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Today I am going to show you how to do a bleach bath on a wig from home. You will learn how to die your wig to get a beautiful copper auburn color hair all from the comfort of your home. All the products that you need are listed in this video along with a step by step hair tutorial on how to do the water bleaching method.

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Adore Haircolor Cajun Spice #056:

Adore Haircolor Orange Blaze #039:

Adore Haircolor Truly Red #060:


Vinyl Gloves:

Argon Oil Shampoo:

Coconut Milk Conditioner:

Salon Care 40 Volume Creme:

Got 2b glued: Freeze Spray:

Clairol Bw2 Lightener:

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This hair tutorial video is how to do bleach bath from home on your wig to get a beautiful copper auburn color




So guys this happens to be the unit. I hope you guys like it. The color came out beautiful just the way. I would love it. If you want to see this video continue watching. I hope you guys like this one. This is a color that I'm going to try to to execute for the fall of this year. I'M gon na wear my hair. It'S almost just a little bit of a change. I want to change this a little bit, so I will always be a blonde girl, but I just want to try to elevate my look just a little bit. If you want to see this look, you can continue watching the video hi good day. Guys. Welcome. Welcome back to my channel there we go another wig unit. I am going to do a number of different things with this unit. You guys know I weigh a lot of blondes, but I want to do something different. What I'm going to do is that I'm going to do a bath, I'm gon na do a bleach bath on this unit and then because I want to make this for the fall like a lovely, ombre, copper type - color. Yes, guys, I'm growing up inside the beauty supply. This is a beauty supply. I have to drive all the way on this side of town yesterday, but I don't mind so I need. Let me go look for my hair. Color is a bunch of watercolors, I'm looking for guys hope they have it. I think I'm gon na have to put you guys down, so I can focus on what I got ta focus on, or else I lose my weight trust me. Sometimes, when I have this camera in my hand, I lose my weight. I need to put you guys. I need color. I got my glasses on hi good day, guys welcome! Welcome back to my channel um as per usual. Don'T forget to go like comment and subscribe shoot up in the comment section for your girl me style Pollyanna. Today I took off my wig. I washed my hair just banded up a little bit. You know what I should do. I should do a video and show you guys how I ban my hair, sometimes when I'm home. So I already let me bring this down a little bit. I already got my makeup on and I got my jumpsuit on and I'm about to Showcase another hair that I got there. We go another wig unit yeah, so the saving you over this unit and I am going to do a number of different things with this unit. First of all, let me just say this: sometimes you get yours in a box. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes you get it in a bag alone. I don't know why they do what they do, but this is how I get I get it when I get it. So this is the unit that I'm going to be showcasing on today. Let'S open her up and see what I got inside there we go. So I got a wig cap, two wig caps. You guys know I don't use that. So that's a no! They give me eyelashes. Thank you so much, but I don't need that. Some of these things I tend to give away. They give me a tie in here. Maybe you curl the hair. I got also a bag with Clips in case. I wish to add more Clips to the unit no problem, and this is the unit that I will be showcasing on today. Yep, it is a how much is it 26 inches long? Yes, I'm excited about that. So, let's see what she looks like oh wow there. We go giraffe, the rapper fell out and then this is the front of it. Here we go to the back of it and take the net off 26 inches long. You guys know. I weigh a lot of blondes, but I want to do something different with this wig. You know for the very second time I think I changed the color of my hair, a while back so I'm gon na go ahead and take this out. This happens to be a a closure wig that's inside there. So as you can see, that's a closure there we go so I normally do a side part. So do I have to do a middle part with this one I don't know, but what I'm going to do is that I'm gon na do a bath. I'M gon na do a bleach bath on this unit because they already have some colors highlighted right here, but I want to lift a little bit more because I want to make this for the fall like a lovely, ombre, copper type color and I got some. I got so this is gon na be gorgeous, so I got some product here from my local beauty supply store and it is the adore. So I got some colors like the. What is this? The Cajun spice, the number 39, the number 56. All of the information is going to be down below if you're interested. I got a number 60 from the adore line. I got another 56, so what I'm going to do short and sweet now, if you wish, you can take it right out of the pack and you can wear it, so I don't just want to wear this, like that. I want to do something different in it and I want to take you guys along as well. Let me give you some stacks on the wig quickly and then I'll be on my Merry way. There are two front Clips here: the elastic band in the back. There is also a clip to the back. Normally I take these clips out just to make it comfortable to my head. The way in which I like it so I'm gon na do the bleach bath. I'M gon na show you guys a lot of the video probably be sped up, so you can enjoy that as well with some music in the background, lovely music that I put yes, I'm gon na lift it, and then I'm gon na do a little bit more Work and then I'll come back