Lets Get Kinky Ft. Wig Fever Super Full 180% Density Kinky Curly Wig!

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Wig in the video:https://bit.ly/3yTinP4

Style: Kinky Curly Hair HD Lace

Length: 26”

Density: 180%

Lace: 13x4 Lace Front

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Hey my loves, welcome to my channel, i'm tatiana amani and thank y'all for tuning in to today's video. So, yes, you guys i am back with another hair video. I would like to give a huge shout out to wig fever shout out to them for sending me this bomb behind wig, so y'all i've seen it from a picture, but i haven't seen it in person yet so i'm excited for today's install y'all. So let's go ahead and see what's in the package: okay, let's go ahead and open it up. Y'All! Oh, i did not too excited. So, of course i have my wig y'all, but we gon na get into save the best. For last. They also sent me a bonnie baby. They sent me a bunny. Y'All know how i love my bonnets. I love bonnets. I don't know why. I maybe it's a girl thing. I don't know but y'all. I really really love bonnets. I love switching up bonnie's. I just i just love my bondage period and then they sent your girl, some mink, hair 3d eyelashes boom check me out. I don't pull it out all my lashes y'all. I had to take a break so dee's going to come in handy purr, like 3d lashes. Okay, pearl okay, shout out to wig fever, and then they sent your girl a wig cat now y'all know i love the wig caps, because ain't nobody got time to be driving to the stove, all the time, buying wig caps. So you know your girl love her wig caps, okay, poor and then they sent me an elastic band to go around to make sure my wigs is laid and melted okay period and then inside i have a bag for them. To put like my hair ring, okay y'all, and then they sent me a headband okay, i've heard now y'all, i ain't big on the color purple, but y'all. This is pretty. I love this. I mean and the bonnet so much okay here, i'm gon na be walking around here with my wig fever headband and my wig fever bonnet purge just notice. Now, let's jump into this wig, it is a 26 kinky, curly, 180 density. It is a 13 by 4 kinky, curly lace, frontal hd, pre, plucked wig, okay in this pre plug. Now you know your girl love her pre plucked wig. I'Ve never had kinky curly hair, so this should be real fun to do. Y'All, let's get into this lace because it is hd. So look here, y'all just look at it. I want y'all to see that y'all got a cd people got ta, see this it's so see-through! Y'All like, let's put it on my wrist. I always do the wrist test that lets me know if the wii hd okay per like for far distance, you wouldn't even know it's a wig on my hand. Okay, so y'all, i'm loving this. This is be you to foe. Oh my god, just look at it! It'S kinky, i've never had kinky. Hair like this should be very fun and i'm just running my hands through it y'all and i'm not getting stuck so normally. You know you run your hands and it's a little stuck, but you know i ain't getting stuck so yeah. Everything about this hair will be in the description down below so make sure y'all check that i'll go cop, y'all some wig fever hair. The knots are not that big at all, but i am going to bleach my nostril because i just like that extra you know giving scalp look. So i am going to bleach the nuts sorry y'all. Let'S go ahead and get straight into the video, but before we get there make sure y'all like this video subscribe to my channel hit that notification bell select all y'all, because i need to be notified every time. I drop another video because it's lit over here. Okay period, let's go ahead and get into it. Let'S go hey y'all, so your girl is back and you know i like to use my ball cap method. So here i am cutting my ears open so that when i do go ahead and spray my cap will be laid. So i am using got to be spray and y'all know this is kind of like a normal routine. For me, when i am doing my bald cap method, i just feel that got to be spray is so much easier to use than anything else. So while i'm cutting the cap, i'm just making sure that i get it as close to my hairline as possible, so that when i am ready to apply my wig, it is not too far up or not too far back after cutting off that extra cap that I do not need i am using rubbing alcohol to. You know kind of clean up that extra glue. That was on my forehead from the spray, because you don't want any of that when it's time to apply the glue right here. You'Ll just see me applying my powder you to my ball cap, just so that when i do put my wig on it matches my wig and kind of gives more of like a scalp look. So, for all my loves out there y'all know my favorite thing to use is bold, hold active. I love using boho, it's not when i do this. I do put little dots around the cap and you know i take the edge of my razor and just kind of you know blend the glue in. I do do two layers being that i don't leave my wigs on very long now that i have let the glue dry. You guys it's time to put this wig on so you'll just see me kind of putting the wig on side by side. I kind of use that method because i feel like it just works best for me like i've done it so many ways and this way has truly worked best for me, i'm just going to be combing the wig into the glue instead of pressing the wig into The glue also i'm going to tie my hair up and let it sit for a while and just run my hot comb through it, because i know i just love my hot comb. Your girl got thirsty and had to take a little break. So that's what i need y'all will see me using this hot comb a lot throughout this process, just because i love getting my wig as flat as possible. They let me know how i'm doing so far in the comments down below, but let's just sit back. Y'All grab y'all popcorn. Let'S enjoy this leg, oh foreign, do so my little sister just kept talking about how much she loved this hair and everything you guys. So i just told her to come. You know spray, it get it curly. For me, you know kind of help me style it or whatever, because she was just trying to make the video so bad, i'm just playing. I wanted her in the video and i needed help getting his hair, nice, curly and wet y'all, because this hair was so thick. That'S one of the things that i really really love about. This hairline y'all do not get on me about this thick behind flat iron. I'M using all my baby hairs, i have to go, invest in a smaller flat iron for my baby hairs. I just didn't have time to go. Do that so yeah wow, so do ya, see how kinky and curly this hair is y'all like it is so thick. I wet it as i could still, but it still got back really really puffy and y'all. I love how this looks like it just gives off a very, very kinky and curly type. Look y'all y'all know when i wear my curly hair, i like to be able to change different things, so i did do it with no part and i'm absolutely loving this y'all like get into it. Y'All i've never had kinky hair before y'all. So this is like something new to me. My sister told me: she loves when my hair is like really poofy and big, so she really loves this hairstyle of me. I really hope y'all love it as well. It'S so much i could do with it y'all and that's how this hair is so thick. Like look at this, it's like extremely thick, even when i wet it, it gets right back poofy and kinky like how it's supposed to be, and i really really love that it literally looks like it could be my real hair, y'all everything about this hair or regarding This hair will be in the description down below so make sure i go check out, wig fever, hair. Let them know i sent y'all all the details. Everything you need to know about. Wig fever will be in the description down below. Let me know how y'all feel about my poof y'all. Let me give y'all a three sixty like look how thick this here is. Do y'all see it. I just like the puff light is so huge. It'S so different, like i really want to. Y'All saw it curly in the video, but i really wanted to show y'all how i look when it is dry and really really poofy y'all and i'm so in love. With this i went out today and my hair was just so poofy and i had to get used to it because i never had like kinky poofy hair, and i was so in love. But yes, this is it for today's video. I really hope you guys enjoyed it again, make sure to go check out. We wig fever hair in the description down below. Let them know i sent y'all, that's it. I love y'all bye. You

