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00:22 - Unboxing

00:42 - Wig Details

01:00 - Cutting Lace

01:40 - Skin Prep + Lace Adhesive

07:00 - Styling Kinky Straight Hair

09:50 - Final Looks



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Hey ladies welcome back and happy New Years if you are liking, this look stay tuned and we'll get right into it. Jumping right in the company I will be working with today is Uni's hair. Of course they sent me an elastic band, some wig caps, a cute drawstring bags, so you can store your wig and then the wig bag that the hair came in and then they sent me this cute rhinestone, pink, bedazzled, Unis straightener. I love it. This is the unit. This is their 13x4 HD kinky straight lace, wig. It did come in 24, inches and 180 density. This hairline did come pre-plucked um. All I had to do was bleach the knots off camera and it does come with an adjustable elastic band. Three Combs and adjustable straps in the back now I'm gon na go ahead and cut off my excess lace using an eyebrow razor, and here I'm just showing you guys that the lace is HD. Like I said, I didn't put no makeup or anything on this lace and it's already given scalp like that's already looking like my hair, and I ain't did nothing to it. So I just wanted to show you guys um before we got. You know in depth and deep to the install what the lace was. Looking like fresh out of the pack, with the lace cut and yeah, it's definitely giving um Uni's hair is been coming through lately with you know the pre-plux units all right. So now I'm just suggesting everything making sure I like the placement of my lace. Once I get the okay we're going to go ahead and going to use our Erica J hold me down adhesive. This is their skin guard that I like to spray. First, you want to do a nice little layer of that, let that air dry and next I'm going to go in with the hold me down watermelon adhesive. Now I will only be doing two to three layers of this using my rat tail comb in between and I'm just smoothing everything out and as you guys can see, it goes on white and it is going to dry clear now. You need to move a little quick with this adhesive um. I do find that if you just let it sit, it will dry very fast and you don't want. You know, build up or a Gunk of glue somewhere that you were supposed to spread out. So, as you see me doing, I am going to be working in sections moving a little swiftly a little quickly. I started in the middle and then I just started doing my right hand, side and then, while that's drying, I'm going to go to the left hand side and then we're just going to keep doing in rotation. Like I said until we do about two or three times and then once everything is nice and dry and you'll know it's dry, because it's clear it's gon na dry, clear as you guys can see like the adhesive I put on my forehead is gone. So I'm just going to keep layering and, like I said I do this three times you can do the dot method or spread it out. However, you want to do it, however, you prefer it really doesn't matter just as long as you spread out the adhesive evenly and it's not a build up or a bunch of glue sitting in one spot. I find that that's what works the best now um. Once I get that done like I said, I'm just moving over to the next section and then just overlapping to the other section, while in between I'm letting those dry now um. While we're doing that, you want to go in with your Songbird blow dryer just to help speed up the process. If you know you are impatient, like me, um once we do this little last side, I'm going to go in with my songbook Songbird blow dryer and I'm just going to give it a nice little blow dry before we press everything in and seal to deal with, That lace, once that's done, um we're going to go in with our foundation powder, conceal everything, make sure it's looking like scalp and then get ready to style Persians, but she's supposed once everything is clear. I'M just going to gently lay the lace on top. You don't want to press down too hard or too firm until you get the proper placement of where your lace is going to lay. So now, I'm just pulling everything down making sure everything's, nice and flush. Looking like how it's supposed to look, you want to make sure you 100 cover up that ball cap in any excess lace. You have just gently press that in with your finger and any excess lace from that other than that we're going to cut off. I do like to use my rat tail comb to kind of Comb, the adhesive into the lace or comb the lace into the adhesive. I find that I don't know it just gives it more of that melt. Look that I'm going for and yeah um once that is done. I am going to go in with this kiss Foundation, cream powder or sorry Foundation, cream, concealer, sorry in the shade, caramel or caramel, and I'm just going to pop that right into the lace in the areas that it looks a little too ashy or white. For me, um, I am a color girl. All you know, so we got to bring that color back in now, I'm just going to blend all of that out with my buffing brush, and I got that from my local Beauty Supply Store. You really can use that or a finger. It really doesn't matter um once we get through with that. This is what the lace is looking like, definitely giving scalp. Now I'm going to take my even or Evan, this is their sensitive skin adhesive spray. This is an alternative for glue. If you don't want to do glue, you can use an adhesive spray and it's just the same amount as or just the same thing as got to be, or you know, the bolt hold Liquid Gold, any type of glueless glue, adhesive or spray adhesive. This is basically what that is, so I'm just going in small sections and pressing that in with my finger and then melting all of that down with my Songbird blow dryer, if you get any excess lace anywhere, just dab it with a paper towel like I did. I do find that you using your comb while you're blow drying helps so the spray does not