Mlf602 Natalia//The Most Beautifulest 13"X7" Short Lace Wig I'Ve Ever Had//Ft. @Bobbi

This is the prettiest short wig I've ever had! MLF602 Natalia by Bobbi Boss is the best 13" × 7" HD transparent lace frontal synthetic short wig this summer imo!

Omg it's the color, the curls & the texture of the hair fibers for me! I would've never picked this wig or this color on my own, so THANK YOU Bobbi Boss! I'm so happy to be able to share this lil find with you all. But you already know before I dropped this vid I purchased 3 of them! Lol! One for my Momma she fell in love when she saw it and two for myself in 1B & again in this

Color: TFL 350/99J


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If that don't give you a weird gasm, i mean i, i don't know what to tell you girl, it don't get no better than this: hey guys. It'S lizzie the sexy grandma 2k and i'm coming at you today, sis with the new wig review. The unit we're going to be taking a look at today was sent over to us by our friends at bobby boss. I'M so excited to be bringing this wig to you guys. She looks absolutely fly so the unit we're going to be taking a look at is actually a 13x7 lace frontal and she has a medi-fresh soft and clean cap. She has hd transparent lace and baby hairs and a white elastic band on the inside, so yada yada, yada blah blah blah bam. The unit is looking cute. She is y'all, oh my god, mlf602 natalya all right and they sent her to us in the color tfl. 350. 99J. So if you want to see bobby boss's mlf602 natalya, this is keep watching here we go when i get you back, oh yeah, when i get you back, oh yeah, okay, so i got to stop right here. Y'All y'all do see this wig right. This wig is so freaking gorgeous. Look at the colors, oh my god. If y'all hear a lot of loud noises, my house is under construction, it's being remodeled, so i apologize in advance but that's a whole nother conversation girl. This gave me pause for real, oh and y'all know i don't even really like short units. This is beautiful, get into that. Okay and that ain't even the best part sis. Look at this. Look at that hairline get your life like what is bobby boss doing, but i love it. Don'T stop! Oh my gosh. Look at the baby, hairs, nice, wispy and thin. I mean you don't need to pluck nothing girl. Oh my god! I can't. Let me get this thing on my. Let me cut this lace. Oh lace, look how transparent it is. Let'S keep going. Okay, let me just do what i got to do when i get you back, oh yeah. I promise you'll. Never leave me when it comes to you and me there's no one else i'd. I hope you feel that way too. No, oh yeah, if you wanted to this review, could be done right here, sis, oh my god. This wig is like blowing my mind uh. You could definitely wear this bad boy glueless. They say this um bobby boss, glueless wig, yes, ma'am! Look at that! Definitely, besides the sides. If you wanted to wear this glueless, you could wear this bad boy. Oh my god! This week, it's just! Oh god. It'S giving me life okay, i i already know what to do. I don't know if i should just end the review right here if i should lay it down and make baby hairs. Let'S comb it. Let'S call this bad boy because i mean she has me shooketh. Oh, my god, look at this. Yes bobby boss come through y'all. I this is a throw on and go cut the lace throw on and go might need to tint it if in case you guys notice. I tinted the sides darker because remember i told you i always like to tint my sides dark in case. I don't lay it down. If my hair blows back in the wind that just looks like part of the um hair, you can't even tell that. That'S lace see, and then i tinted this part up here lighter, but the sides i did darker just so. I could wear her glues and not be clapped. Oh my god. Let me y'all this review for to be over okay. Let me pot her in the middle, like i just really feel like. There is no need to glue this down. Okay, i feel like it is humpy up here. Let me get my hot iron warmed up and we're going to press that down, but before i do that, i'm going to go ahead and show you for my left part girls. Let me show you the left side part see. I knew this was gon na be bomb. I could tell by the color the fact that she, a 13 by seven, which is my jam. I love love, love, lace, frontals and because it just gives you so many more styling options see. I can wear it right, side left side middle part. It just gives you if that don't give you a weird gas on i mean i, i don't know what to tell you girl it don't get no better than this glueless simply glueless, i'm not even finna glue. This down, oh, this, is so pretty all right. Let me do the middle part and press it down hold on, so you guys. I just want to show you in case you don't want to like um press this down flat. This is what she's looking like for me in a middle part - oh my goodness. Okay, so got my hot iron here, let's just see if we can flatten her down a little - and i don't want to put any product on her because the fibers on this bad boy are like top notch. When i tell you this is a quality synthetic wig sis get into this. The fibers on this are so soft they're. So, oh you can just tell that they use the premium fibers. That'S i mean i don't know what else to say. I think my curling iron need to be just a little bit warmer. I could put some wax stick on this, but i just don't even want to put no pr. I don't want to ruin it. I want it to last, because i'm just so shook i am so so shook. Okay, i just got ta get this one shout out to my youtube: bestie faith from still looking good 58. If you are watching this, this is you all day, long, sis, okay, i just had to throw that in there. Okay, you guys. This is a new hairspray that i bought from. Is it chai or chi um, it's called helmet head. I wanted to try it to see if it would hold my lace down like got to be glued or something, but it really didn't work out. So i'm going to try a little bit of this in the top of this wig to see if i can get it to like, lay a little flatter. I don't really want to put any wax stick on it, because i a lot of times when you use a wax stick. It makes your wig shiny in the top, and i just don't want that shine cause. I don't wan na lose you. I hope you feel that way too. No, i don't wan na lose you baby, don't go. Oh there's! No one else. Oh yeah!

