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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name is Ashley B dick. Thank you for tuning in. If you are new, if you are an OG, thank you for coming back and rocking with girl. I definitely appreciate you here today. I am teaming up with mega. Look. They sent over this beautiful highlight Bob wig. I love a good Balayage. I love a good Dark Root. I love the highlights. I think that, with this new Foundation that I've been using and I'm going to be doing a makeup - a detailed makeup tutorial for you guys soon to give you all the tea. But I love how sun kissed my skin is looking even in the winter time, and I think the blonde in this one definitely like bounces off the skin. I know I'm just being dramatic and extra, but I definitely love the way this one looked and how it came out now I did opt for baby hair. I did this without any light. Curling iron, you guys know how we do the the pencil um, the pencil mini little curling, iron, um or flat iron. I didn't use that at all and I think it came out absolutely beautiful. I use foundation for a lace, tint and then also it's just kiss. So I'm gon na go ahead and jump into the tutorial, be warned I'm starting in a bald cap, so I might look crazy, but without further Ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. Okay, ladies, let's jump right into it. This is the wig straight out of the box. I like to show you guys a visual of the inside construction at the cap, so you'll have a visual of how you can part your wig. This one also includes an elastic band. I like to put that on First and that kind of just like pushes down the braids in the back, so they can be a little bit more flat, and this is what the wig looks like on she's absolutely gorgeous. This is a 13x6 Balayage highlight lace, front wig in the texture, deep curly and it is 12 inches in length. I'M going to jump right into the install process and I'm going to do any customizations. I choose as we go ahead and bond her down and you know style her, so I'm not going to do the customizations beforehand, but you definitely can. This is what she looks like as a center part. Now on the um website. It was set as like a side part, so that's what we're going to do today, and this is a look at the hair from the back. The Balayage highlights are absolutely beautiful and they pair well with the curls. I love the fact that the curls in this one look like natural, curls and not like manufactured curls. If that makes any sense, so we're going to go ahead and bond her down, and I am using that ebin that I love so much in the color red you'll see in my next video. I absolutely ran out so right now I have no adhesive. I couldn't Bond a wig dot if I wanted to which is SOS in distress. Someone save me um. I do blow dry on a cool setting. If you don't want to use a blow dryer, you can use like a hand fan, and this is that quick pick of what the wig looks like on the sales page, which is the inspo of how I styled the wig. Today, none of the wig is bonded down, I'm just kind of like pulling the hair forward. You guys know that um adhesive sometimes will make the front of the hair kind of stiff. So I'm kind of just like combing out all that extra product that got into the hair as I pull the hairline forward now, I did not want it to be too full in the front, so I did go for baby air like from like eyebrow to eyebrow. I didn't do any sideburns at all, but you're gon na see how beautiful it's gon na look and right now it looks pretty full but we're gon na finesse it and you're gon na see how just easy it is to customize as you go, because sometimes when You like tweeze out the hairline before you Bond it down. You really don't have any clue if you are over plucking or not until like later on, so I'm gon na do the plucking like while the wig is already installed and styled that way. I know exactly what needs to come out here. I'M doing the dynamic duo, I'm just pairing the wax with the electric hot comb both are from my website, and now that we've done that you see I'm just going in and tweezing out the hairline opening it up so that it looks a lot more natural And thin in the front, now that I have it, how I like it, this is absolutely gorgeous. I was impressed. I love love, love this color against my complexion and I just wanted to comb it out. Sometimes I like to comb my curls out and just see how it looks like full and big and natural. In this case it looks gorgeous, but let's go ahead and continue to work on the lace. I went for a side part, but I did kind of curve. It somewhat and then I continued that dynamic duo along that area. This is going to make sure that the lace looks super flat and kind of give the growing out of the scalp Vibe a little bit more. I do tons of heat passes. You don't have to. If you don't want to - or you can use like water or mousse, which will flatten this area as well opposed to putting like heat, if that makes any sense - and here I am just um tweezing out that Sideburn, because again I'm customizing as I go today. So I'm just like seeing what it looks like and just removing, and even tomorrow and the next day after I'll continue to tweeze it out until I get it to how I like it. So now we're going to go in with liquid