Best Hd Lace Straight Wig | Layered Cut Tutorial | Wiggins Hair

Hair details: 24inch straight hair 13*4 HD lace frontal wig 200 density

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Heyyyy lovely’s! Thank you for tuning in to my latest wig install .  i absolutely loved this wig from Wiggins hair i definetly recommend you guys try them out.

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~ how old are you? 19

~ where do you live? Orlando

~ what equipment do you use?

   camera: sony zv1

    newer ring light

   editing: cap cut

~ p.o box? no p.o box at the moment. email for all business inquires.

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Hey y'all welcome back to my Channel today, I'm going to be showing y'all how I achieved this beautiful straight and soft from Wiggins hair. They sent me this beautiful wig and I will show y'all how I achieved this gorgeous. Look make sure I check the description box down below for all the hair details and stay tuned for a tutorial s foreign. So this is the packaging that Wiggins sent the hair in. They sent me these beautiful lashes to start off with. Then they sent some wig caps, a wig band, an edge brush, and this is the hair details. It'S a 13 by 4 24 inch, and this is a HD lace, frontal wig. This is the first look at the hair fresh out the package. This is the first time I ever got here that I didn't have to bleach the knots, so this wig really truly comes ready to wear. All I did was pluck a little bit off camera, but as you can see that the hairline is also very pre-plucked, so you don't even have to plug. If you don't want to so I'm just doing the traditional wig install steps. So I'm going to, let you guys watch me, do my hair and then I will come back at the end to tell y'all how I feel about the hair. Okay, just wanted you to show me my name. So won't you say my names. Okay, I had an as you go to the club with your boys. Okay, you ain't been calling me baby. So won't you say my names yeah. Okay, so won't you sing. My name is cause. I want you to say my names. Okay, so won't you say my name, you ain't been calling me baby, so this is the final look. I am absolutely in love you guys. This is the best straight hair. I'Ve ever had look how silky and shiny and flowy it is and don't forget. I didn't even have to bleach the knots y'all. I literally took the wig out the package and installed it right away. Super beginner, friendly super easy super high quality, make sure to check the description box to shop and I'll see y'all in my next video hope. You guys enjoy. Thank you.

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