A Therapeutic Wig Install - Glueless Side Part Body Wave Wig Install Ft Julia Hair

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Hello, everyone what's good, what's poppin, it's your girl, caroline and y'all, who i'm tired, like oh, my god, i just need a moment to just you know, just breathe, who saw and that's exactly what this video is going to be. I'M going to be installing this wig from julia hair company. It is a 5x5 hd lace, closure, 24, inches, 180 density and, of course, all the specs and details and the links will be description box if you're interested in buying this unit. But for me you know installing wigs or just doing my hair is a form of creativity, helps me relax and even though it is my job which sometimes can get annoying, because turning your passion into a career, that's a whole different, like you know, topic is itself. Can kind of take away the joy of what your passion is so sometimes i like to just do whatever i want just focus on just you know creating something. So i thought this could be a great chill little therapeutic video for me and also for you guys. So um just take a moment, be present pause, shut off your brain, like i am i'll, install this wig and just vibe with me. I hope you guys enjoy this video, but let's get right into it. Hello is, is one hmm, oh my god, i'm oh, oh uh is me all you. Oh foreign is, oh me, oh, my god i am is, and here we are with the final look and honestly i was so happy with this install i usually have to fight with my wigs, but this install was very straightforward. The hair was cooperating with me literally, it was easy, i think that's kind of shut my mind off, so i hope you guys enjoyed this video enjoyed. This look because i sure did it helped me a little bit more relaxed just take a moment. You know just turn off my brain, but um. Thank you guys. So much for watching hope. You hope to see you in another. One make sure you like comment and subscribe, and peace out girl scouts goodbye,

Latia: I just wanted to say your videos helped me lay a wig good for the first time and I’m so grateful thanks girl

KAYLa BESLaYinG: It was very therapeutic for me too ✨! To watch you just slay this wig always coming threw with the banging installs !! Love love when u do closure installs !!

ASTERIA HAIR: Loving it. You make everything effortless

ItsAzzan: You’ve definitely convinced me to try a 5x5 closure

Tierra Ra’nae: I love this install! what kind of wand did you use?

ThatsSoLea: Loved this!!!

Katelyn M.: Giiirl, you NEVER MISS!!

apexlilo: YOU and Mani Jean have the best installs.

Berribleuz: The hair is beautiful but YOUR SKIN THOUGH!!!

Its Rey: ❤️❤️

Jewel Camille: Where do you get your bonnets from?

Катерина Воронина: The legend of REIKOO.Uno snowquen's is my idol. Hes the person I aspirex to be, hes my light of day ..QQQQ

all about ju: how’d you not burn your hands on the curling iron ?

Killa_ Kam: So did it come pre picked or u did it? I’m literally about to buy now

km channell: face tutorial?

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