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Foreign, if you want to see how we got this look, thank you for watching where's. This hair from this hair is from Sterly hair. This is the 22 inch 13 by 4 180 density unit, ready, okay, my boyfriend and I have been together for three years now and he told me to take out a loan in my name for a car for him. He said so pay me back in three months, but it's been seven months now and he hasn't paid me back. What should I do? I really love him he's the love of my life. I don't want to break up with him because of this, but I really need my money back. Do you think he's taking a piss, yes taking the piss and he's too comfortable he's too comfortable? Why has he not paid you back? No like personally, you may love him and all that, but it's like you need to it's. Your money. Money is super important money before anything money before man. That'S your bag. So personally, I feel like he needs to address the issue and if, if the response isn't all like I'll pay, you you know, I mean that, following day or following week, then I'm so sorry you're gon na have to drop him by leaving I'm leaving. Are you actually leaving I'm going? Are you sure the same one that said go back to him ahead? Let me address that Tick, Tock video, Whatever landed on your fyp, go for it, but me personally in this situation. I take money seriously like money. It'S not a joke. My money done full of trees, so I'm going to leave if you're, not paying me back, I'm leaving. What are you gon na do, of course, I'm not giving him the money in the first place. Are you crazy, fair enough, fair enough to take me where my credit score for you to take up a car because they know they're sitting in that car yeah and they can like Snap here and do that yeah? My man drives his car, not knowing that it was her money. It was you that paid for the car. You could have saved that money for something else, but you're giving it to a guy where's his money. In the first place, honestly, I mean there's nothing wrong. Like I'm so big on, like you know, like I don't mind splitting things and like paying for a boy and stuff, that's fine, however, when it comes to enormous amount of money is and it's her boyfriend, not her husband, no husband, there's no ring on the finger. It'S stupid, it's her boyfriend say I'm just I'm heading through the doors and I'm not coming back. If you're, not paying me back, it's crazy. You know. Just you know it's. This is all because of image. Yeah, sorry, deep in it! So sorry, sis, we also the answer to that dilemma. Is you better leave, Got ta Go, Got ta, Go Got ta, Go, Got ta, Go. How about have you been together for um five years, but you're not married? You know I mean I just feel like a lot of people are having a relationships, I'm not married. I know, and I have nothing right. I have no problem with that. However, I must say something: it's just that there's certain things you do as a girlfriend there's certain things you do as a wife and that's just that's just like you're doing things for this boyfriend of yours, and why can't you do that for himself? Like he's made, you do all of this: that's gon na ruin, your credit was thousands, not even a small small car. A car is not cheap, let's say let's say the car was like 20K, how much money that is, 20 cases run and he hasn't paid her back. So that means that's interest. It'S going up and up hey you better! Get your money back! Okay! Let'S say that she they have a child together. Okay, when a child is involved, that is pretty serious, like kids are not a joke, however, the the beginning is: why is he making you do it like where's, his money like what's going on? Is that real Love Is that real love is, if he's making you take out a loan and the fact that it's gon na ruin your profile and it's gon na ruin? Everything do you know what I mean as much. You know things like that actually happen crazy. For me, I ain't about to do that. I cannot. I really cannot I ain't about to do that, certain things that I wouldn't do like as a girlfriend. I'Ve never been a girlfriend before, but I know that I would never take out money. That'S a lot you're asking me, for you know it's a lot of money. 20K people don't have 20K, like a bank account. You know like what the hell and he's a man yeah a man he's meant to be the leader of the house. I take stability seriously. You know same like if I don't feel stable with you, then I don't think I can be with you the same and the minute you're asking me for money, a large amount as well like it's nice, yeah, there's no small chicken chips chain. You know exactly something that I can make, but that that's money that is gone and you work for it and imagine it took for years of saving. That'S what I'm saying foreign foreign foreign foreign, so I've been trying to um start my. You know influencing lifestyle, but I find it hard and I don't know what to do or how to go about it. What tips and tricks can you give to me? Well, I wouldn't say how my influencer, but I'm a content creator, but all I can say is consistency is super key. I was even saying that last night to somebody else that, obviously, when you want to become a Content, when you become a content creator, consistency is going to be super important. And so it's how I grew. My profile was obviously doing makeup on Tick Tock, and that grew. So I would say just do something: that's just in Trend and stick to it and make sure you're consistent um. You can't just one make sure when you blow from that one thing: you don't just stop it like you have to continue. You know what I mean you can't just stop, so I would say definitely be consistent and take your time. Like don't stress, it's not easy. Also being a content creator, because people are gon na expect you to just do this at a certain time - and you know what I mean, so it can get super draining also becoming a content creator. So also just take your time when you started. Is that what you know is that what you wanted to do, or two years I always did Tick Tock for fun and especially, I started doing Tick, Tock touring like Clover times, so I wasn't really in a mindset to be on social media, like that. I was always on social media, but I wasn't as like active and I didn't have that many followers as much as today, yeah, but it was. I didn't, have that mindset. You have to just change yeah every night, it's true what um? What would your major go? Viral my get ready to go for me makeup tutorial, a video of just like me out with my friend, and I must have flipped the camera off just had like just me, flexing just looking cute, and then I remember like got so many comments. Makeup tutorial makeup tutorial: I was just like okay I'll do a makeup to it. I didn't pay anything. I thought I was gon na get like a cute 10K. You know, I mean bro, I kid you not it in less than like 48 hours, 48. 