Wig Styling For Beginners (Short Wig & Cute Anime Boy Style)

  • Posted on 16 October, 2020
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hello !

As you know I love Kotori from Love live, so I did a genderbend casual cosplay of her ! I would love to make idolised genderbend version in the future ! Anyway, in this video I show you some basic tips to style a short wig (I already did a video for longer hair here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqKbF-... ) I hope this will help you, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me !

I do wig commissions ! Check out my Etsy : https://etsy.me/380cdBu

→ The wig is sponsorised by Rolecosplay / L'email wig (In this video I used the wig for black cat D.va from overwatch)

→ Get 13% off with my code "sohan" on rolecosplay : https://bit.ly/2H4puf0 And support me by clicking on this link ! ♥

All the photos and some videos are taken by the amazing Alyssa : https://www.instagram.com/alyssa_usagi... Please, support her !


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Taba Chake - Walk With Me Lyrics

Taba Chake - My Other Side (Open Air)

Hello, there you've been pulling me closer. Let'S make a story of our own, we walk everywhere hand in hand, walking this path of life like life's, been leading us together. We walked this road, you have beautiful eyes and smile, it's melting, my heart, so fast making me love you more wan na love, you till the very end, no matter what comes in together, we'll stay strong. I live with these walls behind, but they don't know the other side. You don't know my other side happiness i am looking for and this lonely searching song with all the music which doesn't talk to me ever like an i'm lost alone, all alone. Oh foreign and tiny rooms around i live with these walls alone. Looking at me wrong, talking to yourself, hiding open behind people have seen me singing. They imagine me across so high five. They don't know the other side. You don't know. My other side do hello. There. You'Ve been pulling me closer, let's write about you and me i'll sing to you a lollow boy. Let'S make a story of our own everywhere hand in hand.

Sohan Blazeca: Hello ! I now do wigs commissions ! More informations are on my Etsy here : https://etsy.me/380cdBu !

NariDoesStuff: I’m genderfluid but my family forces me to have long hair and won’t let me cut it, but they agreed to start letting me get wigs for cosplay, so I’m definitely getting this wig and using wig dye, thank you so much! The fact I’ll be able to discreetly express myself with a wig makes me very happy!

Sleepy: J'ai honte j'avais pas vu cette vidéo si douce, j'adore le format et tout, c'est si doux comme façon de faire pour la vidéo, c'est tout doux. J'aime beaucoup ce format là avec la petite musique, les présentations sur le côté au début bref j'adore

Charline De Freitas Meira: Tout est trop choupinou dans cette vidéo jadoooore le rendu final

Myu: Merci pour la vidéo, toujours une galère à styliser les wigs chez moi ! x)

Christacorne *: C'est très jolie

Healer: This video editing/music makes me feel very safe.


Sohan Blazeca: Please support me by watching the video and click on this link : https://bit.ly/2H4puf0 ! ▶️ Use my code " sohan " to get 13% off your order ! ◀️ on rolecosplay !

DenebVegaAltair: No hairspray? :O

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