Crochet Bandana Hair Scarf (Easy Diy!)

  • Posted on 22 April, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Learn how to make a super cute crochet bandana head scarf for summer in this step by step tutorial for beginners and beyond!

You might call this a hair kerchief or a headband, but regardless of what you call it, this pattern is super beginner friendly and uses an easy granny square stitch. So cute!


▶︎ 1 skein of cotton worsted weight yarn:

▶︎ 5.00 mm crochet hook:

▶︎ large eye needle:

▶︎ scissors:

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Hey guys, it's me crystal from marching north and today, i'm going to show you how to make a crochet bandana head scarf to start we're going to make a magic loop. So you just take your yarn and you wrap it around your fingers, like this grab your crochet hook and insert it into the circle and you're going to pull up a loop and then you're going to take your fingers out of the magic circle. And then i'm just kind of holding my yarn in place on my hook and bringing my working yarn back over to the left. So i can hold it like. I normally do and just get everything kind of straightened back out and we have the circle here. So now we're gon na chain three times so one two and three and that's our chain three, which counts as our first double crochet. So now we're going to yarn over and make two more double crochets into the magic loop so insert and pull up a loop yarn over and pull through two loops and then yarn over and pull through the last two loops and that's one double crochet. So now we're going to make another one so yarn over and go back into the circle, pull up a loop yarn over pull through two and yarn over and pull through two again so there's our three double crochets one's a chain: three and then two double crochets. Now we're going to chain one! This is going to be our corner and now we're going to make three more double crochets into the magic loop, so pull through two and then pull through two and there we go and we're gon na repeat that two more times so we're gon na have two Clusters with three double crochet in each cluster so now to close up our magic loop, we're just going to find that little short end there and you're going to pull on it. And it's going to close up the loop. And now we have a cute little triangle and this is the base of our whole triangle. This is where it all starts. We have our corner and we have our two quarters on the sides. So now we're going to do is chain 3. Then you're going to turn your work and you're going to make two double crochets in the same stitch where your chain three is coming out of so yarn over and you're going to go right into that same stitch there, and this is how you're going to start Every row so yarn over and pull through two and yarn over and pull through two and that's one double crochet and then do that one more time for this first corner here: okay and now our next cluster we're gon na work right into the corner. So again, we're gon na yarn over and we're gon na make three double crochets into that space and then you're going to chain one and then you're going to make three more double crochets in that same space and you're going to do that. For every time you get to the corner you're going to do that same thing: okay, so there's our corner done and now we're gon na make our last cluster on the side, so we're gon na work into the top of the chain three from the previous row. So just yarn over and you're gon na insert your hook right into the top of that chain. Three and i like to get under both loops of the chain, which is kind of tricky. But i just like the way it looks better uh. If you don't want to, you can just go under one loop of the chain. That'S fine too, but you're just gon na make three double crochets right in the top of that chain. Three, so once you get the first one done, the other two are a lot easier, so just insert right in that same spot right there and now our second row is done and here's how it's looking so far. So now we're just going to keep repeating that pattern and i'll show you one more row and then we'll finish up the rest so chain. Three again turn your work and then you're gon na double crochet, two more times right in that same spot, where your chain three is coming out up and then you're going to go in this next space. So you see the next space there we're going to do three double crochet right in that space. Now from now on, this is how you're going to do each space along the sides. You'Ll do three double crochets in and then for the corner. You do your three and then your chain, one and your three again so there's that space and now we're back to the corner, so we'll make our three double crochets and then do our chain, one and three more double crochets in that same space. So there's our corner see: this is our other side, so we're doing good. We'Ve just got a couple more spaces to go so here's our space we're going to do three double crochets and then in our top of our chain. Three again we're gon na do three double crochets right at the top of it and, like i said i like to go under both loops of the chain, because i think it leaves a little bit less of a big hole there. If you do that, all right, so now we have done our third row and you're just going to repeat that what we just did over and over again until you have 13 rows all together, so 10 more rows, and then you should have 13. okay. Here we are, we have 13 rows now now we're going to make the scalloped border around the outside so do a chain one and then you're going to turn your work and now we're going to make our scallop so first, what we're going to do is we're Going to skip that first stitch and we're going to slip stitch right into the second stitch right here. So just insert your hook into it yarn over and pull it through and then pull it through and then that's a slip stitch now we're going to make five double crochets in this first space, all right, there's our five