Very Detailed!! Lace Front Wig Install 13X4 16Inch Water Wave | Plucking Bleaching And Styling

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Hey is it good ninja and I'm big, but enough videos? How Donald took on my hair, because I just took my hair off and because of the um? Did you actually use it like roasted, so I got ta wash this whole tickets to enjoying it, but anyways. So I'm this video is about I wake tutorial, so yeah, I'm gon na, say I I started four weeks from Bleach. He did not to everything else. I'M not going to start to it's gon na be a Tupac because I'm gon na do the doing it here. Tomorrow, because it's lit right now, it's like it's the time. It'S 9. 32 yeah. I got two phones, I don't care and it's late so yeah tonight everything I'm sure, step by style. You do all that. So stay strong. Look at my braces because I got new versus color. I like him, see like come subscribe and let's get right into the video. I got a glove my shoes on tonight so the way the hair is for Amazon bowl and I got the list the Mover, because I believe that my Edge is gone. Look at this, it's going back, but it's gone, and I have time whether it come with this. I don't know what they have this black chick gon na do for me, but that's what it came with it can work. Elastic um stand for meditation gives me a head to uh small. It was about in the budget, so I got a real small, I'm a little short water with deep Waterway chicken twist kick in water. With our see, it's lighter, but look at the look at the thickness of this bro see. Look that's the knots. This is the list um, that's noted, uh see, but I'm gon na still plug in more. So what would you need? A simple got to be to push your hair back Slide the flying head basket the ball. The reasons like this because I was using it and I've been watching it because I didn't give a I didn't care about me, but anyways getting high. I might try to mix it so we I got this 30 volume and we got the Dust this one see. This is gon na be down the bottom of my hair stuff, because I got ta do somebody's hair yeah. I do do people hair too. I have a own page, so if you affiliate with a book with me right here, anyways, let it be a very tick consistency look and you mix it up, but it's alive. But oh well, thank you. So we can do this because yeah, I think it is. Let me know you just happened: big big mama's, not here I was gon na - have to bring my hair back please after this Adventure Time take first down below part 38 inch, because I don't want to chop in here for a minute. At least I got this here because it was like a bag on the budget, not a really near my hair, like I'm in near the wig, because yeah I haven't really like so highly I'm gon na order any inch. Sorry, so why you do that? Take this spray got to be and spray it in yeah, okay, I hope you're able to see you, though I think be careful not to appreciate in the hair so I'll be worked into this because you want to date. You don't want the um, the um thing, the gold. The briefs will go like on the hair here. Actually, you can see I'll be looking for a gentle. This um, oh yeah, baby together. So I'm gon na put it right on top of this, so we got it for 30 minutes to deliver um 30 minutes to let it um just let it um, bleach and stuff. So that might be created everything else. I might go out and got ta get. My dog to plug in on it because they have some leftovers, but never always done. This is back see I'm flat ironed with gold. Yes, either foreign, it's whatever you want to. Please give me please. I love you forever, your body, the only things. So let me just find me a sound uh we're gon na start by pushing the edges back cause. I have been losing her freaking edges, bro God push this all the way back, because you don't want this to get because she's big big is so bright. I finally got in my studio light that I've been wanting for 10 years now, hello, Freddy. This is big. I have that orders. So what you do is put the blood count on you here yeah I look anyways and then you need to cut an ear tag. I was gon na sew at the back, but um foreign. Thank you. Thank you much though the razor, let me cut this up. Thank you. It'S a good, lady fingers. I'M going this way! You rub it all right here. This is in 16. Yeah, then yeah. This is really my skin too. I can see in there. So this is consistency so once tie it like my a foundation, that's actually that's not like this where's. Oh, what's this shot game like because I I don't know my Foundation like 100, yet I just be guessing when it kind of putting makeup on I just I just get like a darker. It'S a little darker and a little lighter just to be on the safe side, and I mix it up and I do like sun testing. What is this in like like the Little Foundation? So we let me know I'm struggling uh. I got this from Amazon. Obviously gon na eat my money, but like anyways, so nice put the glue right here. You see it me. Actually. I was all good by myself I wan na know you were supposed to heal my heart, but the only thing you did was hurt. Your deal was hurting. I was supposed to help my heart. All you did was hurting it's not dry, I'm just trying to like all right foreign excited, I'm tired! Thank you very much, anyways how you cut it foreign. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you God. This is your bear. Cutter, though, is your best friend to get this extra milk. This is the best figure out what the I wan na do this. I thought this picture the house on grumpy foreign here you're, probably too far, thank you. Foreign excited images, foreign. You like that down right here in control, shut up foreign. Thank you, okay, anyways we're going to see your light cover And subscribe for more videos, but yeah wait for Amazon. This is not sponsor, so I'm not gon na put the link or anything in the body, but look at this okay and cause. I ate that because I ate thick because I ate them but anyways like comment subscribe this one for the next video and I love y'all, bye,

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