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hey YouTube so I want to give you guys a quick hair update I'm so sad oh my gosh let me give you out a big rundown and um we'll just pretend this never happened um I bought some hair from Princess hair this was not my first purchase from them so I did feel really confident because my first purchase went really well so I wanted really really long hair for my birthday cuz it's special to me it's my 25th birthday so I wanted something like really long and really sexy so um upon receiving the hair I washed it well what I whatever when I receive the hair I watched it sound on poppers know when I received the hair I washed it and it came out like a little straight but it was fine it was like nothing wrong with the hair I still the wefts and everything and um I got it sold in and my hair was nice I mean the hair flowed it was beautiful you know I told you I put the Peruvian here on top so it look like it had like highlights and stuff in it so it was really really gorgeous so um for about two and a half weeks the hair was really nice but then when I went out for fourth of July weekend the hair took a turn for the worst when I say that was terrible um she like backfired on me like everything that I loved about the hair just went out the frickin door when I went out 4th of July weekend till I'm a rooftop party downtown it was hot and yes I do not work well under heat for some reason I just get hotter and hotter and just like I have to sit down I can fan myself like I don't know what it is but it's like I'm going through early phases of hot flashes when I kid into like a hot area so pretty much like the hair was bone straight because you guys know I was wearing my hair straight and um it just started getting curly like this and I was just like okay well damn it must be the humidity it was raining all day so I'm just gonna let it just stay curly you still look too cute or whatever so um like when I was but leaving a club that's when I had to started getting like and you started getting bigger so I was so mad because it was this cute guy downtown and I was just like I was kind of like a couple of cars away from I was like oh hey how are you I haven't seen you in so long I don't even know the dude I was just like whatever I was with my girls was having fun it was fun then I hadn't looked at my reflection and I just saw how big my hair was and he was like oh where you're going what i doing out here tonight I was like oh la la and then like I look at my reflection I'll say oh my gosh my hair is so up I'm not about talk to this dude and so like he has his number out trying to get my number I say I gotta go and I pretty much as hard as - the car with my friends like I was like I'm not talking to these dude like at all cuz my hair was in shambles so the following day which was Friday I went out to Roxy's with my friend my best friend and the same thing like my hair I had colored with a color while I was like okay me I watched it and I curled it with the curl in my mind I was like okay well maybe it's something that I'm doing so it was just bad it was tingly it was matted up I mean I'm in the club with a damn comb in my hand because well I'm wearing it like to one side because it was just getting so Mady so I go to work on Saturday and my hair is just growing and growing like it's literally growing like out and I'm like oh my god like what is going on so Sunday I had if that was it that was the LifeStraw because I went to Sunday Funday and um just being in a heated environment like hot even though this rooftop is so hot outside it was just like my hair was not taking it my hair was not and I feel like like my hair was like steaming hot like that's how hard I've been in Florida so it's just not even that the hair was just bad and I went back and I looked at the reviews and everything and um everybody was saying the same thing like the hair lasts for a good two weeks two and a half weeks and then out of nowhere it just you know it just starts getting like really really bad so I called my stylist and he axé miles like it's a ghetto if we just cut the trash and then just sew tracks on top of it heels I know we can do that and um but I didn't feel like driving all the way to the east side so I asked my mom because every Haitian mother knows how to sell and what we had to do was cut because the Peruvian here was on top and in the Brazilian here was on bottom so pretty much I had to like lift all the proving here up and I put it in a bow and we just cut off all the back hair and I had reinstalled my first I have reinstalled some a more Peruvian here and then I have reinstalled my first purchase from Aliexpress so I just got like the 22 inches and then I just reinstall that so the hair like straighten probably comes like right here but I'm just been wearing the hair and it's curly straight um natural state because I'm just I'm just done like I wanted long hair for my birthday I wants to feel like really fabulous and really sexy just have straight hair and in this life now not only like every bill is coming up so I can't afford to buy new hair and just like just not how you know when you plan something this just not how I planned for it to go so I'm stuck with this hair it's not bad I do love it I do love the way the hair is I can run my fingers through it whatever whatever whatever but it's just a simple fact that I pay for it and I pay for something and I didn't get what I paid for it so you know you just have to be really careful purchasing from Aliexpress no matter what company I guess you've heard this from you can get bad here but this was just like why this month like out all the months that I've had good hair it was like this month had to be bad hair like I was just so I'm I'm sad because like my birthday's in 11 days and I really did not want this hair like I really wanted long straight hair but whatever um I just want to give you guys an update look I'm grateful that I saved money my mom did my hair for me she did a good job Soni and the hair going anywhere um yeah so that's pretty much it you guys just don't buy no hair from that damn thing do not buy at least from not the three bundle ones the fourth bundle ones I probably wouldn't do it again but not anytime soon but um the I think I hope I said that right the form under ones out purchase from a game but not the three bundle one so yeah um I was taught see you guys later