double crochet. So now we're going to do is we're going to slip stitch right into the middle double crochet in this cluster. So right in the center one just insert your hook: yarn over pull through and pull through and there's our first little scallop so you're going to repeat that in the next space, so do five more double crochets and then again you're going to slip stitch into the Center double crochet of the next cluster, so there's our first two scallops and we're just going to repeat that all the way down this row and when you get all the way to the end, i will show you how to do the corner all right. So now i've done the scallops all the way down this side and we're to the corner. Here, i've done my slip stitch into that center double crochet. So now we're going to make seven double crochets in the corner space all right. There we go now. We have seven in the corner and then you're just going to slip stitch into that center. Double crochet again, like we've, been doing and then go back to doing your five double crochets in each space and slip stitching into the second double crochet of each cluster. Until you get all the way to the other side here we are on the other side, and i made the last slip stitch in that second to the last double crochet right before the chain. So now we're going to make a long chain you're going to chain 61 times, and this is to make one of the little ties to tie it on so go ahead and make 61 chains. And then once you get, your 61 chains done. You'Re gon na slip. Stitch into the second chain, from your hook, so just insert your hook right into that chain, pull through a loop and then pull it through the other loop as well, and just repeat that, going all the way down the row of chains until you've slip stitched into All of them here, i'm at the very last chain, so i'm going to slip stitch into that one and then now we're going to do our row of single crochet going across the straight edge of our bandana, so see. There'S this hole right here where our chain originated from and i'm going to single crochet right into that hole. There'S our first single crochet and then you're just going to single crochet all the way across the flat side of your bandana and just evenly making crochets, and it doesn't there's no hard and fast rule as to where you need to place them just evenly single crochet. All the way across and the amount of them doesn't really matter. You just want to make sure you have a nice looking row of single crochet going across. I do try to get under at least two loops whenever i'm going across here. If you can't, you can't and that's okay, but i think it just looks a little bit neater. That way, and sometimes you end up going under more than two loops as well, so just do the best you can and space them out evenly and then, when we get to the center, i will show you a little trick. I like to do to not have to weave in as many ends so here's the single crochets i've done so far on this side and you're just going to continue doing this across all the way to the other side and then once you get i'll show you In a second, but once you get to your middle here, i'll show you can single crochet over that end and then you won't have to worry about weaving it in later, which to me is always a plus okay. So i've gotten past the center now and i'm single crocheting over this end here so that i don't have to weave it in later, but to do that, i'm just holding it against the edge and i'm just doing my regular single crochets and i'm just holding that End of the yarn against the edge and crocheting right over it, so it gets encapsulated in all the single crochets. You see here it's in the middle there and if you do that, all the way down or at least for several stitches, then you don't have to worry about weaving. In that end, when you're done and that's always a plus so just continue making your single crochets. All the way down the side - and i will meet you over on the other side - all right, so here we've gotten to the scallop here on the edge, so we're gon na make one more single crochet here right on the edge of the scallop. So just wherever you can there and then we're gon na make one more single crochet right in the corner of that first scallop. So there we go and then we're gon na work, one more in the top of the slip stitch from the beginning of that scalloped edge. So, okay, that's where we are, and now we are going to make another chain of 61 chains and slip stitch all the way down and starting with the second chain from your hook. Here i'm doing my last slip stitch and then here's the side of my bandana see the scallop side is over here on the left and i'm gon na do one last slip stitch right into the side, see there's my single crochets there's my scallops. So i'm going to slip stitch right into that stitch right to the left of where our chain is coming out of and there we go so that will attach it to our bandana a little more securely. And now i'm just gon na pull the loop out a little bit and i'm gon na cut my excess yarn. You don't have to leave too long of a tail just long enough to weave it in, and then i'm sticking my hook back through the loop and i'm just gon na pull the end through the loop to finish it off, pull it through and then pull it To tighten up that loop and that will hold it pretty secure and then just go ahead and weave your end onto a needle and you're gon na just weave it under several stitches. So everything stays nice and secure. And then once you do that you can just trim off the excess and if you did single crochet over that other end like i did, and then you can just cut it off and you don't have to worry about weaving it in all right. So now our cute crochet bandana is complete. Here'S the finished product. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did, please leave a like comment and be sure to subscribe, so you don't miss any of my future videos thanks for watching you

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