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  • Posted on 03 January, 2023
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How to fix flat hair fast.

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All right everyone, this is going to be a relatively quick video, but how to fix flat hair. If you have hair that is always falling in your face like this, you want some texture. You want some volume to it, but you want to get done quickly. Then I'm going to show you a quick fix on how you can do this, so I've got my product Title Wave right. What you want to do is shake it up now. Here is the important part. You need to make sure that you have some length like this. This is an ideal length to try to fix this. So, if you're looking for that flip in the front that tick tocker type of haircut, you have to make sure that you have the proper haircut as you can see. This is all layered in through here. If your hair is not doing this, it's not properly cut. You can see there's layers. Let me let me even turn this this way you can see here's a layer here, here's a layer here, here's a this is all layered throughout the entire haircut. You need to make sure that you're getting this done. Even if your hair is just laying flat, if you don't have that because I get so many questions - oh my hair's, not doing it my hair's not doing it it's because your hair is not cut properly. So now it's laying flat like this, you can, you know, use this anywhere. You can do it at home. If you happen to have this in your backpack or something like that, give it a good shake. What I want you to do is take all the hair and brush it back off your face and watch this you're going to push forward a little bit like this one spray. That'S it one spray of tidal wave now watch this. What I want you to do is run your fingers through the hair like this. What'S going to happen, is you're going to start to build texture in your hair right you're, going to start to build texture in your hair, and you can start to feel a little bit of it. Then what I want you to do is go back a little bit further, give it another Spritz. So we went from here now back here again: work it through you're, going to start to feel even more product taking form and taking shape. And now all you have to do because the hair is going to absorb the sea. Salt spray, the tidal wave sea salt spray, because that's what it's designed to do now. You'Re done push the hair forward, like this, give it a few little flips and there we go now. You'Ve got instant volume and texture to your style. This is, this is a very, very popular style, a lot of you're looking for and then, if you want to, you, can even do one more Spritz of tidal wave for a total of maybe three spritzes and look at the volume. Look at the texture. Look at the shape you can even go in like this, and you can make it even more full of volume and texture just because of using the tidal wave using this technique. And it's a quick fix that you can do literally in seconds.

Charles: That’s why you should always carry an extra bottle of Tidal Wave with you

Kazlix: For me I’ve tried your volume shampoo and it’s not really affective on my hair,it just made it even more flatter.I have straight hair.does anyone have any hair products I should use to make my hair have volume?

M L: Thank you! I do this currently, but I live in Chicago which is ALWAYS windy and I lose this immediately after I do it.

Kamonte: Works with most sea salt sprays

A Biologist: Can I just mix salt in water and use it as tidal wave ?

Julie 1098: THE front part looks messy and is only suitable for college students and young teenagers. Not for office workers.

Elizabeth Rennick: Please can you recommend a haircut for thinning hair please I haven’t been well for over a year I was on steroids but my hair has went very thin please if you could help me

DelasVC: That‘s just such a problem: there is simply no skilled barber in the city I currently reside in..

The_BreadMan: How do I do my curly hair with a curtains haircut?

light ghost: I'm still not getting the 80s lesbian haircut

Oliver Sørensen: I want Tidal Wave so bad but it's sold out in my country

Haydil la musique: ❤❤

Chan: what kind of haircut is that if i may ask? thanks!

Avi Kumar: Pls do miguel season 2 hairstyle from cobra kai season 2

unrealgray: Thank you though

toobrokentolove: Every vid is a plug for his product to get that basic haircut

unrealgray: First

Florida Man: 6th

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