48 hours. I was on one milli from doing a get ready with me, in-depth video and and then it just became a trend. And then people just started calling me UK black girl - and I was just like wow, because your name is Army, because our makeup is so different. Yeah from the Americans - and it's like all you kind of really saw - was the American attacker makeup yeah. Well, Americans were known for their hair. The UK weren't really known for their like hair content, yeah, it's like if you're going, for example, if you go and enjoy page on Instagram, you see more American hair content than what's it called the UK, no yeah you're right. I feel like the UK took over when it came to the makeup thing yeah and it all started copying us because they said yeah. I want that. I'M gon na lucky UK babe yeah the UK baby's actually really good. That, I think, is it's good for us. We have something of our honestly that we started yeah, because Americans, like everything, I don't think that can ever be taken away from it. I don't think so. Definitely not we're gon na always have it yeah. I remember like I saw a post and it was like some girls trying to see the UK makeup and how American people will bring her dark skin and there were grilling her just like yeah like these Americans are not supported. You notice America's on no they're. Actually, these are original, but I thought I'm not we're not that rude like you're, not gon na see like we actually feel bad after this yeah yeah. But if I see this, please don't be. If I see a picture of like because I was at my hair, so this yeah, if I see like someone's like lace, I'm not gon na, go in the comments and just get on to them. What would you say I'll just send it to my friend? They were like, oh I just love in private yeah. I just look at it. We'Re like oh yeah. How could she she go out like that? How can her friend allow her to like do her hair like that? No yeah, but sometimes you have friends that know about wigs, so it's kind of peak but there's certain things you can say on the net and yeah yeah there's certain ways you can see it and I've learned that especially being on social media, like you can't just Just because, like you just say straight, what comes to your mind, like, oh my God, her listening, you just write. Oh my God, her lace! No, you can't do that. I'M gon na eat this bear like keyboard Warriors yeah, you people in your fake accounts as well. Oh, do you get better people just in general, you know I mean it's just I don't feel like it's. It'S annoying, it's a common thing, especially also to go with the tips. When negative comments come your way. You just don't even delete the message you just got. Ta act like you, don't care. Like me, I was the queen of responding to every no matter. If there was 900 comments, 500, I'm going to respond to those each and one of them comments yeah, and that was my habit, and I just learned to just just to back up and leave it. Yeah people always gon na have something to say 100. Even that was really not some of my videos got viral they'll always be those weird girls, just like at least one that don't even do that have to be like. No, they didn't give the shut up. Can you even lay a wig honestly? Can you even braid like the shush? What is what it is charge it we just really got ta charge it when, when you do what you do yeah it is what it is. Okay, we have. This is giving a scalp one more dilemma and then the rest will just be I'm talking to this guy and it's going very well he's very understanding, caring and respectful, obviously, obviously he's going very soon. Oh obviously, it gets him very serious and my feelings have grown for him, but my dilemma is: when do you get rid of your linkages, your linkies? I don't want to get rid of them now and use them if it doesn't turn out right with this guy, because there's no turning back. This is my subject. This is something I'm even in right now. Well, not really, but me I am the queen of talking stages like I've, never been in a relationship, so I can like vouch for this. This dilemma, I would say, don't cut him off because don't cut the boys off, because you never know that I've been in a talking stage for two years. Yes, for two years before anybody just says something: yes, I've been in a talking stage for two years and obviously like it never works out like it never works, and I cut everybody off and I learned from my mistake and I really thought that we was really Gon na you know he was gon na put a ring with it like making his girlfriend, and he didn't after two years of wasting my time or so I've been in this situation, so yeah and it just sometimes. I took a sense for like again on a bit. You know when a boy says yeah, I'm gon na make you a girl yeah, I'm gon na make you my girl, don't don't believe it until he actually takes you out and says Roy when he says these words. Will you be my girlfriend? That'S when you drop your hose the minute, that's the you drop your host that minute, but until further notice, don't don't cut anybody off. I know you like him and you you just feel like you're. Just you know: you're uh, just chatting he's probably chatting to