New Invisible Band Fitted 360 Wig Natural Hair Texture Natural Edges *Bobbi Pin* Install Omgherhair

NEW Invisible Band Fitted 360 Wig Natural Hair Texture Natural Edges *BOBBI PIN* Install OMGHerHair . OMGHerHair natural texture kinky straight wig with natural edges. This 360 lace wig was installed with no glue and using bobbi pins. Press play wig install & review by Kie RaShon .


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Length: 20 inch

Density: 150%

Cap Size: 22.5

Kinky Edges: No

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√ Super Fitted Glueless Wig Cap

√ Real Invisible HD Lace

√ Pre-Plucked Hairline Front & Back

√ High Ponytail & Buns Available

√ Hidden Adjustable Elastic Band


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Natural Wig Playlist


Revlon Blow Dryer Brush

T3 Iron

Nairobi Wrap Mousse

Silk Spray

Revlon Diffuser

Tymo Hot Comb

GEX Beauty WIG GRIP (Brown)

Wig Caps

Knot Eraser


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00:00 SipnSlay & Packaging

01:44 Wig Upgrades & Prep

05:31 Cutting Ear Tabs & Mousse

07:15 Sleek the Hair

08:13 Fix My Hairline & Bobbi Pin

10:49 Up do Bun & Secure Pins

13:41 Final Thoughts

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Top: MelanatedKin

Glasses: (code Kie10) Charlene:

Necklace: code: KIERA4Q15

Jeulia Halo Ring Set:

Jeulia Pearl Earrings:




Lapel Mic

Wax Stick (not mine, but better)

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Brows & Eyes:

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Earrings: code: KIERA4Q15


Camera - Canon 77d

NEW Lens Sigma 18-35mm F 1.8

Lighting: Neewer BiColor LED lights & Diffuser (2)

Ring Light:

Audio - Lapel Mic (linked in affiliate links)

OLD Lighting - 2 soft boxes & ring light (off)


Married Mom, 38, Air Force Veteran , First Grade Teacher , PCOS - with hair thinning in crown, IVF Success, oh...And I Talk Fast, I guess lol


OMGHerHair - Big Head Associate

Kie's 3 POINT WIG FITTING SYSTEM: (comfortably) 23 in head size

1. on front hairline

2. on sides to hairline and right above ears

3. down in back to nape of neck.

