New Born Free Magic Lace Hair Review!

Hey guys i'm back with a new wig review! Today i'm reviewing the New Born Free Magic Lace Wig .

Style: Magic Lace Any Part 65 | Color:2 | Item: MLA65 | Hair Type: Yaki




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New magic lace, wig lace, wig and the texture. I did one time with this texture. I was like. I love a relationship, but is the type of texture hair, and this is yakky and if you guys know anything about weave, Wang's Herricks missed you guys so yeah. He is like the courses type of hair, for instance in a wig braise. Anything yeah he's like the most coarse hair. So this is actually the closest to my natural textured. Hair is Quartus, but I'm just really nervous about this, because it's not a hundred percent human. It is a humane, new synthetic mix so far the fact that is already cause I'm kind of nervous, but when it starts turning, if you guys wear synthetic loose, you don't have talked about. What'S this turning, I'm scared that it's not gon na love that long so, but you guys this was an emergency week. I ain't going to that in event on Saturday, and I need it here, because my black until here is that thing. If it's Road like just keep down the word, and it's just they say yeah, oh, my god, show you guys how his hair so soft. I just got one for picking it up in my head. It was like one of his fingers. He was it's just so soft of us would think I can't say super sauce like I said to say how much interested it is, but you guys it comes to right here and if you guys know me, when I get my fake hair, you guys know go Big or go home so yeah, that's how long it is. I love to like the length, the texture. Those mice is soft and I just I don't know, what's gon na get a lot. Is everything what I get used to this but yeah? This is the four times for flexible parts. You can, let me show you guys the go ahead and try the part it, and I want you guys to see the lace like the lace I used to keep it part this yeah, you guys, can't see all the latest. You guys know I'm. This is my signature. Bang this way, but if I want to ever do a middle part was probably not I could do middle part. You do like any type that I wanted all the hair stuff over the middle. It'S like that in the front did come like this. This style is like curl in the front and then straight hood. No I'm trying to burst that curl cuz. I don't know it's gon na work, but I mean you guys can't fly iron, this up to 360 degrees right there so like I can use a flat iron curling. It is heat, resistant, fiber, so no worries about that and yeah and then the washing start soon. You guys can watch the shampoo conditioner, always warm water rinse with warm water and they sing when you brush your you brush it from bottom to top, but I never brush my hair like that. I just brush it. I do and I usually wear the same hairstyle. Don'T come for me, I'm a simple person in this simple woman. I like what I like, and I have a big head, so I will always have this thing. So just don't comfort me, there's um! This is something new for me as well. Don'T you guys can see the color on care, but this colors actually a two with a shook like in the picture. It looks black okay, I wouldn't serve pictures at the end of that actual week, like the stock week when I picked it up, the lady was like it's a to Bob's like I just don't really like dark brown or brown or light brown hair. I mean I just don't know, but this looks pretty dark in camera. I just don't know. Let me know what you guys think is it too, but let's do like this makeup all right interested. It does come in different colors, like I said in it this one. I'M wearing is a it does come in it, one that one deep, deep purple which out, I might be my next one: raspberry, caramel, honey, cold, red wine, so many different colors and this one's that actual style, magic lace. Any part that's the star. I have so far so good and I'll see if I have to straighten it color anything you guys will see pictures this weekend on how weird and what I just like to do with it. You know you think you're so much you wan na see it

JackieCraftsShop: Looks cute on you girl !!✨✨

Slimchelle: Cute unit looks nice on u great review

Anthony T: You look beautiful!

Nita Gang: Very nice love ❤️

Voodoo Child: She is stunning

Komplex Kontent: I cant really hear u but the wig is nice and so is the background

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