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360 lace wigs human hair

180% hair density

Natural Color

Curly hair style

Cap size: S (21.75"), M (22.25"), L (22.75") can choose.

Natural hairline, bleached knots.

With Combs and clips

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You me hey guys, welcome back to another good Wednesday, thanks for stopping by today again now in today's video I'll, be showing you guys away from El wigs calm. Now today's wig is a curly unit. Now I did a curly. You know my last of Wednesday, but that was a styling video, where I styled it up in a bun, so for this video today I'll be showing you guys how just wear the curly wig, how I would wear it down and put a little bit of products In it to define the curls and make it look for solace now, this wig is a 360 lace front wig. It is 20 inches, long, 180 percent density and yes, I'm reading it off my phone, and this one does have a pre plucked hairline as well as bleach knots, and it is a medium sized cap. Now it links all these are firming all this information down below. For you guys, because you guys asked me often what size is this etc, etc, etc, but it will be listed down below now. Let me show you up at the wig looks like I haven't done a curly wig that it hasn't been styled up in a while. All my other curly wigs have been styles and like an up style, so I wanted to do this wig just to keep it simple and show you guys how I would saw my curly wig now this one is a good density, 180 %. It'S pretty good. The curl pattern on this unit is really pretty guys. The curls are really really light and soft. Now it does come with your standard cap, it's about four inches of parting space at the top and about two inches in the back. When I did 360 units, I really kind of feel like it's kind of pointless sometimes but for curly ones. It might not be that pointless because for this one you're able to put in the high bun high ponytail, which I usually do for record units anyways, but for the purposes of this video it'll be down now it does come with two combs on the side. Right here, as well as well as one of the base here, which I never use, this one is way too far down for me to use anyways and there's also comb in the back when adjustable strap. Now, I'm not going to add an elastic band on this one, I'm going to just tighten up the straps and then see if it fits or not it's a pretty nice size, capsule shift in my head. I do have a smaller head size. So if you have a larger head, this is definitely going to fit you precisely now, I'm going to cut the lace off, I'm not that I think I'm going to go just a few baby hairs down I'll, probably do a side part and try to find a Way to make it look dumb, so if you guys are interested in with this, you know like today guys I would like you to stay to you to keep on now. You you not alright guys. So this is what the unit looks like. So, basically, for this unit I just decided to trim the ends a little bit now. That here is about a 20-inch, but for some reason it came out a little bit of lacking at the end. So I decided to go into this trim the end and I decided to do it kind of like a one-sided look just because it I have this like little tan going on now, and I just thought it would look so cute, like an island hairstyle so like, If you want on vacation, whatever etcetera, etc, I think that this wig is really pretty for that. It'S like a nice curl pattern and the way they did the front like that they pre tweeze the front part the hairline and then they kind of bleached it as well. It just makes it look so nice and realistic. You cannot tell me that this does not look like my real hair; it definitely does so. I just think it looks really nice like this. You can wear it like the regular way wearing a like this, but I kind of feel like with the density of this wig it. The density is 180 percent, but it's not it's not a really good percentage density for the curl pattern. If the curls are a little bit tighter and had like women, you wet it high like they still have like it's bounce to it. I would feel differently about it, but it doesn't have that the belts that I thought it was going to have once I wet it, but I feel like once you ear. Let it air dry, not tousle and turn in it and play around. I feel like it will give you that potentially amazing curl, but you know me, I was testing the waters at this one else trying to play around, but I do think that this looks really realistic. It looks really nice and the hair is very soft, guys not dry at all or kind of like a mask. This is like really nice. I don't get any tangling and any shedding or any of that kind of stuff. So that's the a-plus-plus for this one and with a hairline like this, you can't you can't go wrong like this looks really good guys so yeah. So that's what I decided to do with this one I'll hope you guys enjoyed this video, do not forget to thumbs up this video leave your comments down below also hit that subscribe button and share this video with your friends and family, and I will catch you Guys in the later video bye guys

Kendra: You have "THEE" BEST content on your channel... I love how consistent you are with your videos! This wig is a MUST have for me! You look beautiful!

Nadia: Ahh I'm so glad you made a video for this wig! I watched Desiree Victoria's video on it and realized she was the only one I couldn't find one that had this one, got so excited when I saw this video of you receiving it Thanks girl

Vann D.: You are consistently on point with your wigs and they always look like your hair, especially the darker colors. I may have to cop this one. Keep up the good work!

