Dreadlocks Hairstyle Techniques : Dreadlocks: Lock Extension For Short Hair

  • Posted on 15 September, 2008
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Sometimes it's useful to braid on additional hair and then use the lock extension technique when dealing with shorter hair and creating dreadlocks. Learn to perform the lock extension technique on short hair from a professional hairstylist in this free hair video.

Expert: Mekhat

Contact: www.myspace.com/nappsworldwide

Bio: Mekhat opened NAPPS! beauty salon in the U-City loop of St. Louis, MO in 1992.

Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff

Another technique is, you can braid the hair on first and then start wrapping cause. Some people have really short hair and we can create the look with adding the hair end.. So, no matter what the length of your hair long as it's long enough to add a at the hair on, we can start by braiding it on then braid then wrap, and you can make this as thick as you like, whatever size you like, whatever color you Like., I like the lock extensions, because it's not damaging to your hair at all, because you can add color without actually coloring your hair. You just wrap on a different color.. I really like that.. You can get instant length which I love. And we have a skinny one and we have a little fatter one. And we can them even fatter. Whatever length we can just keep on adding hair forever and ever and it will just go on and on.. We can make them as long as we want.

DokyDok: I used this technique, it's easy to set up and it works perfectly, thanks from France !

Patrick Carbon: for how long can you leave the extension in? won't it come off when you wash your hair?

FXPabloHussle: For a guy growing a fro what do you think the shortest length of hair he could start this at.

buttapysh: did you use the synthetic hair your human hair? How does it work for you? Thanks!!

A stew: Is there a rule to this? Like if you can create a coil you can also add hair extension to your hair. Because I have short hair that can be coiled and long hair around the sides that's already locked. I NEED HELP

Juraj Hering: can u do on caucasion hair this style of dreadlocks?

FAST HARLEY’S & NICE TRUCKS: how much do you charge for this?

Beeah Robinson: can you use yarn

Roots Rocks: Nice work... I seen this done at Mariam Hair Braiding 1018 S Orange Ave Newark NJ...it was about $200 how much does this style go for?

purple carrot: You can keep them in for as long as you want.

DivinityParasite1: @pxc9630 she braids it in then twists it on. it wont come out. you can leave them in forever to dread up.

tterie: they have it in both but the synthetic is easier to find and costs less........

DivinityParasite1: @spidaonbass probly 3 inches. an inch has to be braided into the kinky hair then added hair should help the rest out.

purple carrot: Yes, it locks.

vidbyvid: so if i got asian shot hair is it possible to get rasta hair?

Erica Traylor: what type of hair you're using??

buttapysh: human or synthetic?

kkgayle: where is your salon

ArabRebel: I wan't a girlfriend like you, who does this for me anytime =D!

BlackOnyx77: what type of hair is this plz?

tterie: its afro kinky bulk.

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