23 Cheap Wigs *That Don'T Look Cheap* In 2023 Pt. 1 | $20 Tuesday Ep. 90

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Outre NEESHA H301

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Link https://amzn.to/40BNmtZ

Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJIKS-...

Sensationnel IWD3

Link https://amzn.to/3yQrori

Tutorial https://youtu.be/K_uH2wXk4kY


Link https://amzn.to/3LAugA4

Tutorial https://youtu.be/NAqk06kazcU


Link https://amzn.to/3Fyl3UQ

Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzCEca...


Link https://amzn.to/3yPIN3b

Tutorial https://youtu.be/BWo7TZMueoI


Link https://amzn.to/3n2wmhY

Tutorial https://youtu.be/BWo7TZMueoI


Link https://amzn.to/3JQQEUt

Tutorial https://youtu.be/BWo7TZMueoI


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Hey YouTube: fam: it's your girl, Gladys! Welcome! Back to the channel, I miss y'all. How y'all been drop, a comment. Let me know how this year is going for you thank y'all for being so patient. In my absence, I definitely will explain all of that at another time. I am bringing it back a series that I used to have on this channel called Small Talk, Saturdays, where we'll be getting a little bit more personal and it'll be on Saturday. So look out for that, but for right now we're gon na focus on these wigs. I know it's been a minute y'all see. I have braids in my hair. I'Ve had these in for like a month and a half, but I started a series on my Instagram and Tick. Tock same name is at your hair. Where I talked about the 23 wigs that I'm bringing into 2023, it gained traction on both platforms, so I was like you know what I need to bring this to YouTube. I'M finally, getting this video out make sure you drop a comment if this video is very helpful to you, if you end up adding anything to the cart, let me know or if you've tried them yourself already share with us in the comments today is 20 Tuesday And 20, all Tuesday is a special time. My channel, where I showcase super cute wigs for the love, the 20 price range and Below. Oh, I miss saying that you believe this is episode 90, like when did that happen? I'M so proud excited for episode. 100.. Can you guys leave me comments? Let me know what we should do for the 100th episode of twin dollar Tuesday. Let me know I'm also trying to figure out what the frequency is going to be, because I know I did 20 on Tuesday every week, but since I have not been as consistent on YouTube lately, I don't know if I can keep that up at this current Moment but I will keep y'all posted, so this first wig right here on the list cool every time I talk about this wig on Instagram, y'all, sell it out somewhere. This is Nisha h301 and she is bomb.com. I really need to repurchase this wig and show you exactly how I styled it. It was nothing crazy, but a lot of people asked me to do a tutorial and I realized I never actually show how I do it. It is a half wig, so it's very beginner friendly. I just flipped it over and that's how the curls end up falling on me. I didn't do anything else that wig, I absolutely love the texture and if you know me, you know I'm a textured girl. I love hair that mimics my natural hair, whether it be Kinky, Curly, kinky coily blown out straight. So this is what h301 is giving and, of course it's by utre and they do textures, especially in colors very well 10 out of 10 Nisha h301. Definitely consider copying it, especially if you like voluminous hair now wig number two. I actually did not try this wig until 2023, because that's when it came out and honey, let me tell you, I'm it's gon na be in my Arsenal for the rest of the year. Look at this look at this wig. This is Miss brennley. I have this wig in five colors. I haven't shown you all the colors yet, but I have the copper. I have the um, the brown color I'll make sure the colors are in the description box. I have it in the regular two color, of course she just gives in every color and every lighting setting. I absolutely adore her now one of my videos from last month, you may have seen me review this wig and do a tutorial where I show you how to make it look natural and the main trick is really just plucking those hairs off the part. Out of that Crown area, that's what you have to do in order for it to lay flat. That'S the issue I have with synthetic bang. Wigs is that most of them do not come with a lace closure, so you're just left with a lot of hair. That'S gathering at the crown and that's not cool, because it looks too Wiggy for me. So that's why I have to pluck out the hairs and voila that's how I was able to achieve the look you see here. You can find this wig anywhere from like eighteen dollars to thirty dollars depends on where you shop. Y'All know me. I am an Amazon affiliate, so I do recommend a lot of wigs that you can find on Amazon. I do link everything in my description box and, of course, if you shop My Links, you are directly supporting your girl, so consider shopping through Amazon, but of course you can find these wigs anywhere. If you just search the name on Google too, this is another wig that just doesn't let up pedal to the metal. Every time I wear this wig every time I show this wig it sells out to out the last time I talked about it is sold out and I just noticed