Affordable Wig Review For $39 Ft. Wigginshair

*this is not a sponsored video* honest review of this bomb wig from Wiggins Hair.

Link to the hair:

Specs: 10 inches, T-Part, Human Hair Wig

Pros: Holds a great curl, Fast shipping, Isn't stiff

Cons: Needs to be plucked and maybe even bleached to customize a bit more

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This video is not sponsored. I bought this wig with my own money and i will do it again because it is very good, hey guys, so i wanted to just do this really really quick video. So i want to give a quick review on this wig. Yes and uh don't mind paw patrol in my son's tv i am in his room because he has the best lighting up in here. This wig guys, like i bought this week, maybe about two or three months ago, and i spent all of like 40 dollars. I'M going to link it below so you'll know exactly which one i got, but this hair is from wiggins hair and look at it like i've literally just slapped this wig on like, and it is just a tea part. Um wig, with just the lace right at the part and a little bit of lace right at the front. It has two clips on the side a clip in the back, and it has the little um drawstring to make it tight on your head. Um. You can curl this hair. I probably did these one curls, maybe like three weeks ago, i've slapped this wig on y'all to go to the grocery store to just go pick up. My son from school, like this wig, is like the bomb and so after all the wear that i've had, i would definitely recommend getting this wig. I also have another video. I will be uploading with the loose wave hair from them um, and you can see the wig in my other videos that hair is also from wigan's hair and like it's probably it was the best investment um. I wore that wig to pool parties in all kind of places, and it was just bomb this week too, like i'll insert a couple clips, you can see my wig and how i kind of styled it, but i love this wig and i would totally recommend getting This wig

The Real Drika: This wig is so cute!!! It looks so natural

Barbie Vlogs !: I love this wig on you, so pretty

Macher Gang: Yesss wigggg!!! Love it definitely agree with you it’s is very good!! Super cute new subbie here let’s stay connected!!

ThatBoyRo: Killing it with the wig

Coach Big Man: New subscriber but you look amazing

cocacolalola: You are so pretty girl new sub here !

Nayshaa Bae: Love your channel ❤️❤️

Gravy & Salt: Great job

MOTHERHOOD fineprint: Yep I want.

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