2 Month Dookie Braids Routine!! Unprofessional Af Wedding Hairstylist Ruined My Natural Hair?!!

My type 4 natural hair wash day routine after leaving my cornrows/ protective style (for wigs) in for 2 months!





MY TYPE 4 NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY 2014-2017 // TWA to Bra Strap Length



aussie moist conditioner


tangle teezer


moisture boost shampoo


hair masque



INSTRUMENTALS (provided by my mannnn!!!)

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Location: Chicago

Birthday: September 2 (virgo)

Race: Nigerian + African American

Name: Isimeme (E-C-May-May) Edeko (E-Deck-Co)

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Literally, you cannot really see my scalp unless you lift up the braids. Lord, I'm just praying oh wow. I thought this was one brain break wow. What'S popping, what's Gucci, what's popping, what's Gucci, what's popping, what's Gucci Beauty as y'all know what majority of y'all know if you're new to this video, your girl just recently got married, no ring but better just get married. I'Ve just been in newlywed Bliss, just like coasting and vibing, with my husband, almost said: Beyonce, my husband and just enjoying life, but I'm back now and I felt like why not do a beauty game fade. Dookie, braid, routine y'all. I plan on doing a late night Vin session, I'm not sure if it's gon na come out before or after this video, but I hired a hair stylist for my whole wedding situation, quite the experience, but anyway the braids that uh were under my wigs time just Rip off the Band-Aid are looking like this. It'S been like two months. My hair is looking rough y'all I mean drier than dry. Drier is a hairdresser, I always say Sahara, Desert dry. This is drier than that. You can't see scalp, you can't see nothing. You can't see it nothing. The rat tool I have going on. It looks dry, just everything, dry, crusty and I'm over it. I also am a little bit over wigs. I want to give my just hairline a break and I really just miss my natural hair. So I gon na take y'all through this little process. Obviously, it's gon na be a little bit different too, because again somebody else touched. My hair did my hair. So the way she braided it is not usually the way I braid it and then, on top of that too, we had a little glue incident and it's still okay in my hair, again, though, stay tuned for the late night bin session because baby, I got a Story for y'all anyway, though I'm tired of looking crusty Dusty. I want to just look fine for my husband and I'm just not feeling that way. Whenever I take off a wig, which is usually every night, so it's time to get into wifey mode, I'm excited I'm missing my natural hair, so I'm looking forward to it just want to start getting more into hair content. Again. To be honest, I think I took a nice little Hiatus break from it, but I know a lot of you guys actually found being started following me, based off of my natural hair content took a break for a while. Y'All still was rocking with me and that's why I will always love and appreciate y'all, but now that I have been in the natural hair game for some years now. I feel like when I first started my YouTube Journey. It was a beginner's experience for myself, like I was going through the motions now that I have kind of gone through the motions learned about my natural hair, more learned about how to grow it, how to keep it healthy, et, cetera, et cetera. I think it might be time for some new natural hair content, some updated natural hair content, so yeah yeah. I can't keep looking at myself like this. I can't keep feeling this crust. It'S just, and you know what you know, what it does that literally, if I, if I come out, so I'm done it's kind of crazy too, like literally, you cannot really see my scalp unless you lift up the braids. Oh Lord, I'm just praying oh wow. I thought this was one braid wow yeah. I got a decent amount of New Growth. I just pray that my hair overall still looks pretty healthy, because the way old girl was moving with how she did my hair just pray. For me all fingers crossed pray. For me that my hair is still intact, still beautiful, still healthy, because Lord knows I'm not trying to have to recover from another setback like last year. We don't got no time for that anyway, without further ado, let's get into this dookie braid, routine Chalet. Now, first things: first y'all, oh geez know I like to thoroughly drench my hair, my protective style, my dookie braids, with warm to hot water. First, then, I go ahead and add my first product, which is a conditioner, the Aussie moist Three Minute, Miracle conditioner. I have been rocking with for years, I swear by it and, as you can see, I'm also very generous and heavy-handed when it comes to this product, because your girl's hair is borderline. Matted, okay, it's been two months so to avoid unnecessary tension and additional Tangles. During this takedown process, this step is a must in my routine, especially because again, I'm not the one who braided my hair. This way, that's why I can see I'm a little bit confused here. What sis did back there. Nevertheless, this stuff helps to replenish my hair with moisture, while offering amazing slips so taking down the braids, Isn't So strenuous and then, in addition to that, it really helps cater to the most fragile and, in my opinion, important part of the hair which is them edges. Unfortunately, edges are the weakest part of your hair, yet also so the biggest target for product build does so obviously it doesn't help when you have a hair stylist like mine, that decided to put glue on your edges not once but twice anyway. Moving on this is what my hair is looking like halfway taken down now before I start working on the other side, I like to lather some more conditioner on my edges, as you can see here being very generous, so they have some time to marinate and loosen Them Tangles a little bit more once I'm done taking down the other side of my hair, the edges have had enough time to marinate, and now the product buildup has loosened a little bit more. Therefore, the tangles and Knots are starting to come out way easier, but unfortunately, it's not without a cost, because you more than likely will still have a little bit of breakage regardless. The conditioner just helps to reduce how significant that amount will be. So if you've ever taken down a protective style dry before - and you were confused as to why you were losing so much hair or why your edges were thinning out so bad definitely try this routine of adding a little bit of water and moisture into your life And trust me, your hair will thank you, as you can see, with mine. It just took a little bit of TLC, but the product