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  • Posted on 16 September, 2019
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Demo + honest review of the new Philips straightening brush. BUY IT (on sale)





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Hi! I'm Magali, a 27 year old blogger + vlogger based in Mumbai, India.

I create beauty, fashion & lifestyle videos as well as travel vlogs from around India & the world. New videos go live every Monday (& sometimes Thursday too) at 9PM IST.

I also have a vlog channel where I share casual, unfiltered vlogs from my daily life as well as amazon / grocery hauls + unboxings.

In today's video I'm reviewing the new Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush with Thermoprotect on my hair (Indian, thick, wavy & frizz prone). I saw the ads with Alia Bhatt & Barkha Singh in which this looked pretty attractive, so I wanted to try it out for myself.

This video has an introduction to the product, the differences between this & the earlier Philips Kerashine Air Straightener, a comparison between this & the Corioliss Heated Styling Brush & a demo of using it to style my hair.

You can buy it online here:

It's the original product available at a discount.

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Hi guys, my name is Macaulay and welcome to my channel. Today'S video is going to be all about our new hair tool from Philips and it's called a Philips style care. Advanced heated, straightening brush. So what I'm going to be doing in today's video is talking you guys through the features of the product, how to use it and my experience using it and finally, at the end I'll give you guys my verdict on like how it worked for me, whether I Think it is a good purchase and whether I think it might work for you, Philips ins just launched this product in India for and they're in the middle of promoting it really aggressively with the learn pads on TV and online as well. If you are coming to this video after seeing the ad, I think the before and after is really very dramatic, because they promise that you can do all of your hair in five minutes and if one make your hair totally poker straight. But it will make it look neat and naturally straight in just such a short amount of time that when I saw the ad I was really intrigued. I wanted to try it, but I was also skeptical because I said surely it can't work as in the ID. It'S kind of over promise when you buy the product, never really lives up to that. No a few years ago, Philips had launched a tool in India that was similar to this. In some ways it was called the philips cara shine, hair straightener, and I had made a review video for that in case, you guys would do you can watch it right now. That tool is also on the market and I think few people were seeing the ads are confusing that oil product with the new product. So to give you guys, quick comparisons, that's more of a hair dryer with a brush attachment. At the end, this one is actually a heated brush that works more like a hair straightener. So if you are using that care of shine brush, but you need to use it on your damp hair after you freshly washed it. If you are using this, you need to use it on completely dry hair. So, even if you have washed your hair, you need to wait for it to air dry or you need to use great hair dryer blow dryer to make sure your hair is completely dry. It has a keratin in few sediment coating hot tools such as straightener, which have a ceramic coating, are just supposed to be less damaging for your hair. It has two temperature settings, 170 degrees centigrade and 200 degrees centigrade. They recommend the lesser heat setting 170 degrees. If your hair is thinner or if it's already kind of straight - and you just want to neaten it up, but they recommend the higher heat setting of 200 degrees if your hair is thicker curlier or anything like that, whenever I own any hot pool, I always turn It up to the highest heat setting possible. Yes, it does damage the hair, but also I want the style to last and I wanted to not like just disappear once I go out. So if you want your hair style to last, usually your hair. It needs to be nice and hot this. It has a triple bristle design and a large paddle shaped brush. So the triple bristles are something that you can kind of see. If you look closely, the bristles are at three different lengths. You guys can see this light. Purple bristles the shorter ones in the middle, those are actually the ones that get really hot. Those are the ceramic bristles and the rest of the stuff is just going to help guide your hair. Those don't heat up on their own paddle brush refers to the shape of the brush. This kind of squarish thing I really like that. It is a wide surface area because it will be easier to get through your hair. I'Ve already owned a hot straightening brush before this. I'Ve had it for a few years now this is the one by Coriolis they are pretty similar in size. I guess the Phillips one is slightly broader in the corners. My hair type is pretty thick. It'S kind of ghost and it's naturally wavy. I usually style it a lot. Whenever I sit down for videos so I'll either have it straightened or I'll have it when we cease heat on it to make it look a little bit neat because naturally, it kind of is very boho head. It does its own thing today. I have not styled it in any way. This is my natural texture just to demonstrate the brush life. For you guys, the power cord is a 1.8 meter, which is quite long. I have it folded here. That'S something that any good health to me should have, because when I often do mirror will not be close to your plug point. So you need to have an option of something long so that you can be flexible like that, and the power cord also kind of goes around nicely at the base. So that means it can get cold, which is also a good thing. Now I'm going to go plug it