Chaassity Christiaan: I literally had to subscribe to your channel because I love your energy and I love how detailed you are in your videos. Also how long did it take for you to receive your unit?

Valerie Coleman: Hi Dominique! Love this hair you wearing. Beautiful curls and good texture.

🌤Yourfairweatherfriend🏂: It looks wonderful! Keep up the good work!

CC51 Cemonuk: Hey Dominique I just love your looks. This one I especially ❤️ so I went and ordered it. Hope it looks as good on me. Thanks for sharing with us.

DimplesDeep1: How does this video only have 688 likes??? Ya'll viewers need to get it together! Share, tell a friend ! DOM is the BOMB!

Jasmine Ferguson: Wow that is crazy your wigs look so realistic and it never moves loike your wig game is on point and your curls are always on point ❤!... it sick how all your wigs are A1 for real... I am gonna by this wig it so pretty and so are you. between you Dom and vanity insanity my pockets are going broke on the luscious hair you share $$$ but it totally worth it .... Your a hair guru keep the fab hair coming I love it ❤

zina Higgins: You slayed another go girl

Kersha Beaver: Okay now o really want to try a 360 wig. These curls are everything

Dominique Hutt: How long did it take for you to get the wig? I recently ordered one and i am curious

ILLY MUSE: Dom! Yo why did we both have the same initial reaction when you put it on your head?!?! I was like "ooooh!!!" Like a little school girl beautiful as always!

Ciera Desirea: Girl you are so gorgeous! That hair is so beautiful love #wigwednesday


Sheila Smallwood: What side did you get your part on? Did you get a lace closure with your wig? I Love your channel and this will be my first time ordering a wig offline.

Shelly SC: Look forward to slay wig Wednesday!

Dionne Meddings: Thanks for sharing doll!!!

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The Elle Word: It's cute but damn they charge for EVERYTHING on the site as far as specs are concerned went from $127 to almost $200 gotta find one for this college kid #budgetlife

Genesis: This looks so bomb omg I might have to cop

It's My Life Daralynn: So pretty!

Deidre Johnson: Love this wig. No discount or percentage off codes?

L Ware02: Gorgeous! !

Areal Hughes: What is the wig that you were wearing in the beginning? And would dream swiss lace be better than swiss lace? BTW you're GORGEOUS as always!

TheCarnivoreSoprano: Love this unit.

Delania C: Love your videos you make it look so easy!!!! Are you able to zoom in to where you could see the lace on your next video possibly, Thanks have a blessed day

Sophia Tim: This hair is beautiful.

Anita Washington: It's cute n so r u Dominique!! You make it seem so easy!! It does look like your real thick hair!! Thanks for sharing those tips and your technique!! Glad I found your channel n out of a whim!! Magical!!♥️

BeautybyB !: Morning everyone! Notification squad ! Love this unit and the one u had on in the intro!

Dorcy Castillo: Did you order it with a side part or free part?

Kiara Henry: girl, you sold me. I have to buy this hair

Zee Lovee: Can you do a video on cheap lace front wigs for time buyers like myself ?

Beautiiful Rose: Is their any wigs that u don't like or don't recommend??? You look great by the way. However, all the videos I've seen you seen to like them all. Also, can u do some follow up videos on these wigs. They all are cute at first but after you wash it a few times curly wigs get dry and matted. I don't wanna have to carry around a water bottle around every where. Thanks!

Sharon Pate-Martin: I recently purchased this unit. I really brand new with human hair. I have a small head as well. I'd like to know how do you get the lace around the ears so perfect? Do you have an install video ?

Kellionta' Mason: This looks so bomb on you

Jackie Bang: Gorgeous

Dominique Burns: How was the shipping process ?! I just ordered my unit !

Summer24: Do you put glue on ur edges to keep it on. It looks awesome, and ur very pretty

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Elaine Fitzpatrick: Loop zoop, so sorry I have no merchants that I can refer you too. I’m like you, most of the companies have bad reviews, especially from China. I would advise you to check the blogs of ladies you follow and ask if they can refer you to merchants they have BOUGHT wigs from, and were satisfied with the units. I would not trust their opinion of units sent to them for review.

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john h johnx: this company is horrible. i have requested for a refund and they ignored me and refuse to send my wig. Lwig, i need my wig sent.

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