How I Wrap My Hair 2016 | Quick And Easy

  • Posted on 18 April, 2016
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Super quick, simple, easy tutorial of how to wrap your hair at night to achieve sleek, bouncy results the next day. All I used was a paddle brush and boar bristle brush. Feel free to moisturize and seal with your choice of products when needed. I prefer the silk elements moisturizing hair creme and coconut oil. If you like to see how my hair looks when I comb my Wrap out, then I will link that within the video.




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Hey everyone, so I showed you guys, I'm going to turn it down right, quick um. I showed you guys how I unwrapped my hair and if you ever saw that I will link it above and now I'm going to show you how I wrap my hair whenever I'm getting ready to lay down or when I'm ready to put it up. So I do have divorce court on the background. Excuse me for that, but I'm just going to upload this straight from my phone so that I don't have to worry about fast-forwarding and putting music to it and not at the Jazz. So I'm going to use the paddle brush a boar, bristle, brush and comb so and also I'm going to use this um this kind of a scarf right here. You can get this from Walmart, but the two long pieces. So I'm going to tear my divorce court back on, so I cannot miss my episode. Okay, do you know so just watch? Yes, I know, because I move forward with the server, so you asked her to marry you would you get this board with the ceremony and your contention is that if she would just up her game a bit as a wife dad, in fact you would go ahead? If you want to use a moisturizer and oil to seal, you can already do that. Yesterday, I'm gon na I'm not gon na. Do it again today, unprofessional so follow my lead. Follow me it's a good, more good war. I would like for us to be spontaneous. I'M good spontaneous, what's that, for that was for that was good. For I mean you, don't have five, that's cool, you shrink, I'm not going on all day, but I stop see you see you see just. Let me ask your question: why do you think she should follow your lead? Because I followed the Mossad I followed God, I believe in divine or okay. So it's not like I'm saying, followed it, because it's my way, I'm saying follow me because it's the right way. Where did you get that from right? When I get that for breeding, if I'm studying and to just you notice, I make an example we're here, because she done it hard way if she was done in my little bigger will be on. I know you did it your way. You still be here, but you would be getting a divorce that she would be unhappy. No, nobody wants to live with a drill sergeant or a constant criticized. Er. Nobody wants to hang on you're, not listening, pay attention. No one wants to live with someone who doesn't hear them and doesn't feel that their opinion is worthwhile right. Okay, and if you want to get biblical about it, Ephesians 5:22, it does say wives submit to your husband's. But after it says that what does it say? Because this anisia ones and then after that mr. Chris CrossFit tighten it up criss-cross again you very just standing back define order is, and what that means is what I'm telling you. The submission part is dependent on something very deep said after that, and I want to know if you know what it is. So that's how I run my hair. You guys, if you have any questions or comments. Just let me know thanks for watching

Tarina Ginn: Your hair is so beautiful and healthy looking. You do an excellent job managing it.

Tonya W: Your way was so simple and not a lot of talking and music just straight to the point. Thank you

Jayy Wayyy87: Definitely loved it! Very quick and helpful info❗

Jen Maj: I LOVE Divorce Court... I wish you took longer to wrap your hair, just so I could hear how the show ended ... your hair is beautiful, as always . Hopefully my hair gets to behave the way yours does when I get to your length...

Mizz ToyToy84: Gorgeous hair, so thick, shiny and long!!!

Idreamofjazzz: I can't remember the last time I wrapped my hair, the only reason why I stopped is because it used to hurt my edges so I cross wrapped it but didn't like the results as opposed to the traditional wrap. Have you ever experienced sore edges from wrapping your hair this way?

Markeeta Roane: Sis, thank you SO much. I'm 44 years old and could never do it. I always had to sleep like Craig's sister Dana ..Today I got my hair done and wasn't trying to have the crook neck. I watched you at least 5 times ..shi* maybe more. I kept messing up, but stayed with it. I finally got it. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH QUEEN !❤❤

Tareva Amor: I love how your hair comes out flat ironed! Do you still use the IC Fantasia heat protectant to flat iron? About how much do you use if so?

Keisha Jones: Your hair is super healthy!!!! Wow!

Xtina Medina: Props girl Needed this, your way breezy and easy to follow! Luv’d u didn’t use pins and liked the divorce court that’s was cute!❤️

0hpalpitations: Hi, I just bought a supposedly 100% silk hair cap from Amazon and noticed that the outside of the cap was shiny and very smooth, whereas the inside was less smooth and dull. Does it matter which side I use? Is the shiny, softer side better for my hair? I'm trying to prevent breakage while I sleep. Thank you

NANA2YU: your hair is so beautiful love it. I know i'm not the only one who wanted to hear the rest of divorce court LOL!

Naomi Cooke: Best Hair Wrap video i've seen thus far..An your hair is gorgeous!

pinkskyies: Your hair is so pretty. I am going to have to invested in a scarf like that. Thanks for using affordable products,one of the reason why I like your hair videos.

Reservechic: I happen to be a huge fan of Divorce Court, so i don't mind you playing it in the background at all. Thanks for sharing with us how you wrap your hair. Quick and easy, which is best!

Alexis Campbell: This was the only video that helped me wrap my hair rly good

ladynefertitibk: Very helpful video. Thanks.

Teresa Cody: Wow, thank you!

Kalisha J: Great video!! I had got into that divorce court episode though, lol. :)

Lisa Campbell: Your method is so easier thanks very much believe it or not I'm getting the hang of it now

ItsGabbysPack: You make it look soo easy

Rayhamen Martha: How did you hold the hair when you first combed it round? Was lost from there

Proverbs 31: Im going back to this old school way..the natural hair movement made my hair dry brittle and fuzzy Perms arent bad if u do it properly...... This method allows for less heat yearly personally only permed twice a yr anyways

Dakota Cooper: Wow I am not sure that my hair will wrap as quick as you just did yours but I’m about to try it this way. And also like others I was super interested in the divorce court as well

Ramona Peralta: So much easier then other ones really liked it

rjmami8508: Your hair is so gorgeous! Btw, what was the judge's ruling? Lol. I started laughing when she tagged his butt using Scripture.

katrina taylor: how do you do it if your hair constantly comes down

LittleMelodyLand: Halo may I ask why your hair just neatly stick to your head when you comb wrap it and you don't even need any hair clip or pin to hold it..?

Nichole Waller: How you do that part when you part your hair to flat iron it?

jirah newton: Thanks because i needed you help

Apryl Grant: Why do I always look like a Cone Head when I try to wrap my hair?????

canadianhaitian: Did you do the side part all the way down?

Tareva Amor: You're right! I think I am getting you mixed up, lol....sorry. Still beautiful!

JustELLE: lol... girl, why was i watching you but listening to divorce court...

4evertashie: guhh I was so into that episode lol great wrap though

Angela Lane: What kind of moisturizer do you use

Shannon Stratton: My god your gorgeous

Sheila Hamilton: I wanted to hear the rest of the divorce court episode, lol!

JasmineDenise: I wanted to hear the rest lol

She Royal: Your hair is gorgeous but girl what happened on Divorce Court

Asia: lol I want to know what episode that was ‍♀️

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