in you can see the switch to control the brush here. This is the only controls that the brush has it's on the off position now, so you can put it on the lesser heat, but I'm going to put it on the maximum heat and then you can kind of see the light blinking. That means that it's working it's heating up, but it's not ready to use yet so there has a full heat up time of 50 seconds, which is quite good, so you have to wait for just under a minute for this to be ready to use next thing. I'M going to do is just section off my hair a little bit. You can do really small sections or you can also do larger sections, but on the whole, the smaller sections you concentrate on. You will get more of a straighter look, but in case you're on a high, you can just kind of run bigger sections. Also it's according to your preference, the time you put in on your comfort levels. Now you can see the light stopped blinking, which means it's fully heated up and ready to use. So I think the first thing I'm gon na do is just take care of my bangs, because they're in my face, the reason that I'm pointing the brush upwards is just because I don't want the banks deny extremely flat on my face once I do it, they Will lie on my face, but you know: if I do it downwards, then they will just completely fall, so I just want to lift the road a little bit. I almost forgot about this guy's, but if you are heat styling, your hair, please make sure to use any kind of heat protectant spray. It will really make a difference in the long term by reducing the amount of heat damage to your hair. I'Ll leave some recommendations for products in the description bar below so putting this wherever the heat is going to be. I recently got a haircut, so the hair, the back, is really short and it's kind of hard for me to grip it with the brush. I think if you have longer hair, it's actually a lot easier. If you want your hair to get straighten on the first try itself, two small tips that I have is run the brush kind of slowly through your hair. That way, the heat has it's time to take effect and you will not have to go over that section. A second time, and the second thing you guys can do is sort of just try and hold your hair and hold the brush a little bit tightly. That'S how hair stylists do it, because again, the heat has to make contact with your hair to straighten it. So if you hold it tightly, has a better chance once you finish using it, don't forget to switch off it somewhere safely. Do not put it on any cloth or anything that could get burned, just keep it somewhere where it can cool down, because it will take a little time to cool down now. This is my hair. After using the brush, I think I took a little more than five minutes - that's because I'm not really so used to it and I try to be thorough. I can actually do my hair less time with this, because I don't really mind if there are some waves. Your list, I don't want, like straight hair - I just want my hair to look a little bit neater than it looks on its own. I am actually quite happy with the effects this brush gives me because it looks really efficiently. It'S really comfortable to use compared to a hair straightener, which it just doesn't feel as comfortable. The brush is just so natural to use it's kind of like just combing or brushing your hair. You don't have to pull too much and your scan doesn't hurt afterwards. I like that, it's quite handy. I think this brush is really travel friendly if you're going on a holiday or if you're, traveling somewhere for weddings or something this is not going to take up much space in your luggage. It really helps you get ready nicely. I really did not expect to like this brush so much. I thought it would work in an Okie manner um, but I wouldn't leave my hair straight now, but after using this, I definitely think my hair straighteners going to get a break. While I use this brush, it really works very well. It is really easy, even if you haven't used Hot Tools before it's just very thoughtfully designed - and I cannot find any real complains with the cost of 3,500 - it's not cheap, but it's not expensive. There are some really expensive tools on the market. Now Phillips is a name that I trust, and so I think that this works very well and is worth the money you pay for it. I'M gon na leave a link below, though, where you can get it at a discount and it's like definitely the original products. That'S where I bought, so you don't have to pay full price as well. This definitely gets a recommendation from my side. I didn't expect to gush about it so much, but I really enjoyed using this. This straightening also stays throughout the day. Even when I go out, maybe it will sort of puff up ever so slightly in Mumbai, but overall it still looks like naturally straight and neat and cute and the straightening stays until the next time. You wash your hair. If your hair is anything like mine - and you want an effect like this, then I would say 100 % go for it in case you have thick and more curly hair than mine. I personally cannot comment on that. I think it would absolutely work even on curly hair, maybe to take a little bit more time and a little bit more effort like you might have to run the brush twice, but since it heats up to 200 degree centigrade, I think it should definitely work on All hair types and all hell thicknesses, if you guys have any questions about this brush that you think I can answer. Please leave a comment down below if you have used this brush and you have an experience to share positive negative or anything in between also feel free to leave a comment, because that's what we are here for we just like talking about stuff and whether we like It or we don't like it and if you enjoy these type of videos, don't forget to hit the subscribe button and subscribe to this channel. So you never miss the video thanks for watching and I'll see you guys next time.

