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Hair Info: 22'' blonde highlight straight 13*4 lace frontal wig, 180%density

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Foreign, okay, so I'm still a little ugh and it's low-key annoying. I'M tired of sounding like this. I sound disgusting but I have to I have to work baby. I got ta make my money so, but I'm cool now like I still have it, but I feel a lot better. I would not be doing these videos if I did not feel good enough to do them for the past. Like three days, I've been getting up. Moving around working and stuff, so I'm chilling it's just like you know like at the end. It'S like it'd, just be like your throat or, like you just be coughing. That'S where I'm at right now, like I'm just coughing. I don't know why my voice still sounds like this, but it is what it is. Today. We have a wig from Ali Pro, I'm excited, it is a 22 inch blonde highlight straight 13x4 lace, frontal wig, it is 180 Destiny and the cap size is medium. That'S what it looked like the inside y'all and it's the wig, so I I have to I flat ironed it last night. The way I let it sit, it has a little dent in it, but that's okay, because we're gon na fix it. But I do have some things. I'M want to say about this wait. Kyle looks on the website and how it looks in person is very similar. It looks a lot alike. I would not personally say it looks exactly like it. It does give off more of a gray tone, so I'm gon na put a picture on the screen of what it looks like on the website, and this is actually more gray tone. So I just want to let y'all know that when I got the wig it did, it does obviously have more like of a gray tone to it than blonde, like it's obviously highlighted blonde. So maybe it's like a dirty blonde, but it's like it's giving more Platinum. You know what I'm saying yeah, that's all I have to say really but yeah just the wig boom. You guys pop it out. You guys pop it on I'm excited it's real kill and yeah we're just gon na just gon na get it together. I had plucked it yesterday. I did all my little wash and plug-in um. I did wash it so it is in its natural state right now it did come straight. I think I already said that right, yeah highlight straight. I don't know if I want to do something to it or not we'll figure it out once it's actually on my hand, oh and the the knots y'all the knots were perfect, so I don't think I've ever got a blonde wig where, like the knots were black, I feel like that. Just don't make no sense. Sometimes people will tell them the knots just to make it look more natural right. I ain't got nothing to tone of it, so we could use this. Usually, when you get a blonde wig, you should tone it because it just helps. I don't know it makes it look so much better when you tone it. If you ever get a blonde wig make sure you tone it. Okay, make sure you tone it, because it's gon na look real good when you tone it, you just go pop it on. So I'm just gon na put it on my head real quick size and make sure everything's good see what I got cut off then cut it off and then put it back on. Okay, so here it is Boom cut everything y'all didn't get to see me cut. It because I, if you watch my videos before you know, I like to cut it off my head, because it's easier but we're not doing any edges. I'Ve learned that with blonde hair, really just blonde hair like doing edges just it doesn't look right. I don't know to me at least it doesn't look right, so we're not gon na do no edges, but we are gon na we're gon na continue We're not gon na do edges, though I got this Starbucks drink that I've never gotten before, and I thought, oh, Maybe this would be fun to try. Never again, it's not good. It'S like a it's. It'S a vanilla, cold brew, which I like vanilla, cold Brews, I'm in this Facebook group that has like secret recipes or what whatever they call them secret recipes, and I tried one that someone gave me and it's just not good, and everybody in the comments was like. Yeah and it's super sweet - and I'm like this - is not sweet. It'S not good at all foreign foreign okay, so we finally cut it. I'M just about to like melt all this real quick. When I first cut it, I didn't cut enough of the lace off, so I had to go back and cut it. So I'm just getting all this together. Real, quick and melting. It looks good to me looks good to me. We get too stylish yeah. This is just giving like. I don't it's so soft, oh my God, I did not realize how soft it was until now until it's been on my head, but this is it like without any styling or anything, it looks really cute. It'S giving an ashy blonde and I like it would, I say, highlights yeah, I mean like it's like a real. It'S like highlighty highlighty highlight tea, but other than that. It'S pretty good. I like it, I'm living for it now we're just gon na style it. I really could keep it like this, so no, I couldn't I'm like, like style, crazy. Thank you all right, y'all wow. I like what did I do? What did I just get out of my throat? I still sound gross but anywho this. Is it I'm keeping it like? I ain't putting no lashes on or nothing because this is real cute. It'S giving. I wouldn't say that this is like my 100. I would wear this wig like 24 7, but it's it's giving. It gets a good little. I give it an eight I'll, give it an eight. I just don't think it's my color, like I don't think blonde is my color at all. I think Red's, my color, but it's still really cute. It'S soft, like I mean like baby butt soft. My little say that is that, okay, I don't know but yeah and even behind the ear like with this little piece sticking out, looks real cute, that's it! This is a 22 inch blonde highlight straight 13x4, frontal wig. It looks pretty full for it to be 180 density. There is a piece but yeah, it looks pretty full for it to be 180 density. I like it, especially because it's 22 inches thank you, Ally, Pearl for sending me this wig. If you want to match me and get the same, exact wig it'll be down below in the description as well as all the information to the company. Thank you guys so much for watching this video give this video a thumbs up, make sure you follow all my social media at the end of the video and I'll see you guys next time that sounds so bad bye, um foreign