and I'll tell you guys what I'm doing or you can see it with this and these colors, the adore, I'm going for a very lovely, lovely, Amber type, copper, look for the fall! Hope you guys like this one as well. So, as per usual, go like comment and subscribe and then I'll come back here, put it on and show you what it looks like: okay, guys closure. I hope I have enough potting yeah hope I have enough potting to get my side part. You guys know. I love a side part, so these are all the things that you would need for a bleach bath. So let me go itemize it one by one. You need a wig, some peroxide. I have my clock gloves shampoo conditioner. I am using 40 volume cream. You use your got to be spray, I am using the lighting powder Express level nine, you need a mixing bowl I'll show you why you need a dumping bowl and then you need your foil to cover, let's just say by any chance. You cannot get this because you're not licensed, then you can use this this. You can buy it from by Sally's the b w two, but I'm using this. So I can lift with this control over this because I know how to do it. Okay, I know exactly what I'm doing, because I'm licensed in the field. This is what you would need to do a beach bath and you need some hot water, so this water - I I heat it up already, I'm just letting it cool a little bit, because I don't want it too. I don't want it too, hot okay and I'm going to start the process now. So I'm going to use like four scoops, I'm using Four Scoops, because it is a 26 inch unit and this is supposed to be equal parts, because I've been doing here for a long time. I know exactly how to Ballpark it so I'll start off there and why I'm using the smaller ball is to get most of the lumps out of the mixture. If you use it and you try to mix it in a bigger bowl, you will realize that these lumps will stay in. So if you use a bowl where it's a little bit more contained, you can get most of the lumps out and then you can transfer it to a larger Bowl. Remember to put the gloves on guys. It helps protect your hands, the gloves, because you don't want to get your skin or your pores. Your hands burned off. This here is some strong stuff. Okay, so I mix these two mixtures together, making sure that all of these little particles come out. All you got ta do is keep pressing it with your brush and it will keep coming up. Keep mixing, keep mixing, keep mixing hope you guys enjoyed this video as per usual. Go like comment. Subscribe shoot up in the comment section for your girls share me out. If you got some value, someone else will get some value as well going down below. If you guys like what style Polly is doing me, your girl, just let me know if you appreciate this one. Just let me know right around here is where I go in with my peroxide: you're mixing it and I use the peroxide, so I don't have to use too much of the warm water and the peroxide will also work as an agent to help create that bath. The bleach bath, I've seen a lot of people do it, but this is the way we have done it in the salon and it has worked time and time again keep mixing see how soft that comes out. So a lot of the lumps comes all the way out. Hope you guys like this one as well foreign at the bottom of the ball, so I can make sure I get all of the lumps out all of them. Okay right around here is where I will go and I'll remove my setup. Let me go ahead and spray here, with the got to be spread really good is what I do, and it has worked for me time and time again right there. I got that dry. Let that dry leave that to dry. So, while that is drying, I'm gon na go ahead with this bowl. I'M gon na go ahead and put this in here, my mixture, that's why I said two bowls, two plastic: bowls, never use metal bowls, never never ever use a metal bowl, and then in here I was going with my lukewarm water. Go ahead and mix that in now I'm gon na be mixing for a little bit, and some of this video is obviously going to be sped up right. I'M gon na go in now with the unit and I'm going to submerge all of the units, including the the wig cap, because I wanted to get a nice golden color so that it can take the colors that I'm trying to get this wig at. Let that go underneath like that as much as you can open it out, so that is soaking that up soaking everything of it up go ahead. This is what I like to do. This is what I normally do with all of my other units. For many of my clients, I've always had great success. All the informations is going to be on the screen as well as down below you see why I use Four Scoops look at all of that is in the here already, as you can see. All of it is in the here because I've been dying here for a long time. I know four cups will be enough. So what I'm going to do is just keep that right. There I'm going to go now and cover it with some foil and then I will be back in about 20-25 minutes beautiful eyes. I'M going to cover that and then I will be back 25 minutes 30 minutes on the clock, so the timer just went off. I'M just gon na put on a new glove, listen guys, and then we are going to lift it up and see what it looks like there. We go. That'S what you're looking for this whole thing feels so hot yeah, nice and swollen has gotten the color. All the way through listen, if you follow the steps that I'm showing you, you will get it time and time again the same like your girl, star, Pollyanna. I'Ve done this for many other of my clients, and I get it time and time again, every time when I have to do like those four looking colors now you can stop and leave this like this, but I want to deposit some color on this to get It to the Ombre color, so the bleach bad. If you like this one just go ahead like comment and subscribe, shoot up in the comment section for your girl me. It would greatly appreciate it if you wish to see that