Wig Dealer Melting Spray And Lace Glue | 2020 Wig Application Ft.Beauty Forever Hair

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This had to be one of the best units I have received from beauty forever especially the texture itself which is a loose wave. Check out My full review in the video !

Don’t forget to read reviews and watch other videos before purchasing !

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Oh, hey, you guys welcome or welcome back to my channel. If you don't know who i am, my name is reecey. This is my beauty channel where we come to slay, especially on a budget and if you're new, don't forget to hit that red button down below and turning on your post notifications, as you can see, i'm rocking this balm water loose wave unit. This hair is brought to you by beauty forever hair company. So, of course, let me show you, what's inside the box, how i customize this unit as well as a full review and weight install. So if you're interested in all of the above then keep on watching bye nathan, do you think you overdid it with our hair, um nope? I sure don't cause we're going to beverly hills now, if i'm gon na do good. At that audition, we got to look like stars in this box. I received a goody bag, which was a wig cap, edge control, brush eyelashes and earrings. This unit is a 24 inch loose deep wave unit at 24, inches 13x4 lace, front wig with 150 density, pre-plucked hairline and adjustable straps and combs. So today, i'm taking my bw 2 and 40 volume developer mix that up and create a very thick consistency. I didn't get much footage of me applying this bleach, but what i did was use a plastic knife and apply the bleach onto the frontal and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes after 20 minutes. I decided to wash out the frontal and then use my wow shampoo and wash the whole unit then get my purple conditioner and apply that on the frontal to get rid of the brassiness and then apply my wow conditioner throughout the hair. This is the next day. I was getting ready to pluck this unit until when i started pressing the sides or the edges down, i realized this unit is plucked already. She is ready to go so for the ladies, that are a little lazy or just do not like plucking. This unit is perfect for you here, i'm going to show you how it looks and i didn't even touch the hairline whatsoever. As you can see, this hairline is giving very much scalp without me, plucking one hair. So that's super exciting here, i'm taking my concealer from the beauty, supply store and applying that inside the frontal, as well as on the hairline of the frontal. It'S a wig review time. So, of course, i'm going to give you a wig review pros and cons. While you watch me apply this unit so for the pros, i have a lot of pros. Surprisingly, so my first pro is the lace texture or like the lace, i think, lace, texture, yeah, it's very soft and easy to blend into the skin. Another pro is, i love how it's pre plucked already, so you don't have to do too much customization to this unit. You can literally bleach the knots and put this on your head and be ready to go because it is a water. Is a water wave or a loose deep? Whatever you want to call, it is very cute for the summertime super easy maintenance wig. Another pro is, i love the texture of the hair, which i already said, there's very very minimal, tangling and no shedding whatsoever. So this is perfect for long term use the only com that i have well. I have multiple cons, so some cons i have is that the unit is very small. It didn't give me too much lace around the ear area and if you look on the website, it only gives an average cap size. So this unit is probably only for ladies who have smaller heads and not for ladies, that are medium too large, because this wig did not give me too much space around the ear area. Another con that i do have is the density, so the density is only at 150 percent, so, even though the texture is beautiful and all last long, the density is what really keeps the longevity of a unit and 150 is just not enough like 180, and more Is very good: it can last up to like four or five months but 150. It can start thinning out after the second month and it might not look too good. But it's up to you and your judgment. You guys um going back to the pros. I love how easy it laid onto my skin and i was able to put a bun using this unit. So that's super cool. I can have a high ponytail without worrying that my tracks are showing in the back overall. This unit is the easiest easiest unit. I ever applied. It was very, very minimal, customization super easy for maybe back to school time. If you don't have too much time to basically customize your unit definitely check out loose deep wave type textures, because they're super easy and low maintenance. That'S basically, all i have to say about this unit definitely check out beauty forever down below if you are interested in this unit and definitely check out other people's reviews on this unit as well, i'm gon na, let you guys vibe out to the rest of this Video with bomb music, of course you know, music choice is top tier and i'm gon na meet you guys back at the outro. That'S what you say, but all i hear is noise. I'M too busy loving my friends, but you really need to understand that. I don't want to be your girlfriend, sorry not so give it up. Haven'T you had enough cause, you haven't got the news, so i hope you guys vibed out and definitely learned a little bit more about beauty forever loose deep wave. Thank you. So much beauty forever. Hair company for letting me try out your gorgeous unit. Don'T forget you guys to like comment and subscribe for more videos down below and i'll see you in my next video. You always posting a

Heyitschanel: That wig cap thing you did was genius I’m definitely gonna try thattt

Andrea Scarlett: Come through with the video quality Reesie! ❤️

Panda Manda: You need more views and love cause the quality and the way you jumped into this… 10/10!!!!

TheMarchWolf: What this unit does not look like a 150% density WOW! It looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

Vernishia Dickens: Ordered her and got it ! Beautiful

Summers Beauty World: This looks so good on you!

Jaycee Shields: Can you do a list on your fav wig companies

Cheekarrr: Love the video quality

Mihai Macesanu: Hello from Italy. I support you my friend +

Vincent Houston: I’m lazy one

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