other girls. You know he probably didn't know you could be amongst other girls and he's just thinking. There'S probably a competition going on right now. Life is a competition. This thing is no competition. Trust me everything's. A competition yeah so 100, I wouldn't cut the boy off. I mean I wouldn't cut the boys off because you just never know like you actually just never know you guys might stop talking like tomorrow. So and then you have no one to talk to after that. Two years got me nowhere, mate, you know, got me nowhere too. It'S got to charge you I don't know it is a guy will always know if you're the person for him yeah, because okay, my girl, she's, going to a relationship. Is it within like four months for even probably in three months like he just knew please oh yeah, but this know you shouldn't, imagine always take the lead and if you don't have to do it, you just start with start offline. You just got ta compliment them. Yeah, you know my name would love it. Are you crazy? Oh you want me to do your hair. Oh, do you want me to come shopping with you? You want me to run errands, just just the smallest things like, and then you realize that you're into him, but yeah like don't cut them news, yeah we're the same yeah. So a guy would know what he wants. If you're in a talking stage for like let's say like a year yeah, he doesn't want you he's just he's just having you but trust me. I'Ve been there to all of us. You know so girl. Before this evening. I learned from a mistake and never again he doesn't want you. I wasn't even my like I'm gon na talk about it. Did she say how long she was talking to that guy for um? I think it's a couple months um, I think, like three months yeah. So soon can't be so actually some girls would want to cut off. The link is Ace up. You know it's true, but it's like you. Even if sorry, even if it's been made that you guys are exclusive, I still wouldn't cut them hoes off personally, because you just never know like you guys cannot work tomorrow tonight, the next following day it just you might not work. So just imagine you caught him. You cut them boys off and then he says. Oh, I just feel like I'm not in the right space of mine to talk to anybody. Yeah wait till he makes you his girl yeah until he actually says it, then we can talk about that, but yeah. So let's talk about the senior shop thing, you said you shoot your shot. Actually, yeah! That'S good! What do you think about girls? I like to shoot their shot? Oh boring, like you just waiting for boys to like approach, you approach, you and it'll, be the guys that you actually won. No it'll be the ones that you don't want. That will approach you get it yeah, but the girls that want that guy. I'M talking about the girls that want them: oh, but they don't shoot their shots, oh yeah, and they just expect them to shoot to come to you and then, when he's turned to another girl and move, what are you doing exactly nothing you're, just you're you're? Oh, my mama, you didn't see your shot. Oh, I want to be in a relationship doing to like make that happen exactly come on girl wake up. It'S like if you want a job. Are you just gon na sit at home and not like apply for job and wait for the job yeah yeah in life? Everything you've got to chase for get it like legit everything, yeah all right, yeah, foreign chase, you. What do you mean by that with the boys that you don't want chase, you guys are loyal type. You know you make there'll, be some guys that you do but like but they'll be so persistent, really yeah. How are you in the situation where there's a guy at that because he's new to you just because he's moved to you you're, just you're, just gon na attach them just for the sake of chatting to him yeah, but you actually don't want him. You actually that's something you don't actually like him, but because he's the only guy, you're speaking to right now, you're just gon na accept it. Okay, I'm kind of in that situation. Yeah we've all been in that successful I've been in that situation like and you're. Just I'm just slacking that you're talking to me, because you know girls, you just you just love the attention yeah and nobody can say. I don't like the attention. We all love their attention. Like yeah, we definitely hold up. The attention was like yeah. That'S not that's! Not something you actually want like you'll, be talking to him, but looking at your type over there like yeah. So why not just go for your type and not waste these man's time, because you don't mind them, I feel so I thought so for guys guys would spend money on girls yeah and they don't like this amount, an enormous amount yeah. I don't like them. I'Ve seen that actually happen a lot and my friends are really playing these guys yeah. Ah, it's sad and it's a sad um beside the mindset that our society has yeah but make hey. Cheese pack is hurt. No just so it's so bad! You know you don't want to rinse immense money and then you're thinking where's, all the good. All the good men gone it's because we've a lot of girls have just destroyed them. You'Ve ruined it. For us, you know, yeah everyone they've, really ruined. You read my lips. You'Re ruining it, you actually rooted it for us, there's actually girls that actually want these guys that you're you're taking these guys for granted. If you don't want them, give it to me there for real and it'll actually be the good ones that girls will take advantage of. Oh so badly, just go for the trash ones. That really want relationships like going myself with go mess with those ones yeah and leave the ones that actually want wife. You know ridiculous, so yeah, so the dad they asked that that dilemma was just don't cut your hose off because you never know like until well. Wait until he actually says those words, will you be my girlfriend? Okay, do you know what I mean like it's? It'S simple like it's not rocket science, because these guys they will fight they'll move on they'll just make an excuse or something I just feel like. I'M not on the right head