Cynthia Cummings: OMG, Ms. Joyce, this wig is Gorgeous!!! That hairline is Everything!!! ❤❤ And that Clairol Root Touchup is genius!!!! Great idea!!!

V Jones: YAAAAASSSS!!! I'M LOVING THIS!!! THE COLOR & SWOOPAGE IS REAL !!!❤ those outside shots did it for me!!!

wanda brown-hamlin: This looks so good on you! This shall be my next wig!❤

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Ok so while I'm binge watching you know I had to watch this one. I have so much catching up to do now that I'm feeling better too. This wig and this color is EVERYTHING... PERIOD...I Love it TFS

Teena Taylor: It's the gorgeous color, length and layers for me! Your outside shots drew me to this video like a moth to a flame, so beautiful on you! Looks like you sat in a salon chair. Have a wonderful safe weekend

Hello Gorgeous: You are so smart. Darkening the sides are brilliant. Love this unit on you.

Ruth Ramos Muniz: The wig is gorgeous! I want to get me one in that color.

Shay: Wheezy!! This will be my new work wig! Thanks for showcasing this beauty!

Snazzy Girl - XoXo: Very pretty Weezy ! Loving this look thanks for reviewing ❤

Ruth Ramos Muniz: The wig looks beautiful on you. I love the color.

Dynamite's Things 4 U: Thank you soooo much! I have been looking for a wig like this for months!

1st Lady: Weezy! Girl, this unit is off the chain! I actually ordered mine, last night! I can hardly wait! Thanks, girl!

Monica Davis: Honeyyy....this wig is gorgeous. I must have this one. Thanks for the review. ❤️❤️

Stilllookingood58: OK THIS IS MY JAM!! Got to get this unit lickety split LOL. You did a great job styling it and love the thin baby hairs ( makes me want to use them). TFS gurlfriend♥️♥️

The Princess: You're the only one I've seen truly work this unit out! ❤️ ✊

dbozeman0414: I am currently going through older reviews cause I am really getting into short styles. So I was sent over from IsThatYourHairrr's video on this same wig. She raved about you so I thought I would come over. So glad I did cause the color is everything. I never ever EVER thought to tint the sides like that. That is a serious game changer for me and I am going to get those sprays for myself. I did finally find the wig and plan on purchasing it on payday. Let me just say thank you for this review even though I am 6 months late. It was really helpful!

Bonnie Taylor-Williams: Beautiful! It’s gorgeous on you‼️

Love Yourself: It's the color for me ❤ Very Classy and Sassy. Take Care and Stay Blessed

Vera Crews: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. My style and length. Color looks good on you

Ae: I love the makeup and the hair looks really pretty

R. Cowgurl: Have considered this unit...! Mami, that is some genius lace tinting!!!!! I'm astounded w/ this versatile piece!!! #wigasm for sure. TY❣️❣️❣️

Kellee Mcfadden: Thank you for this Bob I know you don’t like short wigs but I appreciate this one day shor ✌

Crafting with Angie: You look beautiful in this sis! :)

Queenie petite: Beautiful Ms. Weezy. I love that red color on you. Or red burgundy color looks great too.

Carolyn Knight: She's definitely a beauty!

ETHEL HUGHES: Beautiful gorgeous!

Teagan Martinez: Hermosa

allykatt1849: Oh Weezy! You're on fire! I'm loving this one! Those layers are calling my name! Looks beautiful on you! Enjoy her!

Jae Dun: Very pretty!!!

Chas D: Oh yes! You look Gorgeous Weezy! I'm Horrible w/baby hairs & gluing love how u worked this snd showed how to tint & glueless option! "WIG Gasisms for sure!" Thanks love, ho7w is h

MzMonika: Beautiful

Kellee Mcfadden: Love what I see so far

Tina BlackberryRose: Wigasm. Color is on You. You look Absolutely Gorgeous in this. You Slayed.

dmca301: I love this unit

Amber-Lanier Angeli: One word: WORKED!!!!!!

Nelsia Loraine-Smithh: i looooooove it

Kellee Mcfadden: I need this , beck are idk what I’m doing with a wig …

Saphiffer Talbert: Do you know if there’s any more of the Natalia wigs in 1B? Thanks

Kendra Walker: Gorgeous. I want to see it in black on you

Samantha X: Yes ma'am it's giving sexy vibes with that swoop

Mama Moore: I want it, now

Inside Marie's Head: Uhhhh child. I'm usually long hair gang but this one is a winner!!!!!

Belinda Haywood: BOSS!!!

surjeet sss: Great amazing dear So very nice

Sharon Doster: How much is this wig?

Valaria Lockett: Sis, Beautiful!

Mama Moore: Do you think it will come back on sale, because I need this wig and I can't find it

kandychic1: Weeezzyyyyy.. you did that.. you're very pretty..

Jami: Come on thru, Aunt Weezy!!! ♥

Mary Moss: How do you order wig in black

akapam57: That wig is a yes. The baby hairs are a no.

Vanessa Dix: Why are you still showing wigs that's know longer I stock??? What's the purpose.

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