Blonde Wig Comparison | Vanilla Macchiato | Palm Springs Blonde | Butterbeer Blonde

WIGGIN WITH CHRISTI presents a blonde wig comparison featuring Estetica Avalon in Vanilla Macchiato, Jon Renau Zara in Palm Springs Blonde & Belle Tress Sumatra Butterbeer Blonde.

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Hi everyone welcome to wig studio one. My name is christy, i'm with regular christy. Today, i'm doing a color comparison for you between three blinds, so the one i'm wearing right now is avalon and the new color by stetica designs called vanilla macchiato. This is jon renau zara in palm springs blonde. This over here is belletress sumatra, wig in the color butter beer blonde. We are going to do a color comparison of all three of these wigs. So what i'm going to go ahead and do is do a spin of all three of these wigs outside and inside with the color description. One thing that i noticed right off the bat is the different routes. Now the belletress says that this is an eight root. Vanilla macchiato is an eight root. The jon renau palm springs blonde is actually an ashy brown root. It'S an 18.. Let'S go ahead and do spence and i'll have the color description for you as well on the side, then i will do a picture of all three. Next to each other, so one thing i noticed about the palm springs blonde is: it doesn't have like the ten as um the vanilla macchiato, so it doesn't have as much warmth to it uh. I think it's more cooler still on the cooler spectrum, because these colors aren't fs17 101, s18, so uh it has the ashy root and the ash blonde with the medium ash brown root. So it's not as actually golden root, it's more of an ash. If that makes sense, because that r8 is more warmer medium, so what i noticed here with the butterbeer blonde is like i said it has a medium root. They say it's an eight root. These highlights kind of blend in a little bit more uh, not as contrasting as the vanilla macchiato, but done very nicely. I think it's definitely not a hand painted because if it was a hand painted, it would be more sparse in between, and this has a 19 and a 23 in there. So what did you guys think about these colors? The one i'm currently wearing is butterbeer blonde by belletress. This is palm springs blonde by jon renau, and this is vanilla macchiato by estetica designs. I hope this video was educational for you to see the difference between these colors from these brands and which color do you think is your favorite um. I don't think you can have a favorite. I think it's just like hey, i, like them all um, but there's different pieces for different occasions, right, there's different colors for different occasions. Uh personally, i love the hand painted uh by estetica. I love my palm springs blonde, i'm a huge palm slings brawn fan, but i do like the root a little bit better with this. It'S a little bit more natural uh, also the butterbeer, because the eight that's more of my natural color, but i'm a huge palm springs blonde girl as well. So i love the dimension in each of these wigs, but definitely you can see where there's more warmth. I think in these two colors versus the palm springs blonde. Let us know in the comments down below also will be links to all these wigs and where you can get them with wig studio, one dot com, i'm wigging with christy i'm on instagram and on youtube. I'D love to have your support. If you want to go over to my channel and click subscribe, i'll link to my channel will be down below from all of us at wig studio one. We hope you have a great day and a blessed week bye. You

Marlene's Wig & Chat Studio: Loved this comparison, Christi! I only have VM and love it! Thank you so much for showing it next to the other two. Very helpful! xoxo Marlene

Crazywiglady: I love these types of videos, thank you for doing this! xoxo eileen

mari A.: I would love to see more videos like this one. Would it be possible to make videos showing the different blondes and brunette colors for RW, JR, Belle tress and Estetica? It's very difficult to choose colors when you're New to wigs. Thank you so much Christi for this one!

SweetnSassy: I like the Belletress Butterbeer Blonde the best. It is the one that doesn’t look so much like a wig.

Donna Dodd: Thanks... so hard to Understand colours when your looking at a thumbnail on screen. Brilliant comparison to explain the finer details.., think I’m a Palm Springs type of gal... I hate the roots being too dark, as it doesn’t suit my natural skin tones.

Wiggin' With Christi: Thanks everyone for the love and support. I will do more of these for you all.

Pamela: Christi I think you look the best in Palm Springs Blonde. However for an older person (like me LOL) a warmer color like Butterbeer Blonde looks better.

Sylvia Hoedeman: Don't like the estetica color, but love the jon renau and belle tress

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