adhere to the hair um. You know it is you got to treat it like regular hairspray, if you just let it sit on top of your hair and not combing it out, it's going to be hard and stiff and might flake. You don't want that. So now I'm just going in on the other side, gently pressing all that stuff. In that I need to any excess spray, though, like I said that you guys see get that off of the paper towel and I am using my rat tail comb and my blow dryer just to comb the lace into the adhesive or comb, the adhesive into the Lace like so once we get through that now, I'm going to take my Unis elastic band, I love their velcro elastic bands and we're just going to tie that down now, while that's baking up under that lace band, I'm going to take my hot comb and I'm Going to Silk press or not soak press just press out the whole front of the frontal. You want this to get nice and flat and feet. Looking you don't want it looking. You know like a wig on your head um, your hot comb is your best friend, make sure you are holding and tucking them ears, okay, because I have burnt myself plenty of times and we are not trying to do that once that is done, we're going to Take that lace off - and this is what the scalp is giving I'm kind. That'S definitely my hair. Now we're going to going to do a bust down middle part. Now I never wear kinky straight hair, so I don't know some just made me wanting to try something out the box. Now I'm just taking my wax stick and just putting a little bit on top, where my part is and to Define all of that I'm going to go in with my Con Air hot comb and as you guys can see, I want it flat. You see the difference and I wanted to show you guys the difference of one side once it's flat, nice and neat with the hot comb and then the other side that is still kind of poofy or bumpy a little bit. You want to get that laid down as flat as possible, so here I am taking my little time: um hot combing through make sure you hit the front and the top not just the front or not just the top make sure you're hitting both. You see the difference you see that makes it makes a huge, huge difference. So now I'm just going to go ahead and hit the other side like so get everything nice and neat nice and flat. I don't want no Humpty Dumpty. None of that. It needs to look like my scalp. Now I'm going to go in with the same cream, concealer um. This is in the shade, honey beige and I'm going to pop that right into my part, just to Define it, make it all nice and neat. We want to get rid of that net. Look now, I'm going to take my Clairol root touch up spray, and this is in the shade black. I got this from Amazon for about 20. Bucks comes in a two packs, and this is a lifesaver. If you are not a fan of the um black root spray - or you just don't know how to use it, this is your go-to. Now I am going to keep this hair in the original texture, so I'm just taking my blow dryer and just kind of running it through the um hair, just trying to stretch it out a little bit and then I do maneuver in between or sorry switch in Between my Songbird blow dryer comb and then my brush, my paddle brush um, you can do either or I find that doing both made the gave me the result that I was looking for. So I'm hoping that you guys are getting what I'm trying to say. Here'S one side stretched out with the blow dryer and then this is the other side completely untouched, fresh out the box. So you see the difference like it just toned down the kinky straight and that's the look we were going for now. This is the finished. Look. I'M in love again this is Eunice hair. This is their 13x4 HD kinky straight units get into that lace. It'S definitely giving scalp baby. We coming into the New Year big and ready no baby hairs needed at all super super beginner friendly and easy to install all right and, like I said, I never wear kinky straight hair and I got ta give this a 10 out of 10.. Like I made this look good, I was nervous for little bit. You know, but overall I love this hair. I got no shedding and no tangling um. This hair is super super full root to tip. You cannot see through this hair at all, as you guys can see, is definitely giving body kinky straight and it's for this to be 180 density baby. It was full, like I said, root to tip. Look at all that body. Look at all that luster and this is 24 inches. I am five foot even and this comes literally to my butt, so you guys see it's true to length. Um density is full everything's, true to lent true density. Everything like I love it. Overall. I give this a 10 out of 10., I'm coming in strong for the 2023 y'all we're just coming back to back with these hair tutorials. Okay, so let me know what y'all think below don't be scared to comment and leave a like. I love you guys so much and I'll see you on my next video bye, lonely.

♡Antonio♡: Omg you look so gorgeous with this hair. I love when you have bigger hair ❤️

Yahriah Ahava: Its beautiful!! So natural, I love it!! Thank you for sharing!!

T F: Beautiful install. Love it.

Shell Shell Beyond Beauty: Happy New Year beautiful. Yesss you definitely did that. I love it. I'm liking the no baby hair look. Can we get a makeup video? You always look flawless sis

The 3rd Marissa: Unice has some great wigs, but you make them look classy. Especially with flattening the front and top of the wig. I like the stretched out look. That really makes or break an instalI. I still have got2b hairspray that I used only twice within 2 years, but I want to try Ebin

Naturally curly mama: Look so beautiful you did an excellent job

Adrii_Dream: I love the texture

Carmen Cash: Girl I'm not gonna play with you % SLAYED,TKO,10s ACROSS THE BOARD

OHoneyPot: Absolutely Beautiful♥️

Patricia Dorsey: Love it.

Treece: Perfection!

Tameka Landon: Simply gorgeous darling ❤

T F: Did you dye the hair black or only just use the black root touch up?

Kea Daniels: Lovely


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