products along the lace. The lace is pretty much lighter than my complexion, so I was deciding. If I wanted to go, Maybelline or Fenty see the Fenty is a concealer and the Maybelline is a foundation. So I figured I'd go with the concealers because it is a thicker, um consistency. You know it'll conceal a little bit more um and then I went ahead with the Maybelline foundation along the hairline and I liked the way it came out. But of course, if you don't love it, you continue to customize until you have it exactly how you want it, and so I ended up going in with a darker foundation, and this is the Ruby kisses on top, and I think I got The Perfect Blend to Match my complexion and I set it with the uh Shapers just like you would set your makeup to make it all look like skin, okay and, ladies so pit stop. I wanted to show you guys what it looked like when you just comb it out now. I don't know what I want to do and it's kind of like I feel like I just want to stay here. I love the natural look of it. I mean I do curly hair deep, wave texture all of the textures all of the time. So part of me just literally wants to leave you like more of a in more of like a fluffy State as such, but I know you guys want to see it curled up, so I'm just showing guys how pretty it is like this. I'M not sure if I should go with my mousse or my curl cream. I don't want to get it super wet. I just want to again show you guys the definition in the curls. Let'S just see what happens. Okay now, let's wet the hair down. As I said, I wanted it to be super big, but you know I just wanted to give you guys options and dimension. This is a curly wig, so I really wanted you to see the curls more than anything in the actual tutorial and, of course, the Nairobi mousse paired with the denim brush is my favorite combo, and I just kind of like do this tandem. Add a little water. Add a little mousse brush it. If I don't like it add a little bit of more to this, a little bit more to that. Until I get the look that I like, of course, the pieces that are bleached are going to need a little bit more um product than the pieces that are like virgin or natural, and that's just with your hair, my hair, wig hair. Any hair is going to have a different effect or take product and water differently if it is chemically processed, but I will say that the way this one was bleached, the hair still had the curl and everything it needed, so it wasn't damaged, which is a great Thing - and I didn't want it to be like wet wet, so I kind of like blow dried it a little bit and then this was the look okay babies. So we are somewhat done with this look. I do want to let the hair dry up a little bit more now. I do prefer the hair like extra, big and natural, even with this beautiful color. I think it looks beautiful, um, nice and just big and just like blown out um, but I did want to show you the definition of the curl, especially because the hair is um highlight or you know, dyed blonde. I wanted to make sure I showed you guys that the texture of the hair and the Integrity of the curl is absolutely there now. I did just go in and do a thing and kind of just um, almost like diffuse it. The blow dryers from This blush already does come with a diffuser attachment. It'S I'm staring at the basket that it's in, but I know it's at the bottom of the baskets, I'm not even gon na try, but I just wanted to kind of dry it up because again, I do more. So want the dry texture with this one and not the wet, but I wanted to kind of like wet it and Define it first. If that makes any sense - and I do love the way that that came out, so I do think it's a little bit pale. So that's kind of just like warm it up and add some more Brown to it. I think that definitely looks better, so this one did come from Mega. Look and you guys know, I've been loving their units lately um, and this is the packaging. It did come with this nice dust bag and they did also include the goodies for us. So with this one we got this cute little Pearl clip. Then this here is a elastic band and it does say mega, look on it or not elastic band, but you know a melt belt. This here is an edge brush and then here is a pair of lashes as well as a tan pack of wig caps, which I definitely will rock and I would just add, a little bit of my foundation on top to make the match. I love how this one looks on my complexion. I am going to be doing a um makeup tutorial for you guys, because I've been loving my makeup lately it has a little bit more of a glow and I like it, it Blends on my complexion really good. It'S not too bright, I don't know, I love it, but anyways I'm gon na. Let you guys go be sure to check out Mega look. Isn'T that good direct link to this one is in the description box. Thank you guys. So much for watching and tuning in and sticking around this long in the video go ahead and give me a thumbs up so that I know you lasted this long and as always I'll see you in the next one smooches

Jasmine W: Very cute for spring/summer

Jackie Randolph: Hey Ashley I am feeling this wig the color is lovely and it's beautiful on you still love baby hair.

Asmaa vlog 아스마 브이로그: When I get a notification that you have uploaded a video, my happy time begins ❣️♥️

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