20 Inch 13X4 Lace Wig Ft Rose Hair

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Hey sis welcome or welcome back to my channel, my name is lachelle trans and in today's video i'm coming to you with another wig review on this unit. You see me wearing right here. This unit was sent to me from rose hair. I will have them and this unit linked in the description box below if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to give me a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already so, let's go ahead and jump right into the video okay, Y'All so again, this unit was sent to me from rose hair and when their package came, it came in this cute package right here, like y'all. Look at this packaging. This packaging is really nice, so inside of here we have a bag and inside of this bag we have a um edge brush. We have some lashes, we have a little pin hairpin. I don't know what this is. Oh girl, this is so cute. The little razor blade to cut um the wig girl i needed these and some tweezers. I slick needed these okay. So that's what's in the bag, everything to like you know, help you do this unit as well as a rat tooth comb y'all. This is all the stuff that i needed, but anyways and a wig cap, and it also comes with like a little, i want to say it's kind of like a book stock card whatever, and it just shows you um everything that they sell. So now you guys, that is what came inside of the box next to the unit that i have right here. So i already uh bleached the knots and whatnot as to why it's out and i plucked the unit as well so yeah you guys this is their 13 by four 20 inch straight brazilian wave unit. So yeah you guys, it looks really nice right off the back. Y'All, this lace is really really soft. Like i really like that, this lace is really soft, so this is what we're looking like and by the way it came. Pre-Plucked, i didn't have to do much plucking at all, um, so yeah and i wasn't going for a drastic look anyhow, so yeah. This is what we're looking like. This is what the inside is looking like as well. It does have a comb on either side a comb in the middle and a comb at the bottom, as well as adjustable straps right, yeah, okay, right, yeah, okay, yeah, it does have the little straps at the bottom to where you can adjust it to tighten it Or whatever girl i had to make sure but yeah you guys. This is the unit and so far again y'all. It looks really nice. The ends are looking nice and healthy. The hair is feeling very silky and smooth and yeah no tangling. So yeah you guys we're going to go ahead and put her on so today i'll be starting off by plucking the unit. The unit doesn't need that much plucking because it already came pre-plucked. I just want to do a little bit more plucking, nothing, dramatic and yeah. So i'm just using my hot comb to flatten the hair and just to be able to see it better and then i'm going to start plugging i'm going to really speed through this part very quickly and only show just a little bit of it. Because i think we all kind of know how to pluck but yeah so yeah, i slick forgot to put my powder on my wig before i put it on, as you guys can see, i literally just threw this wig on so yeah put some powder on before You do this part i mean you don't have to, but it will look a whole lot better. If you do so yeah you guys back to normal, i'm going to be using my got to be glue, free spray to hold down my wig and then i'm going to get use my blow dryer to seal in the spray. So now i'm going to go in with the powder i should have used in the beginning and i'm gon na go in now and just go all along the hairline, adding the powder um to the lace and then, after i add the powder to the lace. I'M then gon na go in with my got to be glue, free spray and i'm to use that and spray that all along the hairline, and this just gives it a better melt. So yeah you guys so now you guys i'm just playing around with the wig and showing you guys the parting space, so so i'll be styling this unit with a middle part, and after i complete the part, i'm then going to use my hot comb to flatten Out the part in the hair, and then i'm going to use it as well to style the front of my hair so for my baby hair, i'm just first using my rat tooth comb to pull out the hair that i want to be used. As my baby hair, then i'm going to take my hot comb and kind of just flatten that hair out so that it can lay down and then after i do, that, i'm going to cut and trim and use my latter body mousse to slip back. My baby hairs now i'm just kind of re-flattening the front of my hair, because i want it to be as slick and sleek as possible and then after i get it to my liking, i'm then going to start flat ironing my hair. Now i'm going back in with that same powder and i'm just adding that to the lace where you can see like the difference of color. So yeah you guys, okay, sis, so here is what we are looking like and y'all. When i say this hair is so pretty like, i know i say that all the time - and i really truly mean it but y'all this hair is so pretty as you guys can see so yeah. Let me go ahead and turn around, so you guys can see the back and we can get into it. So that was the back you guys so getting into the details of this hair, um. Okay, so get into the details of this hair. You guys, first and foremost, this is a big hair friendly unit it fit on my head perfectly and you guys already know your girl has a big head. Second, the texture of this hair y'all. When i say this, hair is so slick and smooth now mind you off camera. I did put some oil sheen on this hair. I just sprayed some oil sheen in my hands and rubbed it throughout the hair. Just to give it like a slick, look and to tame some of the flyaways and y'all. When i say the hair was already like silky straight and smooth, and you can run your fingers through it. But when i say i, when i sprayed that oil sheet on it like made it to a whole nother level like this hair is silky, it's smooth. You can run your fingers through it like it. Just gave it like a real sleek look, but i mean besides the oil sheen, it already had a nice look and feel to it anyway, but y'all this hair is very silky. Sleek smooth, you can run your fingers through it again. Like i said, the ends of the hair is good and it actually looks like this hair is longer than 20 inches. I don't know if it's because it's a straight hair unit that i feel like it's a longer length but y'all when i say this hair feels like it's maybe 24 inches like it really feels like 24 inches, so i'm not mad at it at all um as Well, i think the lace of this unit melted very nicely. As i said in the beginning, the lace was very soft and i don't know what it is about soft lace, but i think it just melts perfectly as you guys can see, it looks really nice and natural. Again. I forgot to put my powder on before. I put it on my head and it probably would have melted even um nicer, if i would have did that in the beginning, but i didn't so yeah, i think. For the most part, it looks very nice for me missing one of the steps and yeah you guys. Overall, i really like this hair um. I will have it linked in the description box below if you guys want to get your hands on it and yeah. You guys don't forget to like comment, share and subscribe to my channel, and i will see you guys in my next video bye.

Nizzy Mac: Okay that hairline looks so natural I love how natural this whole unit looks

Alexus Brooks: does the powder have the same effect as tint spray?

carolina ribeiro: How tall are u

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