Miz: Thank you for doing this video, Magali. My hair is like yours. I usually resort to permanent straightening on a yearly basis because the Philips iron doesn't really work that well and takes a long time to straighten till it look decent and still the effect doesn't last long. Was wondering about this brush and it seems promising. Can you pls share a Pic of your hair at the start and the end of the day with this brush on your Instagram stories. It'll be very helpful. Thanks again

Zee Zee: Such an informative video.. Thanks Magali. Even though I hv straight hair I literally watched the entire video. And I'm always on the hunt for a good curling iron ☺.. P. S waiting for yr vlog

Surbhi Modi: Thank you so much, dear Magali! Your review helped me a lot. You have explained everything beautifully. You have a sweet voice!

Cheri Bgh: I have the Philips one, it’s really good and doing the job

ayushi agarwal: Hi maam! Your video is very helpful! Could you please tell if the Alan Truman brush is better or this Philips one is better.. It would really help! Thanks

Zelvia Fernandes: Loved the nailpaint... Was really helpful... Got a clear perspective

Fav: Amazing review....specially clearing the difference between kerashine and this one....thank you so much....I know you said that it is to be used on dry hair but still....will using it on damp hair will reduce it's effects??

captainpuri1: Tks for the review Meghali. It has helped me to take a decision whether to buy or not. U hv covered all the points. So Tks a lot.

Ruma Bhattacharjee: A funny Garnier ad before the video. Love love this product. I have to get this but Out of Stock!! Loved this video and you definitely did a great job editing it. You are so raw Magali. Much love ❤️

suraksha hegde: You did a great job....well done

Akriti Kapoor: I was so looking forwardto buying this one but I wasn't getting a perfect review but here u r. U came to my rescue thnks Magali

Martina lazaro: Super perfect timing was thinking to get one ☝️

english101with_me: Such a nice pretty girl inside and out,god bless her heart

forisma: Oh please don't use the heat protecting sprays just before using the hot tool. It's very bad for your hair. You can use them before blow drying. Oh apply and let hair completely dry before using a straightener.

Divyani Verma: So big seems really a nice product

CCE: Your video helps me a lot, thx! ❤️

Swara P: How long your straightening effect lasted for?

citizenspace71: Most helpful. Thanks!

Sneha Dantis: Great effort!!

mis sy: Will it severely damage hair? Anyone user who use it longer time plz answer my question

aa a: How much does that spray cost?

Anita Singh: Maine bhi Coriolis wala hair brush liya tha, per bilkul bhi kaam nahi kiya , waise hi rakha hua hai ( Per ye to bahut accha effect dikha raha hai, abhi to nahi per future me jarur buy karungi Thanks for detailed demo

suba: While using need to disconnect or not

Annou T: Could you give an opinion on this brush vs a comparison with corioliss and kerashine?

Vishaka Rao: Very nyc review! :) But for how long does it stay ? coz my hair type is like yours..

lakshmi gowda: Ur explanation s gud...with acute nd gentle way... making video bit longer...but tats ok ... anyway tanku

musaddiq manorwala: Magali dear I really like your mother daughter relation may God bless you " “devu tukka bare koro”.im your new subscriber I have watched ur loadz of videos in couple of days and enjoyed it.take care dear.

Preety Tiwary: Ohhh dear thax..I'm really wanted these videos and surprise u do it .. nice video I love it and it helps me a lot...

Shruthi v Shruthi: This product cost ..? mam

keerthi natchiar: Hi! The user manual reads not to use styling products while using the brush. Can we use heat protection products still?

Liz Jo: Hi, which is better the Corioliss or this one ?

Vasanti Sharma: Please tell me what to spray on hair before using the straightening brush.

Divya M.V: Oh my god. It is scary to see your hair screaming for help while getting burnt. Wish the day would come when people ditch straighteners and switch to CG method and love and accept their curly hair. But I know you do love your natural hair. I just wish people didn't have to associate straight hair with being presentable. No hate on you.

Nancy Gupta: I have the same product but didn’t last for an hour What should i dooo?

Amrita G: Which is better? The Corioliss straightener brush Or the Philips one which you showed? How long does the hair remain straight in both the cases?

Moumita Chanda: gr8 video Magali!!! cn u pls help us office goers wd some outfit ideas?

Zalak Raval: Its work easy nd awsm...but hard to clean comb....

Esha Banerjee: Hey which one is better? Kerashine hot brush or this one? I do have kerashine it more easy to use?

𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙜𝙖𝙡𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨: you're too cute i couldn't help but mention this!

Blooming burze: may hair is so hard dry n curl .should i buy this

Om Shree ganeshay Namah:: How clean this brush??it can be opened to wash.

Nini L.: Indiano

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