hbhairandbeyond: I would love for someone to do a review on my virgin hair. I will give anyone who's willing to do this a discount price on the hair you choose to review. the price is below is not just for virgin hair.

Tatyana Taray: this is the exact same thing that happened to me i ordered unprocessed malaysian body wave human hair from princess hair products i ordered it last year around when the summer began it was gorgeous at first but after two months , three i coulden't even run my comb through it , it was horrible and i was forced to take it out and throw it away

d0llfacevirgo: I'm so sorry this happened to you right before your bday boo. If you haven't already thrown away your hair, try this. 1. Bleach bath the hair. 2. Deep condition the hair in the microwave with Silicon Mix for 2 mins. Leave it on overnight. 3. Do an ACV rinse on the hair. 4. Buy a silicon based serum like the Cream of Nature Argan Oil one and straighten the hair with this on it. There are plenty of sexy hairstyles you can do like updos and ponytails with braiding hair you can buy for cheap

NJMAC: Girl, I'm dying I saw your other review on princess hair and brought it. I literally just got this hair in the mail today now im dreading it lol.

teena333421: I ordered hair from queen beauty and it was terrible. Same experience

JazzyCat: Can I just say that I have been watching you for a while and I love you and I think you are such a beautiful woman! I love your outfits, I seriously get inspiration from them!

Sadityxo: Did you leave a comment on their Aliexpess shop?! I got hair from them because I bought YY Hair twice but the second time was terrible so I tried this out && OMMGGGG this shit shed and tangle so much

jamesgirl37: I'm sorry but you had me cracking up over here! Sorry that this happened to you.

nanajohnson100: U get what u pay for true virgin hair is far from cheap its an investment

Remi Olowosuko: Girl you need to stop. Dude was gonna holla at you because you're a beautiful woman. I'm sure he didn't see anything wrong with your hair. They don't notice that as much as we think they do. Trust. You should have took that number and kept it moving. You coulda had a date this

fregiste395: Yea soon as my shit come a loose my moms the first person I go to....brought hair from that company two months ago my shipping sucked and the hair was pretty at first but after I washed it was a wrap for that.

Miss Danielle: LMAOOOO @ the club part!!

hbhairandbeyond: this is all Brazilian virgin prices and onsale prices.. 12"&14" 127.00 on sale 100.00 12"14"&16" 197.00 on sale 160.00 16"&18" 144.00 on sale 124.60 16" 18" 20" 226.60 on sale for 176.60 22"& 24" 172.60 on sale for 140.60 22"24" &26" 210.40 on sale for 160.40

Keyanna Milllan: You should definitely try Eayon Wang hair on aliexpress.

Quill L: sounds like that was really natural hair... scary too, since it did not grow out your scalp....

Shannyboomboomtv: @Fenise buy sum silicon mix . Shampoo then deep condition for 5 hours. U should be fine after that

hbhairandbeyond: the price is below is for my Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, Mongolian, Cambodian, bohemian, Eurasian, and Filipino.

brandilovesbeauty: LOLLOLOLLLL welcome to my life Fenise!

shayla parker: Maybe it's you if you don't know to keep up the hair and the bundles weren't bad tho

wang adele: you bought the hair from ali Princess Hair store ,right ? you can try our beautiful Princess Hair,it will not let you down

Rey H.: we have the same birthday!

melodymelody1234: I knew you were haitian ;)

SuppleChicTV: made a video on the same thing just need to edit it

hbhairandbeyond: you can give me a call, but please text first so I won't miss your call because I do be very busy. 6013167297 wwwhbhairandbeyondcom my website may not be glamorous but my hair is hella good guarantee

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