Tanishia Da’Shay: You Did An Amazing Job Crissy I’m Honestly Every Proud Of You! Just Getting Better & Better *

Wonders of Nika: Love it girl! You’re making me want to buy wigs.

Jessica Rabbit💋: You did the damn thing boo!! It looks natural

The Black Announcement: This wig colour looks great on you

Yeashan Banks: You could do a very Storm look with this wig

Destiny Flowers: Girl that color look so good on you ❤

Rebecca Powers: Wow! Totally suits you. Love it ❤

Ya: It looks great , even untouched❤❤

Dennise Martinez: Girl this is youuuu!!! Keep it on!!

🪬ᴀɪʀʏ ᴄᴏꜱᴍᴏꜱ Pop🪬: This blonde is amazing on you..

shutupfaith: Actually, that IS your color it looks soooooo good. I stopped watching another one of your vids to see this one. it looks great

masugbeh sheriff: You’re amazingly talented

JustDomonic’: idk but this color is giving “TurnMeUpppppp” it’s cute on you

Misha E. Stockdale: Omgg this is so cuteeee on you Crissyy ❤

Just Dev: Come on Birthday Twin with another video post THE WIG IS GIVINNNN

Ali Pearl Hair: Pretty! Thanks for trying our hair

Neats Fernandez: Omg I love it

sheila rene' smith: Hope you continue to feel better! .

Ms Ubiquitous: the consistency

JustDomonic’: you gotta take pictures in this wig. it’s cute af fr.

December Letts29: I love watching your YouTube channel I’ve been watching since day one

Carmen DiamondPrincess Andujar: Dope!!! Love it!

Ashley Chanel: Might not be ur color but looks amazing on you

BB TV: Really nice

Ashley Chanel: What kind of straightener do you use

Amber Fair: ❤️

J Bermudez: Honestly I do not care for any of these wig videos. I don't wear wigs unless I'm throwing on a costume. I watch these wig reviews cause it's Crissy and I have been subscribed & watching her videos for a long time now. I really love Crissy's personality. I wish she would do more cooking videos, more videos with Mila, more pranks, and story times.

SugarySpiceCakee: ❤

Issa Vybe: Nahh cause THIS is YOUR COLOUR.

Rigo: I watching your videos and I have my bills on your videos and I'm subscribed to your videos and

December Letts29: Hi Crissy

Sabina pereira: What's that spray thingy called & that glue thingy


Stacy Muntz: Hey my child try using Vicks vapor rub fo dandruff let meeeh k I seen out on a video use of Vicks vapor rub

Tina Tijerina: Fake girl

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