JrTheGoat: To everyone That’s struggling in life: everything will be okay you mean the world to people and you are Amazing no matter what people say

Janaisa Na’Tajeane: Love when you do hair videos keep them coming !!! you slayed like always

Aretha Britton: TATI Omg this hair is so pretty and Amazing love it. Happy Tuesday to you TATI May God continue to bless you and your beloved family always TATIANNA and I love you always ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Allysha Johnson: Love your hairstyle look good Styling looking good I love the curls God bless you and your Family ❤️ yes I love it

Sher: Love it girl!

PrettyB Dior: Love the haul

Princess Yonna ♡: The kinky hair looks cute on you

Connie Montes: Love the energy ❤️❤️❤️

Shade Foster: So pretty love you girl!!!

Tameka Davis: Your hair looks

KadijahAlexus: yesss I love this hair on you!!!!!

Shell Hall: I love me some kinky curly

Patrice Jefferson: Beautiful Tati !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #baddestonyoutube

Ken'Daysha Jermecia Crawford: I love your hair

Archscion Trismegistus: You go Poofy

Jacqueline Wilson: ♥️♥️✨

Shell Hall: Hey Boo. I didn't know you reviewed wigs

Abeerah Muhammad: Hey Tati

JAS🫦: Can you start back doing vlogs?

Kimberly Hines: Okay yeah ❤️

Princess Yonna ♡: What texture is it?

The0riginal Dezja: First

Exclusive Barbie: Heyy

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