Short Bob Hairstyles - Over 50 Hairstyles

  • Posted on 30 December, 2022
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Short Bob Hairstyles - Over 50 Hairstyles

In this video, we've got short bob hairstyles for women over 50. With so many stylish options to choose from, you're sure to find the right short bob hairstyle for you!

From classic bob haircuts to modern cuts, we've got the perfect short bob hairstyle for you. We'll also show you how to style your bob haircut with clippers and a razor, so you can achieve a sleek and tidy look. So mark your calendars and join us for this short bob hairstyle tutorial!

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Hi I'm rodana from boys and girls hairstyles. Today I have Cassie with me um. She is a long time family friend for ever and ever anyway um the stories go on and on, but anyway yeah. Where should we start? We have all day no anyway, so she's a really good friend, family friend um, and we love her family, but anyway she used to have long, curly, hair and now it's short and fun. So I want to show you um her cut we're going to start in the back um and we just come straight across she just likes this short short yeah. Did you hear her? I'M like she likes it and she says shortly there's my so yeah. So we will just go straight across here um and then then, when we're done and I go to blow dry and stuff after I blow dry. Sometimes I come back through this area and tighten it up like through this area, just because she has um little calyx back here that that make it she's like yes, I do that kind of um make it stick out here. So after we're all done, I like to come in and like take that a little bit tired, so, okay up here, we're gon na take about this. This much off, I loved how she put her head straight. She knows to just keep her head straight. That'S awesome! Okay, so, and then I'm just coming around um the shape of her head, but down below about halfway in between her ear, see my fingers they're starting to angle in towards the head. That'S that's what I'm doing here and then I'm bringing that in just a little bit more here. Also, okay and foreign, tighter down here towards the bottom, and what I mean by that is when I get down here, I can fill my fingers like touch her head right here, and that means it's going to be shorter in in that area. So point cut into that into the this yeah, so um we used to play softball together. She played softball with my sister and anyway lots of fun things. Her boy played baseball with my boy and my nephews and anyway, it's been great great okay. Now, taking a little bit off here and then again remember about this, this far down is where I start coming in and angling the fingers and then, by the time I get to the bottom. My fingers are touching the back of her or you know the bottom of her head, so yeah so Cassie. She has had long curly hair forever and we decided to change it up and she has loved it. And so is everyone else. I love it. Oh say we're done. I love Cassie's. Hair short, I'm like thank you and it's been a while now now, it'll be three years in January, no way, yeah, I know go ahead. I was thinking a year and a half, no no three years this coming January. Oh, my gosh, okay, so yeah three years yeah but yeah. It just kind of it's just so much easier for her. Yes and it's nice and then everything yeah see okay, so she is an avid Hunter. She loves, loves, loves it. So, of course, she would say that, like you know it's easier when hunting when camping, because she loves it - sorry I'm just getting in the way there. So you can see I just like to take. I like how it's not over my ears anymore, yes, but yeah, but you don't have to deal with that. True true ponytail every day, yeah yeah well and she she just. She had said that too. I remember when we cut it. She'S, like I just fill it up every day, so I might as well do something that, and you know what's fun is, and this is good for any of you that are out there wanting a change um when we first cut it, we cut it um. More of kind of like a bob-ish anyway and a bob-ish. How does that sound a bob slash ish anyway, but she did come back and she wanted it shorter, and so I'm, like you know it's just I mean I know that we always say you can go shorter, but honestly, if you're scared to try something new, just Go to something like that, go to the Bob see if you like it, if you like it awesome, if not, then yeah do it in stages. Yep - and I remember telling Cassie that I'm like just we'll, do it in stages, and so she tried that for a little bit and she ended up calling back and saying you know what actually yeah we. We need to go shorter and I'm like okay, perfect and then yeah. Then we hit the jackpot when we went shorter. So it was much much better well and it's just kind of funny how a haircut can suit someone like, and sometimes people don't realize until after you cut it and then you're like. Oh, that does go with me. You know okay, so you just come over straight across here, taking the next section over trimming into that, okay, so that whole top, I just was lifting up and trimming that now the sides same thing I'm going to come up and around to just trim into that. Okay and aside, you doing good Cass, oh yeah, okay, you're, like yep, are you enjoying it? Relaxing, Okay, so with Cassie we come up here up by the ear s and over it. Sorry, let me just hold that down like this. I just don't want my arm in the video, but you can see you know right up here, just at the top: okay. Okay, all right! Now this side we're going to come to this side. Sorry about the hair on your nose. Put that off for you, you can see that I'm angling up to these layers out here to the side. So I take that bulk off there and Cassie gets her hair cut um in five weeks, yep every five weeks once every five weeks. So it's nice, it lasts her that long and and then she's, obviously ready by the time she comes back, but it's not, but it lasts. You five weeks, never grown so fast yeah. That'S so true! Well - and it's kind of funny too, because people will say that well when my hair was long, it didn't grow and I'm like yeah sure it's kind of hard because, like having it short, you do see how it grows out of the style. So you notice it where, when it's on you pull it up or you know what I mean so, but