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Hey loves looking back, so this is going to be a different kind of head review, so I'm gon na start off well. First of all, I just corded. This make up look, trim, passion, jones's, highlighters, juglone, Easter highlighter and hard glowy stuff setting spray, and she mother effin, did that. Okay, so I recorded this book, it's an everyday look. I probably already recorded a similar look: no eyeliner, no eyeshadow, so we're gon na get into some hair and I'm going to go grab the packaging that the hair came in real, quick and I'm gon na go get that for you guys. So you guys can see that so this is tiaras royalty, bundles, I'm gon na. Do it a little differently now I'm going to actually want curl the wig, because it's a body wave, but I don't really to a body wave like that, but um yeah. It just came in like uh, you know, and the envelope I use these for, like my closet, shows and stuff um Priority Mail, the USPS I'm gon na plug in my Walker, I'm just gon na put like a few loose curls in it cuz I just I Don'T know I don't know so. This um Juan Carla is actually from it's by ivation, but I got it from eBay. It comes with three different barrels that you can include. It came with the glove, the heat, glove and stuff, like that. I'M just gon na put it up to 400 and yeah. This is the medium sized barrel. So inside the package, I got this pink slip and it says thank you for hello, my princess, thank you for purchasing tiaras royalty, bundles. This package includes bundles eyelashes and a paddle brush. I'M here are some hair care instruction, so she gives you instructions and stuff like that, um about washing and tying it down so pillowcases and stuff like that and then her Instagram and her email and stuff like that in case, you need to contact her. So you know um henna says thank you for purchasing and stuff like that. So I really like this little. It gives it a nice personal touch and I feel like a lot of bigger brands and stuff. You know they get so big and they just don't do that like when you order from like Aliexpress and stuff, like that, it's just here's, your bundles mm-hm, so also there's like cute little pink wrapping paper. It gives you the hair specs. So what I have is a Brazilian body wave. I have 16 18 and 20 inches with the 14 inch closure retails at 175 dollars, not bad for three bundles in a closure. So then it has a little note and it was so cute, so he says there doc wan na take her hand right now, so cute look really cute. Thank you so so much for knowing this hair of you. For me, this is very much appreciated. Love! You Elaine, so that's that right there, okay, I'd, say her name right, I'm not the best names, but it's spelt Elaine also. They came with a detangling comb, and this is so cute because it's a bike similar to the stuff that I include as well in these hold up quite frank - did not wear these today like these are cute, and this of quality is not. I cannot. I cannot. Yes to entrepreneurs, yes to the entrepreneurs job, I'm so here for black business, I'm so here for small business, I'm so yeah entrepreneurship. So those are the last years like they're, really really cute and oh, this is a little case and those are the actual actually put them back in the case like those are cutely, I should award you today now I'm mad, but I can always wear them. Gon na sit them right here on my makeup desk. So let's go ahead and put the unit on my hair looks crazy in here y'all. I haven't washed my hair in so long, but I'm doing a perm rod or a flexi rod set tonight not really sure which one after I wash my hair and blow it out, I'm going to get into this hair. I'M sorry my nose itches and I hate touching it with freakin nails, well, white nails like that. I just have some twist and some big old twist cuz, I'm really lazy, my natural hair, so the hair I already wore. I wear it out in the rain and it survived like it was late trying to get the closer to lay a sweat as possible. So so you guys can get the actual texture. Like I said about cutting around with this, so you probably had a bit more wave to it. This is like a natural body wave move my camp to shea butter Darvill shield. He protect I'm just gon na spray, it all over her. So now I have all the curls, and I'm telling you like these bundles - are everything right girl, I'm trying to remember. I think I did use all three bundles and I'm rarely dude that were hot glue method, but I made it work with this and it's not too bulky it's not too big, like it's really nice, this Harris, you're, really nice, look at the nice shine to it. I didn't do any or you seen anything like that. Just uh heat protectant, like it's really pretty. So let me turn this over here so yeah. No, I don't like back big curls, so I'm gon na you know finger comb it a little bit, but this is really pretty and I'm about to do some Christmas outfits, like just pictures - and this is gon na - be really cute - well holiday, not just Christmas. So my overall thoughts is like