Amazing Hairstyles For Black Women 2023

Amazing Hairstyles for Black Women 2023

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Hello, everyone well welcome back to the style News Network, So today we're going to be checking out some amazing hair ideas for black women that you can try out this season. These will range from shorter styles to longer styles. So, if you're, looking for something new and trendy to do with your hair, you've come to the right place. If you do feel inspired by any of these hair ideas, please be sure to give today's video a big thumbs up hit that subscribe. Button and you'll stay up to date on all the latest and the hottest black hair trends. So here we have an amazing Shogun length, a silk press roller set from Anthony cuts. His model looks absolutely insanely gorgeous swear that man is so talented. So here's another look by Anthony, so it looks like he's doing a sew-in with the curly hair for this one. I love the way he did the makeup and then we have a hair. Color change looks like he's putting in some really pretty blonde streaks in his curly client's hair doing her makeup. Oh money piece highlights. Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous wow and I bet you. This looks really pretty when it's curly too so next up. Another look by Anthony. So he's doing another sew-in for this one and, of course doing the makeup wow away so gorgeous. I bet you he makes like every single client just feel like a superstar when they leave his chair. So next up it looks like we have a silk press. She is absolutely gorgeous hair. Thank you flip in the ends and then she did add in some clip in extensions. I think she more so added this for volume, but this looks so natural. It definitely looks like it could be her hair. So pretty so, we have another Anthony touch transformation, and this is by far one of my favorites from his now. This man has been around for a while on Instagram tick tock and you can go back and just kind of like see his work, so he actually did a lace front wig for this one, wow insanely gorgeous beautiful blonde with a dark roots stunning. So here it looks like we have someone with some heat damage or she could. Those could also be like relaxed ends as well. Thank you so she's doing a silk press here, clip in the ends, some more keeping the hair, nice and healthy Gorgeous Hair has so much body and bounce, and the sheen is unreal. So here we have another soap press. It looks like she has hair. That'S just around her shoulders and she cuts the hair into a bob foreign, so we are going to be taking a look at some more like shorter Styles. Coming up, oh wow, look at her hair! Look at this color combination, it's just so pretty it's like a really pretty caramel mixed with black gorgeous, and then here we have another short style, adding in some baby curls. Now, obviously, her hair is thinning towards the middle. The curls are the way that the stylist is doing it she's kind of doing it in a way where it does conceal some of that thinness foreign. She does have a bit of color here going in the front, so she kind of does like a mohawk comb over method. This is really pretty very cute, stylish, beautiful wow. You cannot even tell that her hair is thinning amazing. So here we have someone else with the shortest strands. So she's got like a TWA here going. She has an absolutely gorgeous smile. Look at those cheekbones okay, so I I think that she's getting a relaxer, yeah she's, definitely getting relaxer. Now, I'll be honest in saying I do not miss those days, so it looks like she is going to get a pixie hairstyle hair, oh wow. I am obsessed with this. Her hair has so much volume in it. The curls are just gorgeous and when you have cheekbones that look, this beautiful yeah, you should definitely Rock short hair incredible. She looks absolutely stunning. Oh, I love the client's reaction. She'S like wait. A minute. Is this me? Yes, honey! You are glowing foreign. If you do want to get a relaxer or if you do want to get a pixie rather and you are natural, you can wear your natural hair straight. You just have to make sure that you go to a stylist. That knows how to do it, but she looks unreal. Thank you and then we have our last hairstyle of the day. I believe this is just going to be of a regular silk press, but she's got some Gorgeous Hair clipping the ends. Wow, her hair looks so beautiful, so healthy, just gorgeous all right. You guys. I hope that you were able to find some major hair inspiration in today's video. If you did, please be sure to give it a big thumbs up hit that subscribe button, and I will see you next time - foreign

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