buildup is gone, it's tangle, free and my edges are still edging. Once I finish getting all those knots and tangles out my edges, then I like to finger detangle my section just a little bit as you can see here, trying to gather all the shedding and potential breakage that I got over the last two months. Here'S an example of some after my first breakthrough: again, don't be intimidated by the hair loss, because when you wear a protective style, your hair is locked away for, however long you decide to keep it in. In my case, it was two months, so this is two months of my hair being untouched unmanipulated, I'm going to see some shedding now, once I'm done raking through both sections of my hair. As you can see, my hair is looking pretty good. It definitely has flourished a little bit. The curls are still intact. It'S super full and from what I can see, the health is still intact. Let me do my little two-step celebratory dance and keep it pushing now. The next step in my dookie braid routine, is making sure that my hair is thoroughly detangled, so I am working now in smaller sections from into roots with my Tango, teaser brush and one I can thoroughly brush through that section. I go ahead and two strand twist. It away, I keep the same energy all over my hair, so that when I'm done it looks a little something like this might have a couple dozen two strand twists and a fully detangled Mane. So now it's time to go ahead and rinse the product out and I might as well make it a two for one and rinse off the face mask while I'm at it, because it's done its job now. The next step is shampooing. My hair, with my OG staple the Gold Series from Pantene moisture, boost shampoo. I love and adore this shampoo. It doesn't strip, re-tangle or dry out my hair and also gives me a really good lathering cleanse. So I am loyal to it because it is loyal to me once I'm done cleansing my hair. Of course, I go ahead and rinse it all out before, following up with the Deep treatment mask today. In particular, I am using the shea moisture intensive hydration hair mask because y'all saw how your girl's hair was looking at the beginning of this video. This is a necessary step, especially after two months of protective styling, but honestly, whether it was two months or two weeks giving your hair some TLC is important, especially them ins, because those are the driest and oldest parts of our hair and therefore also prone to breakage And weakness and split ends and all that so once I've generously applied the hair mask all over my hair. As you can see, I'm gon na go ahead and ponytail my hair away and also apply a plastic cap over it for a good 30 to 45 minutes. Before I come back and rinse it all out now, as I stated earlier, I've been missing my natural hair. So when it comes to styling my hair post dookie braids, I decided to do a wash and go using the extreme Pro expert gel now. This is not a wash and go tutorial. I have plenty of those on my channel already, but I just want to show you guys how literal and dope this wash and go method really is look at them. Clumps look at them curls if you're interested in seeing how I achieve such a bomb of defined wash and go in such a short period of time. I will leave the link to the tutorial in the description box below my dookie braid routine is complete with a little bit of wash and go styling on the side, no longer crusty, no longer Dusty. So I'm feeling good. My hair is still looking relatively healthy. It definitely has grown and gotten Fuller, because I could just tell when my neck my neck be stiff and tight in the shower whenever my hair grows a little bit longer, especially when water is in it. So that's a good sign. The glue that got stuck in my hair for my hair stylist praise the Lord came out. The edges are still looking pretty healthy, even though I had a decent amount of product buildup that pulled out some hair in the front, I'm going to continue to work on strengthening them, though, so speaking of I've been letting Bay use. My go out. Girl, hair oil. I'M gon na put that just in the front area put it on the hairline. We want full edges for Life. Yes, you guys. The natural hair is Back. My Curls is popping. I love for those that have been on my journey from the jump. Y'All know we have come a long long way. I mean from 2016 when I first really started going natural serious to now now the colors and all that stuff that we went through and like I'm just so proud, I'm so proud of my type 4 kinky curvy natural hair and for all my type four. Ladies out, there they'd be struggling with falling in love with your hair, the shrinkage, Etc. Honestly, the best advice I can give you is just fall in love with the journey you guys. The journey is beautiful and you're gon na regret not appreciating every stage whether it be the TWA whether it be this length, whether it be protective size like just go with the flow, enjoy the journey come back to my channel for more natural hair content. Stuff is already here but again, like I said in the beginning, I'm going to be updating some things, so I'm excited y'all, I'm gon na be a lot of other girls when you first get your hair done and you just be moving it and stuff. You just want that body to show yeah. That'S me, I'm gon na go ahead and let my hair air dry do what it do, because it's definitely gon na shrink way more than this. But remember shrinkage is Health, okay and health over link always perfect. That'S all! I got for you guys really hope you guys enjoyed this video. The products that I use I'll have Linked In the description box below and yes until we meet again Beauty, game, peace, love, hair, grease. Oh, that's me and Josh's thing: love y'all, talk to you soon see you on the other side, space back real, quick y'all. Tell me why I completely forgot to show y'all my shedding: that's not a huge part of the dookie routine, okay, dookie burgundy. So two months, hair, ew, two months of hair, shedding it's looking like this got a decent amount, but again keep in mind two months of my hair being in braids locked away. This is pretty normal. This is normal business if you have a decent amount of shedding. After wearing a protective style for a long period of time, that is very normal. Unfortunately, though, the only thing I hate about the shedding part is more so the edges that I was telling you about like when that build up starts happening. There'S a higher chance of probability, it's going to be like a clump of edge hair, so to speak that comes out. My hair is still looking very healthy, very much so flourishing beautiful anyway. That'S all! I want to show you guys all right now. We out for real peace,

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