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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it's a girl diamond jewel, and today I am going to be revealing this synthetic wig by the Janik collection. So the first thing is about this wing is that it doesn't have a hard lace on it. Then we'll synthetic we've come with, which is great, because I hate having to cut that off already winning in my book. It does come with two combs and the friend he does have adjustable straps in the back. The parting space looks really good. I'Ll. Just show you guys, I love this pattern is so pretty like this is so pretty and it looks so good like something that doesn't look like human hair. It'S crazy, so I'm gon na go ahead and try it on. So I can see what I need to do to customize this way so make it look super realistic. If I even need to do that, I'm pretty shy. Well, I do have my hair braid it to the back. I have about four braids going straight back. Nothing! Fancy no parts were nothing like if you actually saw them there. Yeah I put the new cap on just to give the part of more realistic. Look we'll see how that goes, because this part doesn't cap, isn't as nude as I would like it to be like this isn't new to me, but you always want to start at the back link. This is the back of the wig, and you want to put that on first, okay, I'm the color and I'm glad I da because it's it's kind of dark. It fits perfectly like straight out. I didn't, I didn't use the adjustable straps and I'm not gon na put the combs in. So it's really cute like straight out the packaging you got since he's apart. So the party space looks pretty good, like it gives you a lot of party space compared to a lot of synthetic wings. Whatever gave you like two inches of party information, the front like - and we all know - that's not enough, but this one has a lot of party space. So that's really good. I'M gon na go ahead and go in with my L'Oreal infallible Pro matte powder and I'm in the color classic tan 700 classic tan. So I'm going to just add a little bit of that to the party space. So this week does come in a middle part. Like as how is naturally style, but I like to wear my hair on this side, so I just moved it over to a side part, and I really like the way to look this way. That'S probably the way that I'm actually going to wear it once I wear out, but I am proud of myself for giving the middle part a try. So I need to take my electric hot comb and just to smooth out the top of the wig, because it was a little bit loopy. There'S the electric hot comb from my local beauty supply store, but you can use a flat iron as well just to smooth out the top of your wig. I did add a light mist of water to obtain the phrase I like the way. I really do it's really really cute. This is the cute style if you have like a photo shoot coming up or you got a quick style in mind that you want to do. Do you like well, this isn't the coloring to. It is really dark on me. Really dark so just keep that in mind like if you actually order a 1b place Becky like jet-black, because this is coming up pretty true color and there's number two is a jet black to me like this. Is this is pretty dark? It'S my swing right here. You don't wanna share this. I can't show you so I wouldn't recommend this way. Okay, so guys, I do highly recommend this wig, like I said, if you want to do like a photo shoot or a click style, it is not wig that you can have like forever, but it's really cute for what it is. It'S almost a pick it up. Just to have in your collection, so thank you guys so much for watching. If you made this at the end of this video. That means you like me, so you know what that means. You need to go ahead and subscribe down below, go ahead and hit the bill next to the subscribe button, so you're notified each time. I upload a video and I'll see you guys in the next video bye, guys.

Katie Church: Didn’t know anything about wigs! This was awesome! Loved it!!

Jamilah Michelle: I love this wavy look !! Imma definitely have to try it

Alhia Harris: Thank you. I have an event on Tuesday and I’m wear this wig. It looks pretty on you!

caleigh grace: I love how real it looks!

Being Treasured: That wig looks so good on you

Avanti Wingate: U did an amazing job

Tank&Shawty: This wig is beautiful

Avanti Wingate: This wig looks beautiful on u

Dominique Wooten: Looked like some bundles ! Super cute ahhhh

Being Treasured: Seeing all these wig videos makes me want one

caleigh grace: Super cute!!!

Mia_Boutique 827: I just ordered this wig a few days ago I hope it looks good and does it shed for you

Corayna J: Wig slayed sis

Faithful Ronnet: Ur so pretty girl. High five And I love wig too awwwww❣

D&R STAR GANG: Your so pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️

InsideLifeOf Tonia: you’re so pretty!!

Glitzy Genn: $20 what looks bomb girl

Inetris Rondo: Yes hunty that look goodt

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