BIG HEAD FRIENDLY: 3 out of 3 points

BIG HEAD ASSOCIATE: 2 out of 3 points

TOO SMALL: 0 - 1 out of 3 points

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Wait a minute come on Cindy, come on Cindy, don't don't play your girl! Well, hey! Y'All! Welcome! Back to my channel. It'S your girl, Kyra Sean! Today'S video is brought to you by OMG, her hair. They sent me another unit 2 review for you guys. It is also sipping sleigh and today we got another can of Stella, but it is the tropical mango flavor and I'm a little I'm a little scared, because y'all know I didn't like the I didn't like the wine bottle version, it was nasty, oh get to get It get it let's go ahead and test this one out. It smells pretty good. Now wait a minute. This tastes better than the bottle. What in the world y'all know if y'all been watching my videos, you know I didn't like tropical mango in the bottle. It was nasty okay, but that can the little Fizzy Pop. I can taste the peaches and the um is that pineapple in there? No okay, it's mango it's good, okay, but anyway, before we get into this 360 glueless wig install yes, I said glueless, I did a little something around here, but this wig is on my head. Thanks to some bobby pins, don't worry! I'M gon na show you how I got this whole look. Y'All been asking me for a ponytail install, even though I have a playlist but y'all been asking me for a ponytail install. So we are doing this one together, but anyway, before we get into all that, make sure if you're new to the channel, you go ahead and subscribe and smash the notification Bell. So you don't miss anything else. Coming up also give this video a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this in the future, let's go okay, so, like I said, the student comes first from OMG, her hair, all the specs of my unit right here on the screen. So if you want to check it out, you can this one is going to be a little different, because not only am I going to try to wear this unit glueless, but it does have some upgrades on this wig that I haven't seen on any of the Wigs that I've tried on my channel thus far so first things. First, this is a 360 lace front wig, so there's lace all around the actual unit. As you can see, one second get it open come on, come on SO lace, all around the wig. Now you can see right here to the back. I have these little silicone looking straps. These are called their invisible adjustable straps. So, instead of having the black or brown straps in the back that you normally would have you have these joints that are supposed to like pull the wig tight. I'M scared to even pull it. Oh it's working! So you have these to pull the wig tight to adjust the actual wig cap. I mean it's supposed to give that natural look in the back, so you don't have to worry about those straps sticking out. If you guys can see right here you, you can see the lining of the invisible straps in the back. Let me just pull this side and then I'm gon na pull this side so I'll pull them tighter. That'S how I was looking it's a little bunched up. So if you need to you know, tighten it down to the back of your head, you can do that we'll see if we need that, because y'all know my head is Big every day: okay, 23 inches gang gang, but if you're part of the peanut gallery, okay, The small head gang you may need to use those in the back. I would say that it's pre-plucked in the back just enough, so it should give me a natural look. It also comes with the elastic band, so I need to use that I can use that, but I got my bobby pins. Okay, I got those on Deck just in case. I need those. The ear tabs normally sit right here on this Stitch, so I'm gon na go ahead and cut that part off around the back. Just so, I can see how much I am working with in the front, so I'm just going to follow the hairline in the back. Like that, I don't want to cut into the hairline for all y'all asking me for a ponytail tutorial and for you know, glueless tutorial. I mean I have it on my channel, but you know if you miss them, then here's another one. It does have all these combs in it. I I don't really like all the combs in my wig, I mean, if you like them, then great, but because I don't have my platin and because I wear a wig cap, I don't need all these combs in my wig, so I won't be using none of Those let me put it on without my wig grip first and see how she's sitting down I may need to change my I need to get a darker wig cap all right, so I put on a different wig cap. I'M gon na try to make this work. So oh this is this is too small. For me, this is a 22 and a half size cap. I took my cornrows out, so I got a little bumpity bump in the back, so I'm gon na try to finesse this. Let me show y'all in the back really quick. If you want to glue this down, that's how that would look, you would glue it. You know around your hairline like that, so that actually looks pretty good. You got ta tint your lace back there, but I'm not mad at how that looks. I will tint that with my powder, the hairline is a little blocky for me. It kind of goes like this. I need to fix that to make it look a little bit more natural, but for the most part the hairline looks looks pretty good. I got a little. Let me pull this out right here. That'S too much hair right there as you get more comfortable installing your wigs you'll be able to gauge where you need to pull or pluck in your hair or how to smooth or round out your hairline. If necessary. I don't want to glue this wig down, but how it's fitting on my head right now it keeps sliding back so I need to put on my wig grip - hey sis tuck, my hair down in there like this, so I'm gon na use my Maybelline Fit Me Powder in the color 360 mocha because the lace is coming off, it looks a little ashy on me. I feel like it's just like really transparent, though it's pretty thin and the edges are frayed. So if y'all remember in my older videos, I told y'all, the edges are Frayed on your lace. More than likely it's going to melt down really well, I still need to cut off my ear tabs, but we'll do that in a second all right, so tint it all the way around. Oh, I think this is only 150 density and it's pretty thick y'all. So that's good for your ear tabs. Just follow your ear shape! This part right here is right in front of my ear, which is not going to look good, so I'm just going to cut all of that off. Now again, I want to rock this unit glueless, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to with how this is looking on my head right now. The sides are a little short for me, so I'm going to need to finagle this, probably with some bobby pins, and I was able to pull it up a little bit. Even it all out. Gon na cut this unit in three and use my mousse and get it laid down, y'all see how that lace pretty much melted in now that I tinted her. Some of that may come off when I use my mousse, but it's okay. We can put some back on or tint it when we're done um with the styling. Let me pull some hair out right here in the front, use my Razor and cut this off foreign mousse on and I'll swirl it around. Like I said, the makeup will come off, but I can re-tint it at the end. I just wanted to make sure that I could tint and it did so hold on. Let me clip this up in the back. Push your hairs back like this, like this and like that, go now, let's wrap her down there. We go okay. So now I'm going to blow dry this hair. It doesn't