CROCHET BRAID,How to diy doughnut puff hair bun using diy Brazilian crochet hair to achieve this lovely puff bun,i hope you learn one or two things from this video.

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Hello, everyone welcome back to my channel to my channel. My name is so today I'll be sharing with you. How I achieved this lovely DIY: do not Bond braided bun wig using my DIY Brazilian French coins braid, I DIY this crocheted French color is braid myself. The tutorial is on my channel. You can check that out guys so guys Our advice, if you want to achieve this lovely amazing Bond wig, you should use color black Bond and do not use big Bond use small size. Bun, do you know, use medium size use a small size, but you can see what I'm doing just doing normal crocheting on the bond. I don't want to purchase another bun, so that is why I make use of the bun I have at home. So I would advise you to use color black, do not use the color. I use color black, it's better because it's going to cover a lot you're going to see what I'm trying to say towards the end of this video. Please do not forget to click on the like button subscribe share with your loved one. I really appreciate that so so much and I really appreciate each and every one of you for your support for your love, the support of the Great this channel. I really appreciate: may God be with each and every one of you guys so keep on watching this amazing tutorial guys, foreign for this DIY French coins crocheted braid? I make use of bread Brazilian wool to achieve these gorgeous braid. So you can check the tutorial out guys, foreign foreign, so I use the bobby pin to hold this down. That is why I said if you use color black so when I was crocheting I didn't calculate. I was going to use some of them to cover the bond. I didn't even remember so you have to create more than maybe you want a very full ponytail, because me I love food ponytail, so that is just to make sure you calculate the one you're going to use to wrap around the bond foreign to hold it down To secure it down so that it will stay in place just keep on watching this else that I love it then I style it in two ways. So this is the first way I can rock it, but I prefer the second way. I prefer that better. So this is the final look of the first way you can work it and I really love the outcome. I love how it looks. I love the length I love, what is giving is giving what it's supposed to give this came out, so so beautiful. So this is the second method just wrap it round. Oh, my God, you can actually rock this with Edge cow people. Think you braid your hair, then you put in ponytail, you can rock with a wide headband. So that's easy guys do not forget to click on the like button subscribe share with your loved one. I really appreciate that too. So much so keep on watching to watch out for the finer look at add some accessories towards the final look keep on watching guys, foreign

MsNike A: The pony came out beautiful and natural

ZIKKIE'S WORLD: It’s really beautiful sis

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