Bomb Holiday Wand Curls! | Wiggins Hair Headband Wig | Ft. @Xoxo Sheba

Get into this bomb kinky straight headband wig! Watch me wand curl this hair to perfection!


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0:00 - Intro

0:50 - Check out @XOXO SHEBA

1:53 - Wig Install

3:00 - The Curling Process lol

5:45 - My Thoughts


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We mix good, hey youtube, fam, it's your girl, gladys aka, that your hair and welcome back to my channel. If you're new here make sure you tap that subscribe button hit the notification bell, so you don't miss any of my upcoming videos and, if you've been rocking with me for a minute, what's up, what's good and welcome back today is day six of this batch, your Hair holiday and i'm collabing with my home girl, exo exoshiba. Let me tell you about shiva. She is a hair, wig killer. You feel me everything. She touches slays, okay. I love seeing her tutorials on her human hair and synthetic wigs, she's very detailed, and you actually leave the video feeling like hey. I learned something new on top of that she's, a super sweet person and she's become one of my closest youtube friends. So if you are new to shiva get familiar, i have her video linked in the description box. She is also showcasing a headband wig. Please go show my girl, some love, shiva darling, sheba honey. Thank you so much for joining me for his at your hair holiday. You know i love you girl all right child. So today i am going to show you how i wand curl this wig. It got a little interesting, but we made it through. I don't know if you can tell, but i'm loving the results. It'S super pretty so yeah. If you want to see how i did it and get some more specs on this particular hair. Keep on watching all right. So i'm here with this unit by wiggins hair. This is their kinky straight headband wig and the 22 inches, and i love that i got this in a number four color. Normally i steer away from the fours, but i think it's cute. The chocolate color is cute, especially for my girls, who do not like the one b's and the twos because they feel like it's too dark. Oh definitely shout out to my girl zarya. I love those earrings aria, but yes y'all. At this point, i am ready to spray this down with my cheese spray. It'S a heat protectant, you know got to make sure that we don't burn up the hair with the heat and after this i'm going to go in with my handy dandy, revlon blow dryer brush. I love this brush. So much i've talked about it so many times in my video and i'm using this to get some of the crinkles out. I also like to use this on synthetic wigs because i like that it straightens the hair without changing the texture, but for human hair. Of course, it's absolutely great first pro i noticed about this hair is how soft it is out. The pack absolutely love. It feels super moisturized. Now, let's talk about this curling wand, y'all, i've had this curling wand for like five years and i haven't won curled hair in like three years, so you can see my disappointment when i tried to curl it and it looked like that and i was tripping. I was like okay, let me do it again, like i'm twirling it around the wand, mind you, i curl wandered my hair all the time my natural hair, like back in the day, so i'm like i got this, but it was not coming out right. I'M doing it again and again and again, and i'm just like yo and is it just me like this - is what we're working with here come on. I was so over it and y'all know me. Lately, i've been recording later and the sun be going down and i'm just like ugh, so i tried again and after i tried for this fourth time. I realized you know what i know. It'S not me. I think my curling wand is just not hot enough. Mind you it's on the highest setting, so i say all that to say: y'all, please use new curling products. Do not be like me trying to use a curling wand from like 10 years ago. Thinking it's gon na work because mine was not cutting it. I had to grab a curling wand that a company has sent me before and once i started using this, the rest was smooth sailing and i was okay. I don't feel crazy. Like i know, i still know how to curl some hair, so i just kept doing the wrapping motion and i actually like the thinner curl on, because the curl comes out a little bit tighter, which i think is very very pretty. As far as curling wand suggestions, remington has always been a favorite brand of mine and honestly, i'm not even sure why i have that conair one now y'all see that up top there do not do that. Do not let your hair wrap around that part the stand because then it'll get caught up and make your hair look frizzy, but, as you can see, this is coming out a little bit better. Still, not perfection, though, and honestly i was rushing a bit, but at least i have one side done now as far as the price of this unit, this cost 225. However, i do have a code and you can use that code hair in order to get money off so just make sure you use the code. Y'All save a little coin. Get this wig, i think it's a great holiday, buy all right child. So i wanted to stop right here before i finish the hair, while the sun is still out and show y'all what it's looking like. This is pretty much what it's gon na look like when it's finished, i love wand. Curls always have always will when it's easy to do and two it just makes the most beautiful spiral. Curl, like i said, i prefer the remington brand when it comes to curling wands. The one that i have is super old by conair. So i just need to retire that one, but i will leave a link to a remington wand in the description box, but overall y'all, i'm loving this. This is super pretty and on kinky straight hair. You just you just can't, go wrong like come through and i really like this chocolate number four color. Normally i don't like number fours, because i feel like they're blending into my skin, but i think this is great and this looks really good shiva girl. Let me know what you think bro now, let me toss on one of these headbands now this is a headband that they gave me. This is like this um pearl one and me personally, i'm just not a fan of these headbands on me. They just look like too bulky, so i'm going to switch that a lot of y'all know that my bootsy amazon headbands are my favorite right now and because i'm wearing purple, i was like. Let me toss on this purple one. How cute is she okay? This is hella: pretty i'm gon na grab some of these headbands up y'all. You already know i have a mask a great collection of headbands, literally all of them overflowing in this bin that i also got from amazon. So yes y'all, let me know what you think about this hair in the comments down below. How do you feel about warm curls to me? Juan curls are like my favorite holiday style, but i can wear one curls like 24 7.. It doesn't have to be the holiday season for me to have a reason. This looks so good, so good and if you are new here coming from sheba's channel, what are you waiting for tap tap tap in with that subscribe button and make sure you hit the notification bell and to all my subscribers who haven't met shiva? Please go check out her channel. I absolutely love the way. Shiva slays, her wigs and she's, just really great, to talk to outside of yt as well so go show my girl, some love, and if you want to see some of my latest videos check them out over here to the right of me. Thank you all. So much for watching for participating about your hair holiday, i'll, see you the next one bye