anyway, yeah see. Cassie can be the one to tell you just Just Go With It. Go with the one haircut go in stages, and then you can end up loving it. Oh yeah, okay and then, of course, both sides. I'M gon na hold it out. Okay, all right here we go today. I'M gon na take a little bit more off over here, because it's a little bit longer and then what we're gon na do is. She has very fine hair, but it's she has a lot of it um, so for it to stand up um I like to texture it. So we're going to come through and texture through here and you can see that I'm I'm coming like a half inch to an inch up. There see half inch off the scalp, then a little bit here, okay, perfect! Now! What I'm going to do is I'm going to style this okay and then I'm going to come back through and show you how to tighten up that back. So if you have little um nice calyx in the back of your head about length to poke out, you can have a little a little trick of how to keep that to where, in five weeks, you're not going way crazy, just a little bit in the back. So it doesn't work out too much, okay, so the Moose I'm I'm doing, and then I'm gon na uh round brush it. So you can see on this phone back my fingers blow dryer, okay kind of back and forth on this top and then, when it's about 80 percent dry, you can bring in the the round brush and start back here, foreign to the left, which would be your Right and you're watching everything's always and you're different okay, 99. round brush over here by using the round brush. It just helps pull the hair up and make it a little Fuller um. You know and you're more than welcome to just dry it, but having moved and having a round brush feels up that much more volume and it's not too hard with the short hair. You can set the brush down and then just just sit and turn it and put that the dryer on it and then so it's easy, not the first time probably won't be that easy, but just keep working at it and then you'll get it okay. So I'm just making sure this is all dry through here and then I'm going to show you what I'm going to do back through this back area. Okay, so I take this fine um and it's close together. That'S what I would use anyway. I'M going to take this in then I'm going to pull it out, but you can see how this is poking out right here. Okay, so you go in and then you just do this. You can also go up if you're a little bit if you're, just starting it might be easier to go up like this than straight across, because straight across you take a whole bunch right off this. You can kind of go up. Take a little bit come back down like if you go like this. It takes the hole like this takes all that off. So this way, if you go up a little bit at a time, takes it a little bit longer to take as much hair off. If that makes sense, foreign makes sense. When you go to do it might might make sense when you go to do it so come in lift this up and then go up or if you're comfortable. You can take it like this and it's a lot faster. If you do the whole section all at once, like this, but again, if you're a little nervous, just come up, take little sections like this and go up this way. But if you feel a little bit more comfortable, you can just go all the way along the comb it's a little bit faster, but by the time she comes back in five weeks. This is obviously shorter through this area, where I come in than anywhere else, so it holds off a little bit longer, so it doesn't poke up like that. Okay, it looks like I have a wing sticking up my head yeah exactly so with Cassie. I do just a little bit of paste here, just kind of grab this piece it out a tiny bit, not much. We don't do a ton ton um, because she likes it a little more soft, but we just give it that little bit of Peace look and it's cute um, so Cassie likes her hair um fixed. So I know that the OCD and Kathy yeah her checkbook, is to the penny like this is so this, like I'm coming in I'm back combing with this little fine tooth, combed comb and I'm just back combing it and then I'm going to spray it and then I'Ll put it in into place and, like I said, Cassie likes it fixed, so not not spiky, not crazy. She likes it fixed, so I'm just putting this into place. Then I'm going to move her to the mirror. So I can so I can see what I'm doing Cass yeah it's it's cute, because when I would go thank you when, when I would go to fix Cassie's hair at first and then she would, I would refix it. She would fix it in the mirror and she'd be like like combing it down into place because we're OCD she likes everything like this. So then I got used to it and I was like that's right, so she doesn't like it out. She likes it set. So now see I save her. It'S a lot better. Let'S see cheers she had to teach me that so yeah, if you don't love spiky and you want just more curled and nice. This is it. So I wanted to show you that, and I wanted to show you the the neckline that stays you know tighter there anyway and of course we love Cassie's color, it's so gorgeous anyway, but thank you love you so much she's, amazing and thanks for all of your Support and watching - and we will see you next time - see ya

Hilary Turkington: Thank you Radonna , you are such a great teacher , I’ve picked up so many tips from you as a non professional family hairdresser . Blessings and health to you for 2023 ❤️

melanie Walter: It's so pretty with her salt and pepper hair. Love it! TFS!

Rose W: I love her cut and her color is gorgeous! Happy New Year RaDona and family! Wishing you peace, prosperity and happiness always! ❤️

Jo ann W: Love the style. Wishing you and your family all the best in 2023. Happy New Year!

CHRISTine S: I must say, RaDona your Smile is so Beautiful Bless you and yours

Jessica Smith: Hello sweet beautiful friend! You are so talented and amazing. Absolutely love her hair. That's alot like mine now on top. The back and sides are clippered with a number 2 guard. I'm trying to decide if it's time to go natural Grey. By the way your hair looks so amazing. Still planning on sitting in your chair someday.

June Hawks: Really cute cut!

Turra Gorman: Cute!! You girls had fun!


Mary Stuart: ❤❤❤❤❤

Cindy Brinkerhoff: How long ago did you move to a salon? All my downloads became lost. I feel so far behind!

Brenda Tassone: You work in a salon now?

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