a restocked on Amazon again Nakai is that girl? I definitely rated it as one of my top synthetic calf. Wigs of all time. I have a video on that and I'll make sure I'll link it. So you can check that out. The reason why I love Nakaya so much is because the texture mimics my natural hair extremely well, and I like that, it's a short curled bob style. It looks extremely natural if I wear that wig with leave out there's no way, you think that's not my hair. It'S mine. I love that I love when I can find a wig that can fool the girls a little bit. You know what I'm saying and a lot of you have tried Nakaya as well and have raved about her and my DMs in the comments section. So I decided to put her out there again. Okay, I definitely saw her online at one point for as low as fifteen dollars right now, she's on Amazon, for I believe 27. So you take your pick. She is probably gon na sell it again, especially if this video gains trash but y'all know I like to keep y'all up to date in my YouTube Community tab. So when certain wigs, I know, are really popular on my channel come back in stock, I will post about them on the community tab, so I have first dibs so make sure you check that out and also I like to post things in my Instagram stories. Updating everyone so make sure you follow me on Instagram. Is that your hair? By the way we just reached a major Milestone on Instagram? We reached 30 000 subscribers so excited about that I did an entire photo shoot. You know I just got my whole life. I got some balloons and one of my homegirls helped me out and we blew them up. It was just so beautiful. I loved it and especially considering you know how this year has started and has been going. I really needed that ray of sunshine in my life, so thank you all so much for follow me on Instagram. Thank you for contributing to 30k. It really means a lot to me. Wig number. Four is a true throw on and goal y'all another utre wig. This is from the converted cap series, Miss Hawaiian, hottie and look how easy breezy and simple she is straight 16 inch half wig again. This is another textured wig and I think all the wigs on this list. Almost all of them have this nice texture that mimics Type 4 hair. So if you like that you're gon na love this entire video but Hawaiian hottie, I really like her because this was after the converted cap series got a revamp. So these wigs actually lay a little bit flatter on your head when you apply them versus the half. Wigs from yesteryear, so I'm really really happy about that and she's just a great style. You can wear it with the headband. As you see, I did, but wearing her with my natural hair out, maybe in a ponytail would look super natural as well, so this next wig definitely held me down for a good portion of 2022.. This is by utre, of course, and this is their Dominican, blowout wig, in the 22 inches. This is my first time trying a synthetic u-part wig that was also a human hair blend. It'S a beautiful unit, absolutely gorgeous unit. I'M trying to remember if this wig came with Clips or Combs. I know a lot of people steer away from the Combs because over time they can take out your hair to each a Zone. If you plan on wearing this every day, you may not want to use a Combs, you might want to use bobby pins. Instead, it's up to you overall. I really really love this u-part wig, and this came out back when the parts and new parts were trending too. So a lot of people were excited about this drop and they have other styles for this line as well. They have a spiral curl, one that I actually have in a closet. I just never took it out the pack and I bought an entire curling iron just for that wig. What'S going on guys, you need to get together so they have different styles. I believe four different ones check it out. The quality is there, especially for the price like what I know right now. It'S 28 on Amazon so go edit, go in that description, box and tap that link. Look. Let me tell you something about me if you're new here whenever I recommend something, I'm not gon na stay wrong. Y'All can service my testimony in the comments. Let people know you're gon na receive your wig and feel like the band is alive. So trust me on this: if you want something that is Supernatural and seamless with your hair that will blend with your hair, get this wig, I initially got the natural black color, because at the time it was the only color available, but I would definitely go back And purchase the natural Brown just to see how that blends with my number two hair, okay for this next wig, I'm just I'm just gon na roll. The clip just watch, y'all love to talk about my sewing this, my tapings that but honey. Have you tried a half wig and it only cost me what twenty dollars on Amazon come on now, sis I'm not gon na keep telling y'all. The proof is in the pudding. This Sensational half wig is hands down one of my favorites because it's just such glamorous hair, if you have a special event to go to and you feel like wearing your natural hair out in that half up half down style. Are you kidding me glorious amazing, fantastic unit, especially for the price point I know. Sometimes the wigs on Amazon can be a little bit higher, but this unit is 19 to 20 right now, I'm looking at the screen. I see