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  • Posted on 22 September, 2015
  • HD Lace Wig
  • By Anonymous

Vishine Virgin Hair

So this will probably be the last curly hair that I review. Curly hair is so hard to maintain! But I decided to do curly again but a shorter length. This hair is gorgeous & I can't wait to install it ! I have their Brazilian curly , 20 20 22 22 & 16 inch closure

this is the hair link:

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Hi guys so I'm back with another video and this videos wants to be another initial review on another Aliexpress vendor and, like I said in my last video, I'm going to be doing more Aliexpress videos, just because you guys always are looking for great quality here before Affordable price because I know from experience hair can be like up there, so I'm going to lead to a more Aliexpress reviews because you know Aliexpress is really affordable. So I'm just on the hunt with you guys to find some amazing quality here for an amazing price. So the company that contacted me is V Shawn virgin hair company and I will sent four bundles and a closure of their Brazilian curly hair. So I reviewed two curly hair um. Well, two companies sent me curly hair, so I've done two use on curly hair and I look nice in it, but I just feel like it's too high-maintenance, like you do too much to it me I like to just you know, put my hair on, like a Hat and just you know like whichever will match my outfit or my mood, I don't have time to be doing the most, but curly hair is really really really high maintenance, but I always get my curly hair really long. So I decided to get something. You know a little shorter, not too short, but you know not too long, and this is my first time doing a curly closure, so this will be the first time I'm doing my curly hair with the closure. Normally I did of Sephora method, but this is my first time doing a closure. So hopefully I love it hopefully, but yeah I got. I wrote it down again: y'all cuz. You know I am with my inches okay, so I got to 20s and to 20 tubes and a 16 inch closure. So I'm gon na go ahead and show you the bundles first. I already took them out of the packaging. It came like this. I have four bundles, I don't know which is which, but it's two and two, so I feel like two short ones over here: yeah got it. So this is what the bundles look like and they look amazing, they're really really full. I love love, love the curl pattern. I actually brushed them out just to see how big it'll get, but after I die this hair and I might not even dive its hair because it's a really dog, so I just might keep it like this. The curl pattern is amazing and I haven't wet it yet so I don't know what it looks like or does it you know, keep its curl pattern. I don't know, but this is the bundles really really really pretty it's a lot shorter than I normally do, but I'm actually really really really excited about this hair and let me grab the closure, and here is the closure. The closure looks really short to me, but it's a 16 inch. It has a lot of hair on it, but since its curls, I cannot run my fingers through this, but I think it's a middle part because there's more of a parting area right there. So this is the curls like really amazing. These curls look really really really natural, so I just might make the wig and keep it in his natural state like this, without doing anything to it, because I like how natural these curls look so yeah. This is all of it all together the curl pattern for all of the bundles and the closure it matches to a tee. It'S perfect, so I'm probably gon na this is, I don't know I might start actually making this way tomorrow, because I don't have any. You know shorter curly, you know curly, wigs, so yeah. That might be the first install video. Thank you guys see, but yeah fast shipping customer service. You know the whole nine. I can't really tell you guys much, and so I actually put it on my head and wear it. So I'll put the length of this hair everything in the description box, and I will see you guys on my next video bye

Sïren: I love your entire look in this video!

Carril: can you do a tutorial on how you make your wigs please?

SashaRenee: Do you know the link to the closure ??

D. BURRIS: So what kind of hair youre wearing in this video and where did you get it from? It is so pretty

Jeanette Thompkins: Hello are the prices really reasonable because I checked out a video and it was stated that the hair was priced at a certain point but the person doing the video of course received it free but when I went to order the hair it was priced over 300 nice looking hair

NiecyBakOnDeck02: What hair pattern is thissssss it's beautiful

jialovesxoxo: What hair are you wearing in this video? I looove it!!!!

Kelesia B. Kardashian: is it really great hair ?

Tiara Branham: in the video, what type of hair is it from nbh boutique? i love it

Ny Monaee: that hair that your wearing in the video is that that same hair you're doing a review on ?

Dekyra: How tall are you ? So i can kno how long the hair might look on me .

Chanice Rich: omg sell me that wig thats on your head !!!! lool

KeepingupwithSK: What's the hair that you are wearing in the video

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