Air Wig Middle Part Ft Unice Hair Review

Hey my lovely dosers! In this video I am doing a beautiful 24 inch air wig middle part by unice hair review. Litlerally no products are being used to actually apply this wig! Talk about a real glueless wig!

If you're looking for a new air wig, then be sure to check out Unice Hair! In this video, we'll unbox and review their middle part air wig, which is perfect for those with thin hair. Unice Hair has a wide range of air wigs, so whether you have thick hair or thin hair, their air wig selection should have something for your style. Plus, their prices are really reasonable, so you can get a great air wig without breaking the bank.

So check out Unice Hair and see for yourself how great their air wigs are!

The same hair in the video ➤

Hair Info: 24 inch body wave breathable cap pre-cut lace front wig

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Foreign, let me just let you guys know how beautiful this hair is. First of all, this is a 24 inch body, wave breathable air Wig by Eunice and it's an air wig because, as you see right here, I can put my fingers through to get to my scalp y'all. This is a game, changer foreign, so, as you guys can see here, I literally just threw this wig on. I was kind of in a rush. However, this wig, you guys, came pre-cut already. I have not done a thing to this wig. I have not bleached knots. I have not cut the lace, this came pre-cut, you guys. I love the fact that it's just so easy to put on it's beginner friendly and honestly. The concept of having a breathable wig cap is just so different. You want to get back there when your scalp is itching, and it's just better for your scalp Health overall go back there with your fingers. You can go back there with your rat tail comb honey. You guys know pet show, weave baby. Okay, that's what Beyonce said or something like that. So we don't got ta keep having our wheeze. We could just go back there and scratch with this type of wig cap. I absolutely love it beginner friendly adjustable. I definitely don't need any glue. I didn't use any lace, adhesive spray with this wig. I didn't use any lace glue with this wig. I literally put this on because they have an elastic adjustable band and they also have a silicone band in the back so that it does not go anywhere. That is wonderful. I love it. Oh foreign, thank you. Thank you, one, two, three foreign foreign. Thank you, foreign guys. That concludes this video and, as usual, see you guys in the next one bye,

Shirl P: Now that's a WIG!!! That's a "Slap my wig on" wig. I'd like to see that wig with shorter hair, I personally don't care so much for long hair anymore. A 5 minute wig. Great.

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