Gorgeous Money Piece 13X4 Lace Front Wig| Lace Front Ft. Ayiyi Hair Frontal Install | Wig Install

Welcome (or welcome back) to my channel!

In this video I install a 22 inch Money Piece 13x4 Lace Body Wave wig from Ayiyi Hair!

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Hair Detail: 22" Money Piece 13x4 Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Body Wave/Straight Highlight Color Wig

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Hi and welcome, or welcome back to my YouTube Channel. Please excuse my voice, I'm a little bit under the weather, but this wig is from I yeah yeah yeah. I believe that's how it's pronounced hair and it is a burgundy like chocolate color with a skunk stripe in the front and this wig. I did not need to bleach the knots it came already bleached. I didn't even need to pluck, and it does come with an elastic in the back. So if you want to wear glueless and it's just really good quality - and I went ahead here and I cut out the little Combs that are at the front - and I dusted just a little bit of foundation powder in on the lace - and here I'm just going To put the wig on and then use my adhesive spray to adhere the wig and let it dry a little bit. If you have a blow dryer this, I highly recommend using a blow dryer as well. My son was sleeping right next door, so I couldn't use it, but I'm going to leave it here and just let you watch the process because of my voice. I don't want to talk too much, but yes, you can just watch the process foreign here I've already. Let the glue dry, so I'm just going to go ahead with a wax, stick and use that to just kind of tame and also hold down the hairs away from the hairline and then after I'm done going through. I also did some because this already came as a middle part, so I put some down the part just to kind of flatten it and give it a pressed look and then once I'm done doing that, I take the hot comb and actually use it to press Out the hairs away from the front and also just to press them out - and this also helps when it comes to cutting the lace, because it'll keep the hair away from the lace. So it's easier to cut and easier to kind of get that that hairline cut to the hairline and get the Precision in that is needed and while the Melt band is on and I'm waiting for that, I went ahead and curled the hair. So the wig came as a body wave, but I wasn't really feeling the curls too much. I wanted to give it a little bit more definition, especially in the front, so I went ahead and just curled it and in this clip I only show curling one side, but I did end up curling both sides as well foreign. Here it is curled and of course, I'll touch up the curls again, especially in the front if and when needed, but this was just to do more of the work, especially on the sides and in the back and then and it's time to cut the lace. So I like to cut down the middle and then also cut on the sides and use the scissors to cut a bigger chunk and then to go in and to get more precise, I will use an eyebrow razor and I cut it as I need all the Way down off camera, just because I need to be like up close in the mirror, but um on camera. I just I do the bigger chunks and then yes, I cut it down to what I need it to be to mimic a real hairline and, as I always say, you don't want to cut all the way to where the hair starts. Because then it won't look natural. You want to actually leave a little bit of the lace and as long as the lace is quality and this lace was quality, then it should melt, quote unquote and not be entirely noticeable. And now I'm going to go through with the adhesive spray on top and especially for the sides, because this will help the sides stay down. Sometimes the sides tend to lift um and they tend to lift a lot sooner than the front and then it'll also help to melt quote unquote the lace to the scalp. So after I'm done doing this, then I will tie it down with the Melt band and then do the big reveal. Okay. So here I re-curled just a little bit, and here comes the big reveal and so you'll see that you can still see some of the lace. It'S definitely not as noticeable as before, but this is where your makeup or your wig, not powder or your mousse tinting mousse, will come in handy just to kind of help blend in that lace. So for this one I decided to use the powder, I'm just going to go along the hairline and you'll notice that even with just the powder by itself, it does make a huge difference and then once I actually put some makeup on you'll notice that it just It'S it's not noticeable, or it's not very noticeable um, and especially from afar

Shekeyla Mandigo: I wanna try a skunk stripe wig. It’s cute!

Patrice Marjorie: You pulled this off so well!

Wavy Ay: I love the skunk stripe

rifat rifat: I love your hair style I see and learn a lot from your videos thank you

anushka anderson: This is such a unique color

Inspirational sxm: Loving the color

Nelnica & Family: The wig is nice

Nelnica & Family: I pray that you feel better

Wavy Ay: Notifications gang ️!!

David Frank: vovo

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