it right now. The natural color too. It feels awesome. It'S super soft and textured, and also you'll, see here that I cut it too, so once it started getting a little bit too tangly to the point where I was tired of wearing it long and having to revive it, I just cut it. I cut it to this length right here, maybe like a 16 inch, and it looks beautiful in that length. Absolutely love it. Iwd3 is a 10 out of 10 for me for sure they do have other numbers in this series as well. So I recommend you check those out too this next wig, I feel, like I slept on it a little bit. This is another way from the converted cap series. Wavy baby. These waves make me sick full. Of course I had to get this. This copper, This Ginger, copper color, is fabulous. That'S one thing about utre: they really get the colors all the way right now, of course, it Tangles very easily, especially because this is not like textured hair, it's more so like a. It reminds me of like a type 3A texture, it's a little bit silkier and when you have longer silkier synthetic wigs, especially if they're clinging onto the Fabrics of your clothing you're going to get tangling at the neck, you're gon na have tangling towards the ends. I always recommend my simply stalling silicone spray, because that just helps with the maintenance of your wigs. It definitely elongates the wear of your wigs. Now, of course, there are other factors that go into play when it comes to how long your wig will last, but trust me if you get the silicone spray, you're gon na notice the difference a lot of y'all already bought already, since I've been talking about it. For the past two and a half years, if you're new here just add to the card, says I'm telling you it makes a huge difference, plus it's a black owned business. So I really really like supporting my own and knowing that it's a product that works for me that I use on a regular basis right here. This is it right here. Actually I'm running out a little bit, but I have like five more bottles of these. My people at simply installing keep me stock when it comes to this, so very grateful for that. And lastly, we have one more converted: cap Wig by utre, a little short cutie. I bought bought this one back in 2020 as well sway Soiree. I feel, like y'all, slept on this one too she's, so stinking cute, especially flipped over love her. I also appreciate her being a shorter synthetic wig because of the shorter ones they last longer because they're not gripping on your clothes and things like that, so they can just be free and, of course, using your silicone spray, washing your wigs will help elongate wears. I really stand for this way right here. I didn't wear it often enough and that's the thing about me. Someone who's been reviewing wigs for a long time. I have quite the collection, but I only have one head. So there are a lot of wigs that I just don't get to wear over and over again I really only have room for my favorites by the way I am gon na be having a wig sale soon. So look out for that because I got ta get some of these ones got ta go they got ta go but yes, soy, Soiree 20 dollars on Amazon right now check it out. Remember everything is linked in my description box, so please check there. I organize everything. Very well, and if you have questions you know, you can always drop a comment, and let me know so: yes y'all. These are all the wigs that I would bring into 2023. This is part one. I'M gon na bring y'all a part two and if you're excited about that, make sure you, let me know in the comments I do read all my comments. Don'T be shy and some of y'all have been watching me for years and have never left a comment. What'S up with that, why are you not talking to me come say hi to your girl, make sure you subscribe if you're new here consider follow me on Instagram on Tick Tock. Actually, right now, my Tick Tock account is banned. I'M a little frustrated by that, hopefully, by the time you see this in the future. It'S unbanned and I have my count back because we have 27 000 followers over here. There y'all and I was really building community, but you know it's all right. We still have us over here on YouTube. We still have Instagram, we still have Amazon, so we're just gon na cross, our fingers, okay, but make sure you hit me up on other platforms, I'm pretty much on every social media platform. I have a space on every corner of social media at this point, Pinterest too, so, let me know Small Talk Saturday will be in the works. I will let you know when I drop that episode. It will be for this coming Saturday. What else we have coming up? It'S springtime spring is pretty much here. So that's exciting. If you have any travel plans coming up, let me know I do have quite a few coming up I'll, actually be back in Jamaica in May, I'm going to Paris, Amsterdam and June Senegal in September. We got a lot going on I'm trying to incorporate more of my travels and Vlog format for you all, because I always say that, and I never do it, but this year I'm really trying to commit to it because it seems like when I do you guys Really enjoy that content, so thank you so much for joining me today for 20, Tuesday make sure you check out some of my latest videos over here and I'll. See you in the next one bye,