space right now to talk to somebody. You just never know. Maybe he's gon na give you the impression. Today. I want a relationship - I'm probably gon na, be making my girl tonight, but then, in a couple of days, he's gon na change his mind and say I'm just not in the right space or mine to be with anybody right now. So you just never know so. Just wait until he actually makes you his yeah and that's my advice from Duo dealer. Thank you for listening. Go ahead. Having been in this situation, yeah, we really like this guy, like just like him like you like the way he moves the way he dresses. Yeah he's your type, but he's told you he's not ready for a relationship. Are you staying or are you going I'm staying stay here? I stay because, like oh, I know it sounds bad, but it's like. I know you can never change somebody's mind in terms of like their decision. You can never change anybody point blank, no discussion. You know what I mean, however, with me is so hard to be sexually attracted to somebody and if I'm sexually attracted to you, I'm not gon na leave, you alone, I'm actually just not going to leave you alone, and I know you don't want anything. I know you don't want anything, but I'm just not going to leave you alone, so I'm gon na keep talking to you just for the sake of I'm just going to keep it yeah. You know. Sometimes when are you finally gon na? Let go what what's gon na take you to let go when I find somebody better, because if you don't and if I don't, then I'm just gon na be there. Maybe this is why I'm never in a relationship, because I just go for guys that I want and they don't want relationships. That'S why I'm always in this situation so yeah but yeah. My dumb ass self is gon na stay and don't talk to the guy that doesn't want anything. Do you think you're tired? It'S not right for you, but I I don't have a tie. Okay, I do yeah, but how do you know that you're attracting the the good guys like the guys that actually do care about you? Because it's because I've like I didn't attract the ones that cared about me? I think they just it was the guy, the ones that just liked it. I did. Okay, I think that's what I struggled with. I need something guys, oh you're, so mature for me, okay, why are you saying that it's a bit weird? Don'T you think like? Why are you telling me I'm too mature for you and I'm too just for you yeah, you mean a little bit insecure right, stand your ground boy pick up yourself. I just need better for myself, and at least for some girls wouldn't realize that they'll just keep going, keep going. Why am I not that's the right guy, but especially how you've got friends? That'S telling you in your ear. Can you not see he doesn't want you? So that's why I just know, but I still just keep going for it. It'S not good yeah, but at the same time listen to your friends is not always good, because you have some friends but I'll just try it no it'll get better it just never! It'S like Fuji actually listened to you, it's your heart, yeah! It'S really! It'S! Actually your heart! Your heart feels everything. You know everything your heart will know what you need to do. Yeah except me. I should have left turn my one guys. Listen, to my mind, like my mind, would say I just go see him, but my heart's just like no like. Why is my it's weird? How I work? It'S, like my mind, will be like something like you got ta leave like yeah yeah, but this no one's perfect, that's the master I had, but it's like when I met my man. I was like. Oh okay, so men are not stupid. Yeah, just some of them are stupid that just like, oh so, some actually do have scents, like men just focus on yourself guys and then do you know what I tend to realize. Would you know that scene? I kind of don't really like it focus on yourself. Yeah, because, even if you focus on yourself yeah, you find somebody yeah, you think it works no, but it doesn't work, I'm already focusing on myself regardless. I would never let a man stop me from doing what I'm doing amen high five. I will never. I will not stop. We can have an argument yeah, but I'm not stopping what I'm doing. I'M still gon na go to work, the grind, don't stop yeah the ground and it will never stop because you break my heart. So it's like I'm. Oh trust, me babe. I'M ready yeah working at myself, I'm really focusing on myself that never stopped yeah who I'm talking to so that's. Why that that's saying this time, there's nothing to you! It'S like music to your ears, yeah! It'S not bad laws, already doing what I'm gon na do. Yeah facts ripped jeans are so in to meet us in college and they actually bent they actually banned it. They abandoned it and they banned. I was saying, but they became so strict because there was one girl. Hers was so bad. I think this whole thing was open, dragged yeah, I'm not even a jeans person like I like trousers. Like you look at your average height, you can find nice trousers that fit you. I feel like it's hard to find tool friendly tall girl, friendly jeans um. I could find I can find jeans like Topshop and stuff, but it's trousers, you think, there's not really a lot of tall girl trousers recently. They have been don't you think so, like a sauce or like true they're, not like nice ones, that I'd be seeing. Oh yeah yeah, for example, like different websites. I hear quite jarring: how tall are you 5, 10. 5. 10.. I'M five, seven yeah! So you're fine. Do you have to adjust your um jeans? No, it's it's easy to find some jeans online, like pretty little thing or like fashion over, because I wear a size, six or four so now they're making jeans for smaller girls. I guess it's okay for me just when it comes to like trousers, they never fit me. That was end of our dilemmas. I'M just gon na meet this part of the clip I'm gon na just enjoy this tutorial. No, I can't wait for this fish braid yeah. It'S gon na look sick foreign, foreign, foreign mm-hmm, foreign foreign, careless, foreign, foreign, foreign,

dee sott: Let him go.

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