this is some really really good hair, like really nice, really pretty? Oh, my gosh get a look at that and that closure sitting pretty too did that. She definitely did that so um, oh, my god, yeah! I'M really happy with this airlie. Yes, these are gon na, be perfect for my pictures. Okay, so, like I said this was the Brazilian body wavy. I saw that I did wan na curl. It cuz. I really don't really care of my own body, wave and stuff. Like that, but all it took was a few little curls and it definitely came to light for me, this is some really like really nice hair the ends, weren't messed up or anything like that. I see any split ends or you know anything. It didn't have a smell to it, so it wasn't like primed or anything like that. You know you putting chemicals in the hair and then he'll say: oh, not not Tiaras, where it's he bundles, but I'm just saying like in general, some hair company has to put chemicals in her hair and then it's a OS version. You know nothing, you know its version, but this honestly does with like some really good quality virgin hair and I'm just looking in a mirror like girl. Yes, um, that's his hair. I really love this nice body. Nice bow like get into it, get into it, like. Okay, but um yeah. I absolutely give this company in a the whole package in the whole personal touch and everything like that was just beautiful. I definitely live for things like that because, as a business owner it does like you know. It just gives you that little extra oomph that you meet with a company and it's just like you're, you don't just feel like a customer or consumer like you feel you know, I guess one it kind of when you get little touches like that. You know you feel appreciated and like and that's I have some really good hair to back up. You know the whole packaging situation and all that is a it's a plus. You know because you can have a sparkling package and some trash as product. So I'm really happy with this hair and how it turned out. I know what a bomb-ass braid pattern. It will definitely sit flatter up here, but other than that, like it was really cute. This is it oh, I didn't have any tangling any shut in and stuff like that, like unless I mention it, you can already just assume that if I didn't have tangle in, I don't always have to see it, but if I did have tangling, you will hear Me say it so yeah I didn't have that problem didn't shed. I use about. If I didn't use all three bundles, I definitely use two and a half. I layered it normally 14 inch closure at the top, then a 16 to an inch bundle and it came out really pretty late. This is um something to be excited about and I haven't come across something I actually haven't did a side part a long time too. So I'm kind of feeling that so yes come through see our majority bundles, so I'm gon na leave all the information down below the links to the website. Her Instagram well their Instagram. If it's an individual or a team, so I'm gon na leave all the information you might need. Of course, the links to this hair and the four hundred and seventy-five dollars like this isn't bad at all. Honestly, truly, I think I might use her as a vendor like when I order the hair for a customer, client, customer clients, client customs um. I will consider it definitely ordering from tiaras or two bundles cuz. This is this is a good deal. One hundred and seventy five four three buttons in a closure, so I'm definitely going to start. You know ordering from her and I have to definitely make a mental note and a actual note, because I will forget, but definitely if somebody wants a body wave unit, I will definitely order from tiaras royalty, bundles and I'll have to see what other textures. I couldn't think about worried about what other textures of hair she has to offer cuz. I can also incorporate that into my other unit, so thank you guys. So much for joining this company gets an A+ like this is some beautiful, ass hair? Definitely definitely like. I just feel so pretty y'all, I'm so pretty. Okay, I'm Dave

EMILYN: This hair is soooo good ya’ll!!! You guys NEEEEED it in your lives had It for months and it still looks so good, I was surprised there was no reviews on it.. glad to see it finally getting recognition ...

Shaunda Poole: Love ya Quana anyone who supports small businesses and black business. You are the bomb girl. Happy new year.

Ashley M.: Very inexpensive hair and extremely pretty! Hope you can do an update on it

Queen Diane: This makeup is everything

Lanie B.: Thank you sooo sooo much ❤️❤️❤️ and yes you did say my name right

Tre Fires: Happy New Years, Thank you for all your work.

Shaunda Poole: Im loving the nails and everything.

Jacqueline Hubert: Very very pretty, and so is your makeup!!! Yeeessss

Raya: Gorgeous!!! where did you get that pretty robe!! I need it lol

Lolo: I love all ur videos nd i look forward to ur 2018 video's. Also r u going to give us ur New Years look?

Xerese Dortch:

magdalene burnett: Hey❤ just love you

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