Angela Thornton: I am so proud of you , and I miss you doing your hair reviews! The hair reviews just opened the doors for GREATER things !!! You are well deserving of all of the success that you have because you work hard and you actually take the time to love on all of your supporters!!! Virtually you have won so many hearts ❤️ and you have inspired us to celebrate our beauty!!! I just love you you are a real one ☝ #capricornpowers

Ms. Michelle Agalte: This was a SUPER HELPFUL video! I always add to cart when I see your bargains and your tricks are so helpful. Keep 'em coming Gem! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

TheHeartsandCake90: Hey sis! Happy to see you back. I’m glad you took some time away for yourself. I hope 2023 gets much better going forward. I need to stop playing and get Hawaiian Hottie! You definitely put me on to Dominican Blowout 22” and I’m in love. I wore Sensationnel IWD recently for a photoshoot! She’s giving pageant girl. I enjoyed this!

Love Yourself: Happy Tuesday Congrats on 30k and continue growing. You Rock So glad you're back. These wigs are so beautiful I love some half wigs. I think for your 100th episode you should reflect on all your $20 videos from the beginning and show your favorites. Have a Blessed Day “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

Robin Perryman: Good to see you. My year is going great so far. I’m blessed. Congratulations on 30K! Peace and Blessings to you! ❤

Christina Tafoya: I loved this video!! And just love your positive energy. Congrats on 30K...you deserve it all.❤️❤️❤️‍♀️

Brittany Pipkin: So glad that you are back. I missed you Gwladys. I been following you on Instagram, but I want to see you everywhere lol!. All these wigs are so cute. I believe I have Sway Swoiree in a number 2. I'm loving the converti cap wigs now!

Yurika Misumaru: Just what I need. Just what we all Need!! 2023 is the time to get this body right and have the wig game on point

Noma Dek: Girl you've haven't stirred me wrong at all, I'm thinking of getting the Hawaiian hottie and the Brazilian blow out, I'm not an Amazon fan but if I have to support you I will. I'll let you how I like the wigs, honestly I want to try the wavy wigs but I'm going to wait for the wig sale. I'm keeping my ears open coz I got get some wigs this time - I' d rather get them when all the magic is done so I don't have to worry about plucking and all that stuff. Thank you for the new video❤️

Prettieface Productions: This is so cute ❤❤ I’m definitely making a list thanks ❤

Soothing Nook: When I put on Dominican Blowout I definitely feel like that girl. Got her in blonde and was blown away how it looked on my brown-skin.

Antoinette Edwards: Love these wigs looking forward to Pt. 2, have you ever thinned out the Danzie wig? Just curious, thanks for all the information you provide it helps me so much

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy there Gwladys! For your 100th episode of $20 Tuesday, you should do a Top 20 Favorite $20 Wigs video. And Congratulations in advance!!!!

D G: All nice wigs! Can't wait for part 2!!

Jo Termunde: So far two Brynlee I so love her she’s my throw on when there is no time for other wigs what was that color? Cinnamon? I have red velvet (?) and chocolate swirl (?)

Fantisha Sherifa: Heeeeey Gwladys! Part 2 me plz! Can't wait for Small Talk Saturday! Sway Soiree, I gotta find her again, Hawaiian Hottie I have her in red velvet, sensationnel IWD 4 I have in 1B, Brynlee I have her in ginger copper and red velvet but gave her as a Xmas gift and trying 2 find that color again. I loooove when u do these series cuz I be sleeping on some of them. Neesha H301 is in the cart! THANK U GWLADYS!

Smile Bell: I like the Wigs you pick. I also enjoy watching your videos

Tanisha Says: Missed you girl ❤

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Nica Waters-Fleming: Glad you're back!

chanell rogers: Waiting for part2. Seen the parts on it.

The Red Diva: Outre Rocks!! ❤

Alisa Mitchell: These Are Really Super Cute Units

Alvie Red: Hey girl heyyy it’s me. I’m the ghost follower who never comments

Lee Shevlin: ♥️

Ms. Michelle Agalte:

Sammy Da Goat:

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