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Hey my loves! I am back with another wig review! This beautiful unit is from Wiggins Hair. If you liked this video don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE for videos MONDAY -THURSDAY SATURDAY OR SUNDAY! Have a blessed day!

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Hey there gang welcome back to my channel if you're new to my channel, my name is LaToya princess and today's video I'm going to be telling you how I installed this unit really really quickly, I'm going on a date tonight. So I wanted to wear this here because I just think it is so sexy. I love hair. That is just uniform, so it has like a little bit of messiness and that makes it just look sexy in my pants. So today's video I'm going to show you how I apply this unit quickly because it was literally one two three, alright, it's like these edges say to me. If you want to see how I got this look, so I will be using the Gods to be ultra glued and I did already apply alcohol to the program matter of my hairline just to remove oil and dirt and makeup that ways. A clean canvas when I'm flying it, my wig okay, if you have all that dirt there, it's definitely going to get on the lace, okay and make it like a little money. So next up, I go in with my view, kids in space powder, and I put that all over the inside of the lace. That way, I don't have to bleach my knives and it's going to blend perfectly. This is a powder that is come close to my complexion, so it definitely blends in and looks like scalp when I apply, I'm just gon na put it all over the lace. So after that, I just wanted to show you two construction. It is a lace front and unit and, as you can see, it has like blood blue sold on the inside as well and three columns two in the middle, like on the middle sides and then one at the very bottom, and it also has adjustable straps. That is what the hair looks like and this natural state after being abolished. Alright. So now I adjusted the adjustable band in the back, and now I am just applying it to my hairline. I wait till the glue is sticky, but it still kind of wet, and I did it like that so that I don't have to apply too much got to be. When I'm doing my edges. Okay, I've already been wearing this wig, often one for the last week. So I really did my edges. Basically, I'm going over what's already there and don't be afraid to apply a bit more got to be glued. If it isn't sticking on you know you just got ta make it work for you. So that's all I'm doing I'm just adjusting it to make sure it is. You know one there and something that I know I definitely don't ever. Do it's really like lay it down using a scarf and you're gon na see my routine in this video. So the one the baby hairs could be so difficult, sometimes, especially when I had these nails on like when I have nails, I cannot come here or nothing okay, so I need a little bit of something. That'S gon na help me take um. Take these edges to the next level like I could have did better. If I did not have nails on like it was so difficult me trying to get these edges laid in this way to state one. But you know you got ta keep going so I'm doing whatever it takes to get this wig on. So, like I said, I'm just working on the baby tears I don't want to too much going on. I just want a few like little swamp. You know, and I want it to look a little bit natural like I'm, not one of those guys like. Let me care looks like it is late and I don't care okay, so you're, just gon na fix anything. If you got a cut pieces, you can do so. I cut it using a razor like the arm laid that you use for your eyebrows, the eyebrow razor. I cut that all the edges doing that. Okay and now I'm gon na, take the wing group. Now, usually, you should just run you here to secure your unit, but I'm going to be using it to lay my engine down today. I have more than one of these, so it's fine, okay, so I'll, let like 10 minutes or so passed by maybe 20, and then I took it off to see if village dry and which it was. I apply some lip powder to the parting space just to make it look a little bit more natural and I think it came out really really cute all right. So, as you can see, I'm just taking it off and this dries down a little bit now. You feel also going and like kind of like comb out the edges, so that has more of a like natural look, but I mean in my edges, late old thing. I had like a light coming one on and I definitely think I could have did a little bit better with my baby here. I kind of look like I have a bald spot on the side, so don't mind that I didn't notice it until like a little later because, like I said I had a lot going on the one I was trying to give it come my date and film Songs like a lot going on like I think the results were really pretty and, as you can see, it came out real nice. So today talking cuz. I must give you the specs for this hair and all the information on how it was acting throughout the week. Okay, so this unit is from Wiggins hair. This is not my first time working with them. If you haven't seen any of my reviews, please check my channel for the other ones. This is the loose deep wave I did go in and I washed it and I use Tresemme shampoo and then with the conditioner I use the suave. Coconut conditioner smells so freaking good. This is a thirteen by six lace, front wig, it is 20 inches and it is a hundred and eighty percent density, so 20 inches y'all know is a little short for me, but I think it is so cute because it has the waves it just makes it Really sexy and easy to deal with so the way that they made this wig. It is a lace front tool which is the loose deep wave lace front from the company as well as loose wave deep, those deep wave bundles from the company. So it's a lace, front wig, but I didn't have to create it myself. The company did alright, you can get a customized to your liking on this site. It is like a normal wig that you would get made from anybody else. They actually do the same thing. Alright, so it is customizable the laces transparent, so I had no issues when it was time for me to you know blend the unit into my hair. I don't bleach nights. All I do is add a little powder, as you saw in the video and it blended flawlessly, as you can see, watching this hair was a breeze. This hair is super duper soft, so you're not gon na have any issues. It does get a little frizzy, but that really helps with it looking natural in my in my opinion, so I love when the hair has a little bit of frizz. It'S not too much honestly, I'm going on a date tonight, and this is going to be my date night look and I think it is just absolutely gorgeous, especially with the like light natural makeup and the bold lip. I think it just looks perfection okay, and these waves are so pretty, so it is a little bit of like loose and then it gets a little tighter towards the ends of the hair as you're. This seen. Okay and 180 percent density is perfection. In my opinion, like it is the perfect density for any unit, so I would definitely recommend it. I haven't had any issues with this unit. This is not my first time wearing it. I'Ve been wearing it like often one for a week, and I've had no tingling. No snagging and none of the above it is really soft. Like I said dr. day, it will get a little um like you know, if you just keep playing in it, it does get a little bigger, but it doesn't look bad. It looks really really pretty and, like I said this is just sexy, so that is pretty much it this wig. I would definitely recommend I'm gon na have the links to Wiggins hair, the direct links to this wig and any other information that you may want and cute, including coupon codes and all that good stuff down in the bottom bar. So I thank you so much for watching. Let'S chat down in the comments - and I will speech on my next video bye, y'all

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Jamaican BSN, RN: No makeup tutorial sis? Your lashes & lippie are so fire

Jasmine Ferguson: You look so sexy and pretty !.... You go Toya i hope and pray your date goes well and you killing them with that red lip. Can you plz do a makeup Tutorial on this look and Enjoy yourself love

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