Unice Hair Review: The Ultimate Super Easy V Part Bob Wig For Summer

Thank you for watching my Unoce Hair review : UNice Hair Review: The Ultimate Super Easy Bob for Summer

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I’m using the Bob V-part wig in the video: https://bit.ly/3Kgw0L8

Hair Detail: 12 inches 150% density BoB V-Part wig

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I feel like i'm supposed to go um into a grocery store, steal some meat, throw it in a backpack and i'm bob and we eat my way up on oddity cause. You look like a beautiful nightmare. Don'T you know all right? My loves. Welcome back to our channel, we are look at my. I know my pinky finger ain't gon na. Let me be great. Welcome back to our channel i'm here with another one from if you have not guessed it, you, nice hair. We are back we're doing another v. Part, but a bob situation, so i'm super excited about that. If i'm being honest, i'm coming through dripped and you nice, okay, you see, i got my beautiful robe that they so graciously provided us with, and i am coming through with this v part unit. I believe she's 12 inches for 12 for 14 inches. The units are going for 157 dollars, so it'll be less than that for 12 inch v, part wig. Okay, look at how beautiful she is we're gon na get it to get a jab we're gon na get it together. She has uh four combs at the top one, two three four two on the side, one in the back adjustable straps adjustable straps. What kind of forever and i'm gon na go on and get into her? Now i wan na show you what we got from you nice. So obviously we got this beautiful rope that i'm obsessed with okay yeah we got some. Can i get everything we got? Some caps, okay, which we always need. I love getting these these um y'all - can save these stop putting these in the boxes. Ah, that's all me headband, okay, which we also always need. I have here the scarf, which is beautiful, i believe the scarf and some clips which we always need and yeah, let's go on ahead and get into this unit. I do love that they give gifts, though, so i think that when you purchase something like especially a quality wig, i think when you purchase anything, you should get a little gift. Okay, that's what that's just how i feel so i'm just going to go on through and let's see what we can do with this unit. Okay, like so like day, get her together. Now she is bone straight all right. I kind of want to do a little something to my edges. Right, quick, now, just hit the edge brush right in my face right in my face. So this unit, again um at the high end, is going for just under 160 dollars unites, is always having some kind of promotion, so don't get discouraged by that, like i said, i'm going through this thing, where i do think that um, i love an affordable unit. Do not get a jacked up, but i do think all the girlies need to like purchase like invest, not purchase, invest in units that you know like. If you want to go on vacation, you could take it with you kind of thing and not feel like it's going to jack you up or you got to do all this maintenance to it. So i'm trying to encourage y'all to get into that a bit everybody! Everybody - okay, so am i or am i not giving just for me? First of all, y'all remember back in the day, all we wanted was for them to straighten our hair child and then they would give us these tight-ass curls at the bottom. Don'T nobody want that? I love this. I absolutely positively love. This is super effortless. I love that i can just throw her on and go minimal leave out. Let me turn around. The texture of the hair is stunning: it's really really uh thick and silky, but silky thick, but silky. So she's giving like movement she's like you know, you know backpack backpack, all that she's giving she's giving. So i'm really here um for that. I feel like i'm supposed to go into a grocery store, still some meat throw it in a backpack and i'm bob and we eat my way up on holiday. Now i don't take issue with that much on this unit. I love the um density. It feels a little bit lighter in the front like just a little bit. It just feels to me like it needs. You know two or three more tracks right there, however um. I think this unit is fire. I i really don't have much to say. I think this is absolutely positively stunning. I love that it's a natural length um for the girls who just want to give a little like. I just want a little a little shake that ain't, a little roomba room. You know what i mean. That'S the major i'm giving y'all all the tic tac things right now: y'all millennials on tic toc, but i'm giving it all to you. I really love this look at that. So this is her back here. You see that that's her um, i'm obsessed! What do you guys think? How are you really feeling about the v part gladys over? Is that your hair, that's my baby. She said that you know i'm tired of v parts. Y'All, pretending like v part, is supposed to not have leave out and i could not. The is my mannequin here. Oh no, it's not. I could not agree more. I just i i feel like v parts you parts you're supposed to have minimal leave out. I don't care what they say: um this technology is just not there yet. However, this is a really really stunning unit. I think she looks really good. I'M feeling like i got a fresh perm, okay and i want y'all to stop sending me my new part, wigs, because um my leave out is getting crunch and much so and then high i'm trying to reserve this hair. But i told myself my the back of my hair can be all the way down here. I don't give a if the front of my hair is right here. I ain't cutting it. I ain't doing it, i don't care, i don't care. So if you have not already bust them subscribe to the channel, this was an easy, bop, okay, something just to throw on shout out to sheena love. You boo, and i guess i'll see you beautiful mother, jumpers later bye.

Tina BlackberryRose: ♥️ the ease of this V-part Bob unit and how your hair blended with it. It’s Pretty and looks so natural. Tyfs

StarriSkye: Lol I did a leave out sew in for barely 2 weeks and felt exactly like you at the end of the video. Nope can't do it! No more leave out

TheReal1_p3: Best friend you cutting up in this video!!!! " Keep these lashes out the box" literally took me out. Bob & weave my way out that Thang This unit is cute tho

Kodi H: Why are you so funny !!! Great video. Did you find the hair to be silky ?

Andrea Steele: Aaayyyeee aaayyyeee aaayyyeee that music got me bouncing!!!! When you didn't say Wakanda forever (BECAUSE I DID ) I looked at you like "what find of foolishness is this" !!! I would love to try a V-part but with my hair loss I just don't have enough leave to make it look good .

Marcia Grant: I got one, all they need is some yaki

karmen moxie: Not Wankda Forever, Sis! LMAO!!.....

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