IsThatYourHairrr: How are we feeling about these kinky straight curls? Sound off below! Thank you for joining me for Day 6 of IsThatYourHairrr Holiday! And be sure to show my girl, Sheba, some love! --->

TheHeartsandCake90: The wand curls are popping boo ❤️ love the fuschia dress with it too

Angela Thornton: This is so cute I love the half up half down style ❤️

lneal2800: Excited Can't wait! I love the curls on this unit! Love the texture! Options love the change ups! Gorgeous! Love the pink outfit!

Dana Foster: The color, texture, and density are perfect! This is really pretty

misscee04: LOVE the color, hair texture and the curls! ❤

XOXO SHEBA: Yesssss this wig is so pretty! Love the wand curls funny how we did not plan curling or messing up Thanks for having be apart of your holiday!! You are so awesome and so proud of how you’ve grown your channel!

Wiggins Hair: Defintely rocked this wig!The final look comes out popping ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Michelé Alexander: Love this! You look awesome as always❤!The wand, I have one it's my go to when I curl my hair.

MsEbonyVee: Yaassss these wand curls are beautiful!! I’m loving this long and full headband wig!! Awesome collab and review!!❤️❤️

Dira Boddie: Even without the curls it was cute. Loving the texture

Love Yourself: I love this kinky straight and the brown color is beautiful The curls came out cute Peace and Joy ❤️

JaJa: Love this entire look!!

HairKittyKitty [CysterWigs]: Your video's categorized labels killed me! "The curling process lol" You finally got the curls, though, and I love the wand curls on this unit! You look absolutely gorgeous and so ready for that mistletoe

Cutelilvoice: Love the wand curls the color looks great on you I love how big the curls are tfs❣️

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk: I just got two headbands wigs from your Amazon haul, I like this one as well!!!! She is beautiful ☺️

DeeDee Hair: That colour is so made for this season love it and the wand curls you added

Lotti Dotti63: You look amazing.... the the curls are poppin'

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeeyyyyy Gwladys!!!❤️❤️❤️ I love kinky straight hair! Girl, I have an old Gold n hot flat iron and it did me the same way. I have the Kipozi titanium flat iron now. Recommended by Natural Joy.

Ms. Michelle Agalte: Gone girl with this intro!!!!!! Love the wand curls and the dress is oh so cute!!!

Carrie M: The color is super chocolaty and pretty on you! The wand curls came out gorg!!!

Kie RaShon: yes yes yes and more yes!! I am loving the curls!!

Tracey Boyland: Love the unit color and the way you styled her. Gorgeous unit later doll Tell C. Hey girl hey.

AroundTheWayRose: Looking good Ms. GW, the feminine bright purple looks royal on you . Thanks for thelovely recommendations of other ladies to watch, you’re a real one ❤️ , as always thank you for the video.

DeAnna Monet TV: I never see the kinky texture in the color 4, I love those curls!! Super pretty

Tina BlackberryRose: This is SO GORGEOUS!!!!

Poohbaby44: Girl you make any unit look good ❤️.

BibleBasedWomanhood: I wish it came with those curls!!! Gorgeous

Silky Saks: This color is pretty and I love the wand curls.

Beautiebymark: I like it already... The wand curls are prtty. I feel the same about brown hair.. But this is CUTE.. Great Job. Tfs

Chelly Fontae: This is giving real hair realness!!!

Pyt G: Beautifully done...Just beautiful

Theresab: Love it!

Dee Gieseking: Agree this is a cute one - that outfit too girl

Tanisha Says: I absolutely love your laugh Gwladys

Feeneishia Rodgers: Those curls are POPPING!

Mother P52: Love that #4 against your skin.

Elicia Oh So Fly: LOVE YOUR WAND CURLS!!!!❤❤

DeeDee Hair: Oh and o purchased those headbands a while back from watching your video and they are so so cute. You will see them make an appearance on videos coming up

Mother P52: Girl, I like that remix of Frosty the Snowman! Had me dancing in the chair,trying to keep up with the video.... That makeup is poppin!! always.

Launer J.: Wand curls are fabulous Holiday Vibes

Melisia Bowman: That color looks good on you! That's the color I like to go for when offered. But I'm just biased....I haven't seen a color i didn't like on you.

Shirley Mcpherson: Love the chocolate on you and the fuschia dress is popping that was one of $20.00 Amazon

Chelly Fontae: Chile you was fighting with that wand curler but it came out super cute!!

Alisa Mitchell: YOU LOOK SO PRETTY

Sung Expression: Lol I feel you with the using what you have, but sometimes we have to let go and use the new.

Queen-lee Mi...: Damn I'm always late lol but I'm here and I love it.❤

Sung Expression: Ok thumbnail!

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