come with a strong chemical smell, but you can spray it down with some dry shampoo, some water. You know for a quick little home bath. Okay, you can do that real, quick or you can just go ahead and wash it, but just be mindful when you wash the unit, because it is a kinky straight texture, it will swell after the blow dry. So you will need to go in and press it out again. If you want a more sleeker look, I love texture wigs. So this is okay for me, but I do want to Sleek it out just a little bit just kind of straighten it out and get these bumps out the wig. So that's what I'm going to do! I'M going to use my Revlon blow dryer brush, got it from Amazon linked to my Amazon store. So if you want to check it out, you can I'm going to blow dry this on High real quick foreign, because it should be fairly easy in the ponytail. I'M going to do my makeup and we're going to come back and style this wig guys. So, let's take off the band. Let'S see what we got. Oh, she really that hairline is really like it's really deep. Okay, so let me fix this make sure my hairline is where I want her to be. I want to make sure that it's sitting where I need her to sit. Obviously this is way too low. So I think I need to cut a little bit of my hairline off just right in here, like that. I can work with that. I can work with that. I don't naturally have a Widow's Peak, so my hairline is too low. It just looks really weird for me: I'm gon na use bobby pins behind the ear tabs, so where there you are, I can't see without my glasses y'all. So me all right, so I'm just going to pin it right here for now behind the ear but right in front of the ear rather like that, because I don't think I want to glue this down yet I mean I may glue it down. I don't know, but for right now, she's sitting how I need her to sit put it down in the back and pin it okay, so I just pinch it in like that. Do the same thing on this side, I'm glad that I do have my wig grip. Now, because I can pin it to my wig grip and then I just take the hair. Oh my pen take the hair and move it around like that. Okay, I didn't pin the middle I just pin in the sides, but I just move the hair around like this. I don't know how it looks it could look like trash, but I'ma see it with y'all. So there is that I may want to put a little spray right here. That'S what I think I want to do, because it's slipping and sliding a little bit too too much for my comfort zone. Here we go, I feel like plugging in my blow. Dryer, Don't Judge Me press that in this is looking pretty dead going good, if I must say so, myself Andy. If I wanted to wear this hair out, The Parting Space is really nice. Okay, y'all see how deep that part in space is. Look the lace parting space is nice. This is a 150 density y'all, I'm I'm not mad at that y'all. She looks so good. I'M gon na make sure I brush this hair back over. Here you can choose to get the natural edges on your wig. You know the little kinky edges around your wig. I didn't get that from mine. I just have the regular edges and I was still able to you know finagle it for me. That'S how she's looking all out, but I want to pin mine up, like I told y'all, a little side action over here like this ponytail ponytail. Let me put on my my elastic band here, so I want to make sure the hair is going to stay where I need her to stay coming, all up. It'S 150 density. Oh they did you girl, right, okay, bring it all the way up. I just thought about it. I could have put on my elastic band. I could have did that, I'm using my daughter's little uh hair bow joint, because I can't find my last band and I honestly don't feel like looking for it. So I'm just gon na use that pull the hair up like this. Okay, no, like a little messy situation, take my bobby pin and we're going to pin it right there and get another one flatten that out. Pin it right there flatten this out, pin it pin it right there and I'm going to take this off now. I need to work on the sides and the back to make sure you don't see my bobby pins pull my sides down like this. Now I'm going to take the bobby pin and I'm gon na put it in the back of my ear, put it behind the ear right there, and then I bring some of the hair down like this. You may need assistance to help you get the back right, but I don't have that all right. Take this one off and this one the back like this behind the ear, get that security in there and then make sure I get the back bobby pins, y'all bobby pins. Now let me get my bang together. I'M gon na use my little curler here. I don't want to take out too much of the texture I may need to clip my ends a little bit just a little bit there. We go push it back like this, make sure my lace is good, get a little Contour. Now my bun is not. You know it's not the greatest, but it'll do oh. That hairline is looking good y'all, no kinky edges, but it's giving it's given that okay, it's given that I'm not mad at that foreign, okay, y'all! So here is the finished. Look. I must say this looks. This looks so good y'all. I cannot complain about this wig whatsoever. I was a little nervous. I'M not gon na lie because I'm normally not a fan of 360 wigs. They just never lay correctly on the back of my head, but this one did its thing. I didn't want to do a whole bunch of styling with this one. I wanted to keep it simple with an up style because y'all be asking me for my ponytails, and so I figured I'd go ahead and do this one with y'all wait a minute come on Cindy, come on Cindy! Don'T don't play your girl if this is your first wig? I do not suggest you get a 360 wig because you may not know how to finagle it for your head, because I've tried this numerous times. I'Ve pretty much. You know perfected. How I like it to look on my head, if you are new to wigs, stick with your tea part eye part uh, close your wigs, maybe even a lace frontal that pretty much comes ready to go out the pack. They do have a lace. Frontal version of this wig, I have tried it on my channel already it pretty much comes just like this. In the front you just don't get the back, and you can style that wig up for you, y'all have seen me use my lace front. Wigs in up styles, I have done it numerous times on my channel. I even have a playlist for my ponytails on my channel. So if you want to see what I'm talking about, you can definitely check that out, but this 360 wig is definitely a Vibe on me. I love how it looks my little bun is lopsided, but guess what that's? Okay, because I'm still giving the look and I'm here for this wig, okay and guess what I think you should be too okay, I think you should add this one to the list. Daddy Papa's Ears and pockets are burning another one, but that is all I got for you guys today shout out one more time to OMG her hair for sending me this Sheena. I really appreciate it. I will put the direct link, my specs any coupon codes. I have for this unit down below, so if you guys want to check it out, you can don't forget to like comment subscribe and share this video also smash the notification Bell, so you don't miss anything else coming up. I love you guys so much and I will see you next time. Bye,

Kie RaShon: Happy SipnSlay Wig Baes! *use Kie30 NOW to save $30* Bobbi pins really saved the day on this one! Have you used bobbi pins to secure your wig? *What's your method to secure a glueless wig?* Let's chat below!

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