7 Years Natural! It'S Blowout Season! Kinkistry Kinknesis Frontal Wig Install | Bethebeat

HEY QUEENS! Let's get into this beautiful Kinkistry Kinknesis Unit! All details plus link to their site is below!


20" Kinknesis 13x4 Frontal Unit

Medium Cap Size



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I'Ve been growing my natural hair for seven years. I just got my first Blood of the Season as far as I'm concerned: okay, hi Queens, welcome back to my channel. This is be the B. If you didn't, let me know, and if you didn't already know that means you are new here and I just want to say - welcome welcome into the kinky Street party friend and if you are not new here, welcome back so glad to see you again. Okay, as you can obviously tell by the thumbnail the title of the video we're getting into this this unit. Okay, this is the inspired look like we got the scissor nose Contour going on. We got the whole Rudolph scissor Vibe, going on. We got the big hair. Y'All know, sister loves some big hair. So when I picked out this unit from Kinko stream, all I have to think about was sizza. I I mean ouch this. This is given scissor for me. So I'm, like you know what I'm gon na do a survive. Kinka Street did not disappoint. They never have disappointed me, I'm just so speechless like y'all. When I tell you oh, this hair is so good. This hair is so good like it looks like it grew from my scalp matter of fact it did and you ain't gon na be able to convince me otherwise, okay yeah, I did bleach the knots um off camera. I did absolutely no plucking to it like this. Is literally just straight out the box as far as the hairline, the lace is unclockable, undetectable completely Flawless like baby. This is my hair. I'Ve been growing my natural hair for seven years. I just got my first blowout of the Season as far as I'm concerned. Okay, as far as you're concerned yeah, this is all me baby. This is all I mean, but anyway, if you're interested to see how we got this look, if you want to hear more about this unit, please keep on watching, like you, I'm honestly speechless y'all, like y'all, hear me stuttering. I can't even talk straight like I am speechless at how good this unit looks and how good I look at how King of Street really just did it on us like this like this is this grew out? I grew this out of my head. There'S there's! No other way around it, babe stay tuned friend, go ahead and click the Subscribe button, because you're gon na love it here don't play with me, don't play with industry, get into the video yeah, okay y'all. So let's get into this wig install. So this wig, as I already said it's from kinkus tree the best brand in the game for your natural curly textured hair, they have tons of different texture options to mimic natural black hair. I love that for us, like women's color, this one's for you girl, because you can get whatever texture in the book. You want. Okay, this particular unit is the Kink nieces texture. The wig itself is 20 inches. The frontal is a 13 by four I'm only using a spray to secure this wig because, honestly, that's all it needs this week is gon na melt like butter and don't worry babe. I have all the details in the description box for you a link to the website details on this unit. Everything you need okay and don't forget to use my discount code, be the beat 10 to save you, some money off of your unit, because when you see the end result, baby you're going to be running to the site. Miranda, walk, okay and kinky Street always has a sale going on so check the site, use my discount code and save you. Some coins girl, okay, get your unit she's. That girl, like look at the lace. It'S unclockable Kinka Street has the best lace. Now I know y'all remember my really like Kinky Curly unit I wore not too long ago girl. I had people thinking that was my hair. Like okay, people were asking me: oh my God, your hair is so beautiful. Like how long have you been growing? Your hair people thought that was my hair okay, get into it all right y'all, so my makeup is done for the most part. Now that we've come to a good stopping point, let's go ahead and, oh so let me get in concealed in my wig. Let'S untie this, so we can see what it's given. Hopefully it's giving the right things because I only used like spray. This top baby talk about the milk, so I thought I'm growing out of my scalp. Wait a minute! Wait! A minute! Wait! A minute! Wait! A minute okay, she's, melty, poo, she's melted. Let'S cut this lace off so we can, you know, get to going for real, okay yo. This looks so good. Please do not play the kinky stream don't play with me like! Please don't! I have something safe to do because playing with me is not safe out here. Okay, I'm just spraying. My little like skip to my thing here, just to melt down a little bitty corners they're like came up from when I was cutting the lace, maybe be for real girl, please this is going out of my head. This is growing from my scalp like kinky. She has the best lace, like I literally be having people food like please. Okay, let's grow this hair. Shall we come out in your eyes, experience all right y'all, so I finished curling, my hair. Do the big reveal ciao this? I grew this. I grew this overnight and I don't want to hear anything else about it. Okay, I don't I really don't. Oh my gosh yo. I am so impressed like please stop playing with me. Oh my gosh. I really want to take this off like I really don't like. Actually, I can't take it off because I grew up myself like this is not a wig. This is not a drill. This is not a drill baby. This is nice room. Please, if we're gon na be anything guys, we're gon na be for real and stop playing the king is your space because baby, please be for real, find something safe to do food find something safe to do. Let me get some earrings on and hold on hold on y'all. This in style is unmatched, like yeah yeah, this hair. I look amazing. This hair is a masterpiece like I don't. I honestly am speechless. Look at the lace like what lace it's dude. You can't see it y'all, like I don't think y'all understand. Please please, ladies and Gentlemen, please like the scissor, the scissor nose Contour with the scissor curls like be for real. I look amazing. I look amazing. This hair is amazing, like the quality like it literally. I grew this myself. It'S not up for debate, it's not for discussion. I grew this myself because who can prove otherwise like look at this who can prove otherwise like police? Please it's given. I'Ve been growing my natural hair for seven years and I just got ta blow out my first blowout of the season. Please it's giving it's giving that's it. That'S all! That'S it! That'S all. I don't have anything else to say like I'm honestly, I'm honestly speechless. Oh my gosh. Thank you all so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. Don'T forget to subscribe, like share comment. All the things shot. The link down below. I do have a discount code for y'all. The discount code for kinky shoes website is to be the beat 10 so make sure you shop their site, y'all, I'm just so speechless, because I look so good. I can't someone get in the mirror. I feel amazing, like I feel beautiful. Oh my God. I don't think I've ever felt prettier in a unit like Cristiano, I love my short hair, like I feel the prettiest when I'm bald, but this I don't think I've ever felt this good in false hair. Like this this I I feel amazed don't forget to subscribe. Like share and comment on things and shuffling down below go ahead and cop your next industry piece and that the unit said it all baby say anything else. The unit said it all: okay, be to love.

DWOOD: GIRL!!!!! OMG Absolutely perfect!! You look tf goodt

Elan Bentley: It is absolutely gorgeous❤

Caryl Johnson: No plucking at all?! Chiiilllleee..... As usual, you look stunning! The issue is, I've got a big head and I don't think this will fit my head/hair... even with a large cap! I'll live vicariously through you, lol

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