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Foreign, hey guys, welcome back to another video. I hope you guys are doing fabulous today. Today'S video is in collaboration with Arabella here blue Mirror Beauty, and they sent me over one of their wigs guys, which I will be reviewing for you today. These are the little goodies that I got in the package, wig caps, lashes and all of that guys before we get into it, remember, hit that subscribe button and, if you're not already subscribed, please go ahead and hit that subscribe Button as well. This unit is a very curly wig guys I got mine in 22 inches and I do love the curl pattern on it. This is straight out the packaging and it's looking good. As for the lace, this is their five by five closure wig, so it's beginner friendly and easy to install. I also noticed that they have a unique way of constructing their cap, which looks very durable and very firm. They have two combs in the front and also an adjustable strap is in the packaging. So you can apply that and adjust the fitting of the wig. I will be leaving the link to this unit in the description of the video, so go ahead and check it out right now. I am just prepping the unit for installation. I did go ahead and spray it with my lace, tint and I did Perfect The Parting. A bit more and also did light plucking around the edges, guys right now. I just did my wax stick and I am using my hot comb to kind of slick everything back, so no hairs get in the way when I am laying down at the lace. Thank you, foreign to define the curls. I am using some mousse and I'm just leathering - that through the hair and making sure that it's evenly distributed - and you can already see the curls redefining and just popping out a bit more so I'm going to apply some more and then I'm going to go ahead And comb back through. Thank you, okay, guys. I think the wig is looking really good. It'S soft and I'm just combing through that right now, but let's get into the installation process, so the wig is fitted really nicely. I did mention the construction of the cap. It'S very unique, but I like it it's very comfortable and it's also very fitted. I didn't even add the adjustable straps. I just put it on. I did the two combs in the front, and that was basically it foreign, because this is a glueless wig. You can go totally glueless with this, so I'm not using any glue or anything like that. I'M going to go ahead and tie the stone and work on the curls a bit more. So I'm using this coconut curling cream and I'm just going to be applying that generously through the hair just rubbing it in and lathering that through and then I'm going to do some twists. I'M going to twist this in about four sections and let that kind of sit and dry down a bit. Thank you, foreign guys. I love how easy it to work with these curls are as I'm applying the product in it. I'M applying this coconut curling cream. You are literally just seeing the curls transform look at the ends. They are very hydrated and the curls are just defining really nicely now. I'M cutting off the accessories and I'm going to go back in with my got to be spray tap that on the ends of the lace that I cut to help melt that into my skin foreign foreign. So I'm going to be adding some baby hair to the unit and I'm just plucking away that section that I've parted out for the baby hairs guys. Of course, this step is absolutely not too mandatory. As you know, you can't skip it, but for me, when it comes to curly unit, I love adding baby hair to it. I think it does something so I'm just laying those down and for the top of the unit, I'm not going in with any more heat. I'M just going to use my rapid shine. Foaming lotion apply that directly to the top and just lay that down so any FlyAway anything will just be morphed in into place guys. Let'S get into the final look. So this is the final look of the installation process. Guys the curls are so nice, so juicy so defined. I really really love this unit and the fact that it's a closure wig makes the installation so quick. I will be leaving all the links in the description of the video, so go ahead and check that out. Special thank you to Arabella here for sponsoring today's video. Please leave a like before you go guys and I love you all I'll see you in the next one bye, guys, foreign

Rgat Girl TV: Love the curls!

Alpha Romeo a.k.a shygirl: Love the curls.. ..you rock it well

Kings Kid: Gorgeous indeed

Kaydean Howard: Love the hair . And it fits you well kim

milcha ohara: Looking gorgeous Kim , love the hair

Angela Obrien: You look gorgeous every hair you wear looks great on you big it up girl

Cahalia Bailey: Love the hair bad and u rock it well as always ❤

Mrs LattyJ Johnson-Stewart: Kim can we get videos like every other day . I love your videos so much. God bless you and boo.

Evette Marshall: Beautiful love the hair

Toriah Smith Dennis: So nice !

Jay M: Very cute

Maritza Burgos: Beautiful hair

Melva Benloss: Love Love it. You wear it well

Annpatrice Brown: Beautiful

rac Gillett: Cute!!

Elaine Beason: Love hair kim it look nice and soft

Janett Pearson: wow so beautiful Kim love it❤️❤️❤️❤️

Pamela Johnson: Big up Bigup Big up❤kim you're so beautiful and talented you must teach me how to fix wigs so sleek .much love more blessings.

Lillian Smith Whyte: ❤its nice enjoy

Donna Haynes: Hair nice ❤

Melanin Sun: ❤looking good Kim

Life of a Queen: Nice hair

Końska Porcja: You know girls many times I have seen Jamaican girls having such a wonderful hair like these we can see on the video. Now I know that most of them used wigs. Me as a male, stranger walking on the pavement in Kingston, Jamaica can I feel cheated?

Yvette Boone: Cute wig. Is there a misspelling in the title?

RITA LYN: Hey Kim love all the wigs you review but can we see your real hair?

Carlene: Beautiful as always... title check

Shelly ann Edwards: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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