other video you can see it on this channel as well. So you guys I'm gon na put up some pictures of what the hair looks like. I just lost a few pieces: let's go ahead and move this out of the way and I'm going to go ahead and rinse this out, and this is what I got: listen love it love it love. It have done it for many many years, and always always it comes true, always comes true to me very, very beautiful, and I tell you beautiful, beautiful the colors when it dries. I'M not going to try this one, because I want this one wet to deposit the color, I'm going to do a water dye from the adore line, but this is what I wanted. I wanted to lift it to a certain degree time and time again. If you follow the steps that I show you, you will get the exact same look time and time and time again cannot go wrong guys. This is the color that I was going for. A lovely golden and, as you can see, the lace did not. The lace did not look at that just enough to give it that nice, tan Brown, like what I like, so I'm gon na, go ahead and use this to shampoo Moroccan Oil Shampoo. Yes, the Argan Oil, sorry, I'm gon na go ahead and use the Argan Oil shampoo, and I'm going to use the conditioner as well just rinsing that out a little bit foreign right to the root, see that right to the road. The only thing that that's the black thread that they use to sew the The Weave onto the cap, but everything was dyed right to the root. I'M telling you if you try what I'm showing you time and time again, you'll get it exactly exactly like this lovely lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely as long as you're, using some good quality here and again this year it dies, really lovely it lifts really nicely Plus. On top of that, when you go to use it, there's no tangling and stuff like that beautiful love it so now I'm not gon na put conditioner just yet, because I want to keep the follicles of the hair strand open. So I can receive the color that I'm going to do next, but if you like this, one go on down below like comment and subscribe, shoot up in the comment section for your girl. This is how you do the bleach bath if you're interested in doing it. Just like how I did it, this is exactly what you need to do follow along and you will receive a beautiful color once again as long as it is good quality. Here, that's the most important thing, good quality here you will not have a problem. Look at how lovely that looks beautiful and it's going to look a lot Lovelier once it's dry, but I'm not keeping it gold, I'm gon na dye it. This is the color that I wanted to achieve to utilize. What I wanted to do with my door colors! So there you see that beautiful now remember when water is in the hair, it looks dark. So let me give you a little trick as a stylist, so the darker, the hair, looks especially blonde when it's wet the lighter it is so. This is a very nice light unit right now, oh I did lose some here. This is what I lost or that much there you go. So if you want to see the other video I'll post that as well, I put up a link down below as well as a photo a thumbnail on the screen. That'S the thumbnail! You click on to enjoy me finishing up this week to the color that I would like to wear it for the fall yep. Thank you. So much once again follow your girl on Instagram, as well as Tick Tock at Star Pollyanna hope. You guys appreciate this one. As well, this is the bleach bath. This is how you do a bleach bath, especially like how the professionals would do it. This is how I did it in the shops, and I just brought it to YouTube for you guys to see stay blessed so guys. I hope you guys like this unit. This is the one that was sent to me. Um. All of the information is down below. I just put some curls and I just finished curling, my hair. I cut it out and then I glue it on a little bit and I um, as I told you, this is just a four and I put so much of Illusion of a pot. It'S not really a part. I don't really like definite part. I want that grown sexy, elegant type of a look, so it's kind of a pop, but it's not a pot but anyway, if you guys enjoyed this video and today, please thumbs it up. Tell me in the comment section what you what you think about it. If you think you would do it as well, if you like the color how it came on, I showed you guys everything. So all you got to do is just buy the products and do it and execute it make sure it's a good unit that you're working with and if you're interested in good wins. As I said, all of the links down below, yes, I find, and the hair holds up for a long period of time. Hope you guys like this. This is what I'm going to be wearing. Also, don't forget to follow me one once again on my handles is on the screen style Pollyanna as well as Dom below. I love how it came out guys I really really like, and I cut it and I put some layer in it. If you want to see me cutting and all that and I'm gon na put some links right around me, those videos you can watch show you how I adhere the unit to my head. Listen until we meet again next time. I hope you guys stay safe, stay, blessed, stay sweet, know that I love you and if you wish to follow me, you can also follow me on my Vlog channel on Polly's world day. I Vlog a lot when I go out to my daughter, my family, my girlfriends, my husband shopping, so you can follow me over there. If you want to see more of your girl anyway, I see you guys next time in another video stay safe, stay blessed. Remember I come here every Sunday between the hours of 8 AM and 8pm. If you see no video after 8 PM, it means there's no videos, but most three times I put a video up every Sunday take care guys bye, so priceless

Chabrelle Hicks: What's up beautiful Polly the wig and the color looks fire it looks nice on you amen❤❤❤❤❤❤

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